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Lake District

Lake District

The Beautiful Lake District is the largest national park of United Kingdom. This holiday destination in UK has 16 wonderful lakes, 10 High mountains and many tarns (Small water ponds). Lake district is very famous because of its lakes, mountains and forests. This area is also popular because of famous poets and writers who resided here. Some of the famous names associated with Lake District are William Woodsworth, Beatrix Potter and John Ruskin. The area was designated as a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

The lake district is located in the Cumbria county. It has the highest mountain of England “Scafell Pike” including 3 more highest mountains in the entire England. It also has the largest lake in England called “Windermere” also known as “Lake Windermere”. It gets confusing when you hear that there are lakes, meres and waters in the Lake District. They are all lakes, but the names given to them differ because of their properties. A mere is also a lake, but it is shallow in comparison to its size. Do not get confuse with the names, just enjoy all the beautiful lakes and the amazing environment. There are six national nature reserves, around 50 beautiful valleys, 100 sites of special scientific interest (SSI) and around 400 villages and small towns within its surroundings. The National Park covers more than 2,362 square meters of area.

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If you are planning to visit Lake District, I would recommend planning for at-least 4 days. The National Park is so big, there is so much to see which you will definitely miss in a one-day trip. One day trips are mostly targeting Windermere lake and the cruise around it which is a part of the largest National Park of United Kingdom. There are towns, there are lakes, there are valleys and so many activities from watersports to hiking and caves. You should not miss them as you will be collecting forever lasting memories here. The area has plenty of options to stay from hotels, cottages and bed & breakfast accommodations. There are also hostels, holiday parks, camping sites and caravan parking. The best time to visit Lake District is during summers mostly in May.

Lake District is so huge and has so many activities that I had to divide the article in two parts. Continue Reading for the Interesting Facts and the list of famous mountains, lakes and tarns of the area. or “Click Here” to jump to the “28 Wonderful Activities in Lake District”.

Interesting Facts about Lake District

Interesting Facts about Lake District

Lake district has the deepest lake of England which is called Wastwater. There is another lake which is the longest lake of England and is called Windermere. Interestingly out of 16 lakes, only Bassenthwaite lake is called a “Lake”. All others are either called “Meres” or “Waters”. Confusing? I see all of them as lakes. Windermere is a lake and Windermere is a town as well, both are different places. There is a Windermere railway station as well. To avoid confusion, I will write about the lake as “Windermere lake” and the town as “Windermere Town”. This largest lake rose to 157 cm within a week in 2009 due to heavy rains. 22,100,000,000 Liters of water added in the lake within 36 hours which is a record.

10 High Mountains

10 High Mountains
  • Scafell Pike, which is 3,209 ft high
  • Scafell, which is 3,166 ft high
  • Helvellyn, which is 3,120 ft high
  • Skiddaw, which is 3,054 ft high
  • Great End, which is 2,985 ft high
  • Great Gable, which is 2960 ft high
  • Bowfell, which is 2,940 ft high
  • Pillar, which is 2,926 ft high
  • Nethermost is 2,923 ft high
  • Catstycam is 2,917 ft high

There are many more mountains in the area. Alfred Wainwright wrote about 214 fell tops.

List of 16 Lakes in Lake District

List of 16 Lakes in Lake District

Here is the list of 16 wonderful Lakes in the Lake District.

  • Windermere which is the largest is around 14.8 square kilometers
  • Ullswater Lake is 8.9 square kilometers
  • Dernwentwater is 5.5 square kilometers
  • Bassenthwaite Lake is 5.3 square kilometers
  • Coniston Water is 4.0 square kilometers
  • Haweswater is 3.9 square kilometers
  • Thirlmere is 3.3 square kilometers
  • Ennerdale Water is 3 Square kilometers
  • Wastwater which is the deepest is 2.9 square kilometers in size
  • Crummock water is 2.5 square kilometers
  • Esthwaite Water is 1 Square Kilometers
  • Buttermere is 0.9 square kilometers
  • Grasmere is 0.6 square kilometers
  • Loweswater is 0.6 square kilometers
  • Rydal Water is 0.3 square kilometers
  • Brotherswater is 0.2 square kilometers

Tarns (Ponds) of Lake District

Tarns Ponds of Lake District

Now let us talk about the Tarns of Lake District. Tarns are the water pools that are like ponds of water that comes running down from the mountains. Interestingly, some tarns are even larger than lakes so again it gets a bit confusing for tourists. Oh, dear! Lake District is amazingly Interesting.

Some of the famous large tarns are mentioned as under: –

  • Blea Tarn
  • Little Langdale Tarn
  • Overwater Tarn
  • Stickle Tarn
  • Hows Tarn
  • Watendlath Tarn
  • Yew Tree Tarn

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