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Qalandar Earth Needed a Superhero

Qalandar: Earth Needed a Superhero (Part 17)

Scene XXX

“At the turn of every century, we tell ourselves that this time: there will finally be peace. But time and time again, war finds a war to tear us apart. So often, we seek out and find what makes us different instead of finding that which unites us.”

Ali’s family sat huddled around the TV. When Saleem and Hassan had returned to tell them the news, they didn’t truly believe that it was possible. But as they watched the videos on the news, they learned that Ali truly had gained power greater than any human had ever achieved.

“When all hope is gone, we often look for a hero to come. We wait for another to rescue us from despair. But rarely do we realize that each of us can be that hero. Each of us is capable of spreading love and life.” 

The entire family felt hope and happiness pulsate through their hearts as they watched Ali lift the tank and fly into the air. He had truly become a superhero. It was as the army had stated. He was now ‘Qalandar’, the protector of Earth.

“No one wants to carry the burden that comes along with being a ‘hero’. To truly fight for humanity is to sacrifice so much of one’s self. We must be able to look at ourselves, accept our flaws, and strive to make the world a better place.”

Rabia pointed to the window, “Look, mama! It’s raining flowers!”

Mehwish’s soft green eyes widened. She stood and walked to the door. From the window, she could see the rose petals falling. And after all of the magic and mystery she had witnessed, she wondered if it could have been…

“When and if we can put our prejudices aside, we can finally hope to achieve peace. When we can look at every other human and give them the same love we wish to feel ourselves, peace is finally possible.”

Hiba and Fariha jumped up to follow her, but Hassan stopped them, “Let her go alone.”

As Mehwish opened the door, she was mesmerised. Ruby red petals and snowflakes rained from the sky. She extended her hands to collect them. After all of the pain and destruction she had witnessed, there was finally beauty in the world again.

“God teaches us love. If we are to be thankful, we must be thankful to the world that God created. We must treat all that God has created with respect.”

Above her, Mehwish saw her husband flying down to her. He was hovering in the sky like a superhero. But she knew he was still Ali. He still had a warm and gentle heart. He protected all of humanity because he loved the world in which he lived. He cared about every human and animal. And most of all, he cared about his family.

“And if my acts today can teach humanity anything, it is my hope that we can all stay united. It is each of us coming together despite our differences that makes our world so beautiful.”

Ali brushed a rose petal from Mehwish’s cheek. Tears welled up in her eyes. But they were tears of joy. Seeing his warm smile caused her heart to pound. She couldn’t help but laugh. Looking up at him, she smiled with rosy lips that rivaled any rose petal that fell.


Most of the world was ready to focus on the future. With the threat of aliens freed from their lives, humanity was able to focus on everything they loved. Friends and family members celebrated that they could forever live peaceful lives.

Though, there was one person who still could not rest. Amma Ji sat in the cave twirling her staff. While everyone focused on the future, she could not help but consider the past. After all, she knew well that tragedy could strike at any time.

Wherever there was light, chaos was not far behind. Darkness always found its way to creep into anything. And that was exactly what the old woman feared. She worried that while the world rejoiced, a new threat would see it as an opportunity to strike.

Ali was everything bit of the superhero that the world called him, but his powers were still new to him. He knew what was needed of him when the time came. But Amma Ji still feared that his lack of experience would be his biggest detriment. Not only that, but with Ali’s huge heart, he would have to handle the fact that even if he could save the world, he couldn’t save every individual person in it. 

Amma Ji thought back to a day long ago. There was an old, frail man with a white beard. He, too, wished for power like Ali. But both men were different. And while Ali wanted to give, the old man only wanted to take. 

Greed was a dangerous thing. Amma Ji didn’t know what the future held. Though, she knew it was far too soon to celebrate. At that moment, all she could do was pray and hope that the threat she feared would never return. 

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