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Legoland Windsor Rides Tips and Tricks to make the most out of your trip

Legoland Windsor Rides

Legoland Windsor which is also called Legoland Windsor Resort is literally a playground meant for fun, entertainment, games, and Rides. Legoland Windsor is a child themed resort that targets children from 3 to 12 years but its is similarly spectacular for the elders as well. There are more than 50 rides, games, shows and attractions in the park where families can enjoy together, and children can become heroes, captains, pilots, and fire fighters for the day.

This park was opened in 1996 in Windsor, Berkshire England, on the premises of the former Windsor Safari Park. Legoland has a variety of attractions, rides and model buildings all inspired by the Lego toy system. This park is huge and occupies around 150 acres (61 hectares) of land and is the most visited theme park in the United Kingdom. This theme park contains around 55 million Lego bricks which form a huge variety of attractions across the park. The park opens at 10 am, but visitors with tickets can enter the waiting/beginning area at 9.30 am, where they can eat, shop and get some customer service before the park opens. Here you can also visit and admire the heaps of towns, villages and cities of the world made with Lego bricks.

Tips & Tricks to make most out of Legoland Windsor Rides

Tips & Tricks to make most out of Legoland Windsor Rides

The best way to explore and enjoy the Legoland Windsor and all its rides is to plan a stay for two days in the Legoland Resort if your budget allows. There are hotels and accommodation available inside and outside of the Legoland. Logically, the outside accommodation is cheaper than inside. I am suggesting two days because there is no way, you can explore the whole park and rides in one day as the Legoland Windsor is huge.

You should reach as early as possible and as soon the park opens at 10 am, the trick is to reverse the order of the rides for yourself, which means go straight to the last rides where the crowd has not reached yet. This way you will start happily with no long ques and eventually come towards the starting area when most of the crowd has already passed through this area.

Similarly, the lunch hours are going to get busy and waste your time, better eat outside of these hours, and bring a lot of snacks, drinks, and food with yourself to avoid spending more inside the park.

The park is huge so always plan and bring buggies/prams for your kids because they will not be able to walk so much and eventually you will have to hire one from the park, adding to your cost. Also, make sure you do not lose your kids in the crowd, so it is better to get them a wrist band with your phone number on it.

You might need a swimwear and towel as well because there is a huge waterplay area for the kids in the park called Duplo Valley. Legoland does not allow kids to enter this area without proper attire.

To save money on tickets, try to book online in advance because you can save up to 25% per ticket which is cool. While booking, if possible, try choosing weekdays or off-peak days to get the best rates.

Legoland Windsor Rides and Attractions

Legoland Windsor Rides and Attractions

There are more than 50 wonderful rides, games, attractions and shows in Legoland Windsor and they are increasing with time. You cannot complete all of them in one day, but you can plan ahead and make the most out of your trip in one day. Let me describe a few of them according to the age groups as under: –

Rides for 3 to 7 Years Old Kids

Fairy Tale Brook: This is a gentle nursery rhyme boat ride around a fairy tale fantasy land for small children.

L-Drivers: Kids from 3 to 5 years can get their own Legoland driving license and can get a brief training session on driving. This is a popular ride so you can expect long ques on this one.

Duplo Train: This is a train for small kids who can ride this train without their parents. Parents can sit with their kids if they want but the ride is safe that is why adult supervision is not required.

Duplo Splash Safari: This is a water splashing area for smaller kids in the Legoland Windsor at the base of the water splashing area for older kids.

Duplo Theaters: This is a dance puppet show for the small kids and families.

Duplo Valley Airport: This ride is intended to make young children feel the taste of a helicopter ride and being a pilot for some time.

Dragon’s Apprentice: This is a fun roller coaster aimed for small children at the beginning level.

Rides for 8 to 12 Years Old Kids

Haunted House Monster Party: As the name suggests, this is a scary banquet hall where the guests sit and the whole hall rocks backwards and forward.

Mia’s Riding Adventure: This is a spinning disc ride where the disc spins and moves around while the kids are seated inside.

The Dragon: While Dragon’s apprentice is a roller coaster for smaller children, The Dragon is for older children which is the biggest and fastest in the Legoland Windsor.

Driving School: While L-Drivers was for children below 6 years, this Driving School is for kids from 6 to 13 years of age. They get a detailed training video and are introduced to the first driving experience.

Pirate Falls: This is a pirate themed log fumed ride.

Jolly Rocker: This is a large swinging boat that will take you up and down while seated.

Boating School: This is a gentle ride in a self-driven boat that passes around the Lego brick models and is one of the most popular rides in the park

Spinning Spider: This is a fast spinning teacups ride.

Extreme Team Challenge: This is a fast water chute ride where two people can sit in each inflatable dinghy.

Knights’ Quest: This is a circular ride which is fast and bumpy in which you can feel the power of centrifugal force.

Squid Surfer: This ride is similar to a water jet-ski ride where two persons can sit on one ride which moves you out in the water and spins around.

Rides and Attractions for Families

Lego Ninjago The Ride: This is a 4D interactive family ride where 4 people can sit in the cars and interact with the game with hand gestures battling against ice, wind, and fire.

Atlantis Submarine Voyage: This ride will take your underwater in an aquarium with sea life.

Laser Raiders: This is an indoor laser shoot ride where you travel in a desert off-road vehicle while shooting at the evil mummies with a laser gun.

Return to Skeleton Bay Harbor Show: This is a high-energy stunt show designed to thrill the audience with lots of action, music, and laughter.

Heartlake City Express: This is a train ride in Legoland Windsor that will take you around a figure of 8 circuit within the theme park.

Fire Academy: Like the Driving School and Boat School, this academy trains you to work as a team to put out a fire.

Lego 4D Movie Theater: This is an indoor cinema with 4D experience.

Miniland: We have discussed it above as this is a wonderful attraction of the park where you can walk around the famous buildings, towns, villages, and landmarks of the world, all made of Lego bricks.

Castaway Camp: This is a large play area for kids where families gather and relax while having coffee from the nearby café while watching over their kids playing on slides, rope ladders, tubes, and platforms.

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