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Tai Mo Shan Peak Hong Kong – Hiking and Tourist Attractions

For hiking lovers, Tai Mo Shan is a wonderful delight because this is the highest peak in Hong Kong from where you can enjoy the best panoramic views of the city. The peak is mostly covered with foggy clouds and is highly attractive for the hikers and climbers. Moreover, the surrounding woods, atmosphere, the scenery of ocean and the incredible waterfalls on your way up are certainly going to mesmerize you.

Tai Mo Shan is an extinct volcano which used to be the main cultivation center for the local tea merchants. Now, it is the most hiked mountain of Hong Kong and is famous for the same reason. The height of Tai Mo Shan is around 957 meters and is the tallest coastal peak in the Southern China. It is also the 2nd largest tallest beach front in China after Mount Lao. There is a 35-meter high waterfall which is the most elevated waterfall in Hong Kong.

How to Reach Tai Mo Shan Peak for Hiking

How to Reach Tai Mo Shan Peak for Hiking

You can find many routes to reach Tai Mon Shan because of the excellent infrastructure of Hong Kong. You will always find an MTR and bus or ferry to reach at most of the destinations which are mostly well marked with signposts.

You can take MTR to Kam Sheung station and from there take the bus no 64K to Ng Tung Chia Bus Stop. From this bus stop, you will follow the sign to the Ng Tung Chai village and reach the trail entrance. From the trail entrance you will follow the signs to the Ng Tung Chai Waterfalls. From here you will easily find the signs to Tai Mo Shan.

The easiest way to reach Tai Mo Shan for hiking is to go by car if you also want to cut short the hiking time. You can park your car in the mid-way up if you drive from the Rotatory Club Campsite. If you start hiking from the parking site, you will hike for 2 kilometers to reach the summit.


Tips to remember before the Hiking

Tips to remember before the Hiking

Most of the tips are normal hiking tips as most of the hike is safe but has a consistent climb on the rocky steps so your fitness levels will be tested. The general tips for the hiking to the Tai Mo San include the following points: –

  • Avoid taking heavy weight due to consistent climb on the rocky steps.
  • The temperature gets lower as you reach summit so you might need an extra layer of clothes.
  • In Summer, you will need plenty of water, hat, sunglasses, and sunscreen lotion.
  • As the path is mostly rocky, you will need good and comfortable hiking shoes. It also gets very slipper in rainy season.
  • If you are planning for any B.B.Q. in summers, be careful as the dry woods can catch fire around you.
  • While hiking, respect the environment and do not destroy the plants and flowers and keep it clean. Collect your trash and dispose it off properly on your return.

Hiking at Tai Mo Shan

Hiking at Tai Mo Shan

It feels great when you are on the hiking track of Tai Mo Shan especially if you live in Hong Kong and want a getaway from the city’s extreme busy life. The atmosphere is so quiet and peaceful with the chirping sounds of birds that you are going to enjoy it a lot. The peak is located inside the dense forest and the complete trail is around 6 kilometers with a series of small and big waterfalls. It might take you around 5 hours to complete the whole trip of Tai Mo Shan hiking.

There are two main routes for the hiking to Tai Mo Shan; one of which is the southern side and the other is northern side. I will mention a bit of information for both sides and you can choose which ones suits you the best according to your likeness and fitness level.

Southern Side

The southern side hike starts from the Tai Mo Shan Country Park and takes you up towards the Rotatory Club. From Rotatory Club as we mentioned before, the hike is around 2 kilometers and is relatively easy. The initial climb is easy, and the trail is well paved but, as you reach towards the top, it gets rocky and rough.

Northern Side

The northern side is for the hiking lovers who want a longer and full experience of the hiking. The hiking from the northern side is more challenging and longer than the southern side. The northern side as we discussed above in the “how to reach section” starts from the Ng Tung Chai village. You will walk the trail and will follow the signs to the Ng Tung Chai waterfalls. You will then follow the sign to the Tai Mo Chan and will cross 5 beautiful waterfalls along your way. One of the waterfalls is the largest waterfall in Hong Kong and is magnificently beautiful.  

The hikers love to swim or bath under these waterfalls which is an absolutely pleasureful experience. As you walk ahead, you will also see a worship site called “Water Temple”. This was built by the locals in 1981 and is painted beautifully in yellow and golden textures. You will continue on the path upwards and will start feeling the cool air brushing against your face which means you are close to the top. Once you reach the Tai Mo Shan Lookout, this will be your viewing platform. You cannot go further up from this point as the upper area is controlled by the army.

Tai Mo Shan lookout is an amazing viewpoint from where you can have panoramic views of the entire Hong Kong city and beyond if the weather is clear. As it is mostly cloudy so you might not get the 100% clear views from this lookout. The beautiful views include the hill contours in the surrounding areas. The best park of Tai Mo Shan trail is that the whole trail is full of beautiful and full of scenic views.

3 Tourist Attractions in Tai Mo Shan

These are the major attractions around the Tai Mo Shan peak, and you can also visit them to add more fun while you are hiking towards the top.

Tai Mo Shan Country Park

Tai Mo Shan Country Park

Tai Mo Shan Country Park is also the visitor center where you can learn about the history of the mountain and about the wildlife present within its surroundings and woods. It is recommended to visit the center before hiking so that you have more knowledge about the area and hiking tacks before starting. The visitor center will also guide you and provide information about the weather conditions along with safety instructions.

Rotatory Club

Rotatory Club is located towards the southern side of the Tai Mo Shan and is located near to the visitor center. You can directly reach here by car or can hike up from the visitor center to reach here. The Rotatory Club is famous for two main reasons, one of them is of course to facilitate the hikers. The other reason is the beauty of the cherry blossom trees. People love to come here to see the cherry blossoms in February and March.

The hikers can camp, eat, and relax at the Rotatory Club. Rotatory Club is a good option to take a small break while hiking from the starting point. This is also the start point of the hike to the peak if you reach here by car.

Tai Mo Shan Waterfalls

Tai Mo Shan Waterfalls

This is the major attraction during the hiking adventure of the mountain. It is also called as the Main Falls because this the tallest waterfall in Hong Kong. You will find the 35-meters high Main Falls somewhere in the middle of the hiking trail. This a wonderful viewpoint of the falls and you will surely enjoy a lot around this magnificent waterfall.

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