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Please feel free to contact us for any suggestions, PR, Marketing or Collaboration. We are open to all kind of suggestions and looking forward to improve and enhance our content according to your desire. Please send in detailed message with your name and e-mail so that we can get back to you with proper answer. Due to high volume of messages, sometimes it takes us longer than usual to reply back but we do our best to read each and every valuable message. For details about online collaboration options, please scroll down for more details.

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Please follow us on Instagram for more news and updates about books and places. We shall be sharing some really cool photos and feed for you to enjoy. You can contact us for collaboration and promoting you brand through our social media reach. 

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Please follow our face book account for some extra interesting stuff that can spice up your day. We shall be talking about a lots of good places, food, hotels and great books to accompany you during your travel. 

Business Partnerships

If you run a business that is related to travel industry, tourism, hotels, food, publishing or books. Do not hesitate to contact us with your ideas and suggestions. We can also work with you in different ways to promote your business and to create a long-term professional relationship.