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This a solo travel blog website, book review blog, wanderlust blog, food and photography blog about the great, good, enchanted and magical places on earth. We are here to serve a purpose. To transfer our memories and experience to our next generations. There will be a day when they will be reading & learning from what we wrote for them. We should compile our experiences, highlight all the bright places and preserve them for our successors. It is said that if you want to live forever, write a book but in a digital age a great blog can work great as well. I think there are three great teachers in life books, experiences and travelling. Let’s talk about them all.

Books are our Teacher

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We all get our first teacher i.e “book” in our early life in schools, colleges, universities and book shops. At early age I developed the love of books and started reading and collecting books of different categories and genre. I as a millennial have grown up seeing dramatic changes in science, technology and lifestyle. I am from the age group who saw internet born and grow from dialups to what it has become today.

The love of books and the joy of reading the book in my own hands remain same. Best Selling Authors like Neil Gaiman and George RR Martin are my favorites. Thought it has become very convenient to get a digital version of the book. But I personally still prefer to feel and hold the book in my hands while reading.

There are thousands and thousands of books out there and hopefully I will help you find and like some of the good books to read by uploading some great reviews about the books. I am also myself a published author of a book called “Qalandar: Earth Needed a Superhero”. I also have an author’s profile on Amazon author central.

Traveling is our Teacher

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Why I created this Travel Blog & Book Reviews Website

I started my international travel experience in 2005. Initially It was for fun and then my job as an international business development manager took me to places where I couldn’t have been on my own. I have lived in London, Malaysia, Thailand, Singapore, Dubai, China, Switzerland. I have traveled to more than 60 countries in the world. The list is very long. The more I travel; I learn and absorb everything around me. 

Initially I started writing my travel experiences in my diary, then I created a travel blog on face book called “perspectives”. Later on I also created my travel blog on Instagram and posted some videos on you tube. I started getting good response but it was becoming hard for me to create two blogs about books and places and write about two different genres on two different platforms. Hence I planned to combine both at same place. There are uncounted number of people who love to read books while traveling so why not join the both experiences together in a same blog website.

Traveling not only empowers but gives a great exposure of quality lifestyle to us. While traveling we not only enjoy but compare the standards of services, foods, prices, hospitality and cultural norms. Nothing is perfect so we like somethings and dislike some. Word of mouth or experience from others really help us to choose the places and kind of food or quality we are looking for at a new place.

Obviously travelling to a new place is not easy and internet is a great answer to all these worries where you can find whatever you are looking for. That is why now, travel experiences have become much more sophisticated and comfortable. People talk, they write reviews and all good services are hungry for good reviews. This is the reason we are going to talk and discuss about the best places to go on holiday in the world.

The love of Good Food

Food review blog website

Moreover, I am a big time foody who loves to eat all the time, If I am traveling it is a must for me to try different cuisines, restaurants, bars and shops. I will also write about some of the great food experiences that I have had. I think I have a traveling experience of more than 15 years with some of the best places & countries in the world. I think I have learned enough to start writing a food blog and take my learning to a next level.

Amazing Suitcases

Suitcases and bags reviews blog website

I am also a true lover of fashion, I myself dress up simple but I really admire great fashion sense. I have a superb fashion styling sense and have great love for clothing, styling, accessories like watches, perfumes, ties, shoes and handbags. Travel suitcases, handbags and travel gadgets help you move smartly and with ease. For someone who loves to travel a lot or has to travel due to work, these gadgets become a necessity. That is why I thought of including a travel suitcase in this travel blog website. Hence, I will also love to write about some of the best travel suitcases and bags available for your travel luggage.