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Big Wave Bay Hong Kong Beach and Prehistoric Rock Carvings

Big Wave Bay

Big Wave Bay is the most favorite beach among the surfers in Hong Kong because of its big waves. The name clearly indicates the characteristics of this wonderful beach. This beach also gets very busy on the weekends, as maximum surfers head to Big Wave Bay to enjoy their favorite water sports. The broad and sandy beach is backed by amazing green hills creating a beautiful surrounding.

You do not have to be a surfer to enjoy the magnificence of this beach. The beach and the surroundings are so incredible that you can easily spend your full day here with amazing activities like hiking, strolling, surfing, and swimming. It is also ideal for the beginners and amateur surfers who can practice the amazing watersport. The beach also has some prehistoric rock carvings that are now protected as Declared Monument of Hong Kong.

Big Wave Bay is located at the scenic eastern end of Hong Kong Island and is a good alternative to Shek O beach which is larger and more commercialized than Big Wave Bay. This beach is located close to the famous Dragon’s back hiking trail so many hikers also come to enjoy here.

How to Reach Big Wave Bay Hong Kong

How to Reach Big Wave Bay Hong Kong

You can reach Big Wave Bay beach by taking taxi either directly from Central or by taking the taxi from the Chai Wan station.

You can also reach her by bus number 9 which you can take from Shau Kei Wan station exit A3. Big Wave Bay is the 2nd or 3rd stop on the bus number 9 which heads to Shek O after dropping you to this beach. Alternatively, you can also take a red minibus from the same station exit A3 and can enjoy the thrill of a speedy bus ride.

If you want to take your time to reach Big Wave Bay while enjoying hiking, that is also possible. You can reach here by foot from either Dragon’s Back, Siu Sai Wan or Chai Wan.

The Beach and the Facilities

The Beach and the Facilities

Big Wave Bay is also one of the best equipped beaches in Hong Kong which has cafes, showers, toilets, equipment rental shops, BBQ pits and attentive lifeguards. The dining options are limited so if you are choosy, it is better to bring your own lunch. The water is also very cool and refreshing and you can enjoy a beautiful swim but be careful of the surfboards. You can also enjoy strolling around the beach in the cool moist air due to the big waves. People love to walk and run barefoot in the lovely and clean sand. Some people love to sit at the café and have a beer or coffee while watching the surfers’ activities.

Prehistoric Rock Carvings at Big Wave Bay Hong Kong

Prehistoric Rock Carvings at Big Wave Bay

Other than the beach, the Prehistoric Rock Carvings are also a wonderful attraction at the Big Wave Bay. This prehistoric Big Wave Bay Rock Carving is now a Declared Monument of Hong Kong and is a protected and preserved site. These carvings are located towards the sea near the BBQ pits section. These were discovered by a police officer accidently in 1970. These carvings show some geometric designs and shapes of animals. These carvings also depict the importance of sea for the early inhabitants of the area.

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