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Qalandar Earth Needed A Superhero Science Fiction Paperback

Scene XXIX

The city streets of Geneva were full of chaos. Not only did the drones threaten to melt and burn anything in their path, but small aliens from the mothership had landed to cause further destruction. Between the two forces, the soldiers were overwhelmed even with their numbers. 

Troops from all around the world— from the Americas, Europe, Africa, Asia, and Oceania —were battling together to take out a common threat. Whatever weapons humanity had left was being used to fend off the attackers. But even united together, humanity was falling.

The drone missiles took out any soldier who tried to fire into the enemy hoards. Lasers melted flesh and bone. The thought creeping into everyone’s mind was whether or not their efforts would be enough. They had yet to get any more readings from the mysterious man they saw and they wondered if he, too, had perished.

In the sky, the mothership had redirected and sat above Geneva. Watching the light above the cannons grow brighter, everyone knew that time was running down. What had happened in Shanghai would soon happen in their city as well. And this time, the worlds’ armies would be completely wiped out.

Anna watched the satellite screen, “Where are you?”

A large blast alerted her. She switched the images on her screen and learned that one of their missile launchers had already been destroyed. Those were their last hope. Without those to shoot the mothership, they had no other weapons available to them left.

As she ran to the control room, she heard another blast. The second launcher had been destroyed. It was no use. The numbers of drones and aliens were too much for the armies to handle. They weren’t able to hold them back and before long, the base would be in ruins.

“Protect the missile launchers!” A soldier screamed.

But just as he finished speaking, a third blast overtook him. The drones were relentless. They locked onto the launchers and destroyed them one by one until only a single launcher remained. Humanity was giving up hope. They needed a hero. And Ali was nowhere to be found. 

Tears streamed down Anna’s face as she cried, “We’re doomed.”

She watched in the monitor as a meteor barreled towards the city. She wailed. Geneva couldn’t handle any more wreckage. This one last place would mean the end. As she closed her eyes, she expected the impact to be the very last thing she felt.


Despite the shockwave, she was unscathed. Anna opened her eyes. On the monitor where the ‘meteor’ had crashed, she learned that it wasn’t another alien attack at all— it was Ali.

His bones were broken and misaligned. Blood gushed from his lips. But as he felt the energy of the Earth around him, he began to heal. He crawled from the crater he created and attempted to reach the city above. Finally, he had made his way back to Geneva and he was determined to protect the world. 

Soldiers watched in shock as Ali rose to his feet. All eyes were on him. Videos had spread of a man who flew and beat down drones like they were baseballs. Many believed it was all a hoax. They couldn’t imagine that a real-life superhero was possible. But as Ali stood in front of them, they knew that he was real. 

Ali closed his eyes and felt the wind around him. The army of whirling dancers— the green Darwaish — orbited around him. His power was returning. His wounds had all but healed. He could feel the pain and fears of everyone. He wanted to inspire them with hope. Ali opened his eyes. He knew it was time to fight and he believed he could do anything.

Back in the boardroom, another scientist put their hand on the woman’s soldier, “We’re not doomed yet.” 

With his sword in hand, Ali sped off with a sonic blast towards the drones. He sliced through them, sending shards of metal flying through the air. The Green Darwaish followed his movements. As he struck a single drone, a thousand members of his personal army were taking down more of the foes. 

The aliens on the ground were in a panic. They shouted to each other and tried to regroup. For the first time, they were the ones frightened. And while they ran scared, the human armies were able to push back. Soldiers from all around the world worked together to take down a common threat. 

On the mothership, the red light was growing bright. The cannons were almost ready. Watching from their screens, the aliens were ready to drop the final bomb that would reduce Geneva to ash. The only weapon standing against them was the four human missile launchers. And as they had learned, only one remained. 

Workers flew down from the mothership, trying to take out the final launcher. As a fighter plane pilot watched, he tried to intercept them. But before he could fire their guns, the drones had locked on. Using their laser, the plane’s wing melted and it plummeted to the ground. 

Spinning out of control, the pilot shrieked in horror as he saw himself diving towards the final launcher. There was nothing he could do. The controls on the plane ceased to work. And the parachute wouldn’t function. He closed his eyes just as the plane exploded, taking the missile along with it. 

In the UN office, the team gasped. They had lost the last weapon they had that could take down the mothership. And they weren’t the only ones left disappointed. The soldiers on the battlefield knew that the assault was over. With no other weapon that could put a dent in the ship, there was nothing more they could do.

And seeing the morale low, the aliens decided to take advantage of the situation. While the main cannons still charged, they sent small missiles to rain down on the city. It was their hope that they could take out the humans before they had a chance to regroup.

But humanity still had Ali. He and his green army rushed to the missiles. Using their long, flowing robes, the Darwaish caught the bombs and tanked the blast. Looking up at the sky, the human soldiers were finally able to see the army fighting alongside Ali. It was just as the legends from the sixties during the war between Pakistan and India— the green army was helping humanity. 

The number of drones was finally dwindling. But the mothership was still the biggest threat. Ali knew if he didn’t stop it soon, it would release a devastating blast that would destroy all life. He knew humanity had limited weapons left. But he had an idea.

Ali flew down to the road and found a tank. He knocked on the hatch and was greeted by a soldier. Shock overwhelmed the soldier. He squealed as he came face to face with Ali. Compared to himself, Ali was tall and muscular— ripped out of a page from a comic book. The young man was at a loss for words. 

“You can fire this thing, right?” Ali asked. 

As soon as the soldier nodded, Ali dropped to the base of the tank to lift it. But even with his overwhelming strength, he struggled. He needed more power. If he were to fly the tank into the air, he would need to gather more of the Earth’s energy. So Ali closed his eyes.

“Are you sure?” the old woman asked. 

It was as if she was appearing before his very eyes. The green light was swirling around him. She gazed at him. Her question held the weight of the world. She was offering Ali great power, but as he knew, the power came with a great burden. 

No matter the cost, Ali knew he had to power through. Everyone and everything he knew and loved depended on his actions. Ali was prepared to do and give anything. Any pain was worth it to protect the world. 

And Ali replied, “Yes. I am sure.” 

Power surged throughout his body. He felt his muscles bulge. He screamed aloud as he lifted the tank above his head. Bits of dirt and stone crashed to the ground. And only a cloud of dust was left in his wake as he blasted into the air towards the mothership. 

It truly was the weight of the world that Ali held. As he soared into the air, it was as if his muscles were tearing apart. The pain radiated through his body, causing him to scream. But adrenaline kept him going. He knew he couldn’t give up.

But Ali wasn’t alone in his struggle. Alongside him, the Darwaish summoned tanks of their own. What began as just one tank multiplied to two. From two, it became four. And the multiplication continued until Ali’s energy had summoned more than one hundred tanks.

The sky was filled with an entire fleet of flying tanks. He believed that if anything was going to take down the mothership, it was going to be this. And because time was limited, he knew his plan had to work. 

With extra green energy flowing through his veins, Ali felt unstoppable. And what helped him was hearing the cheering voices of the soldiers below. Each of them watching believed in Ali and he refused to give up on them. 

Ali knew that it wasn’t just the soldiers that were watching him. With the satellites recording his every move, families around the world waited with bated breath. All of their survival depended on him. 

Bursting forward, Ali lined himself up in front of the mothership. Rows of Green Darwaishs with their summoned tanks. If there was a greater force of power on Earth, he couldn’t think of it. All of his fears subsided as he viewed the massive army on his side. 

Inside the mothership, the aliens were in a panic. They knew what Ali meant to do and they had no means of retaliation. Their mouths went wide as Ali lined up the tanks around the ship so they were surrounded. From every angle, there was a tank ready to blast.

Looking down at the man in the tank, Ali knew that this moment was huge for him too. He wanted to give another human the honor of being a hero. This wasn’t a moment just for Ali but for all of humanity, no matter who they were. 

Ali smiled, “Fire!” 

As the soldier launched a shell from the tank, tears of joy streamed down his cheeks. Thousands of tanks were firing at once. And the mothership’s hard exterior cracked. As shards and fragments flew through the air, Ali knew humanity had won.

Like a sky of fireworks, metal bits burst into an array of vibrant hues. It was destruction and a celebration all in one. The windows of the ship cracked, sending aliens flying through the air. Sparks flew as the control systems short-circuited. And seeing every remaining bolt rain down to the Earth let Ali know that the ship was gone for good. 

At last, humanity was saved. The threat against them was nullified. They no longer had to fear that the aliens would destroy them. 

Landing back on the ground, Ali assisted the soldier out of the tank. He was in shock. And as his squad ran to him to cheer him on, he didn’t have any words to say. The true hero was Ali. While no one truly knew who he was, they knew that without him, none of what happened would be possible. 

The human armies were able to wipe out the remaining aliens that littered the streets of Geneva. After having their command station destroyed, the drones crashed to the ground. And with the city finally free of chaos, medical crews were able to sweep in to rescue any wounded soldiers. 

Back in the boardroom, the scientists sent the footage of the mothership’s destruction to every news and government agency in the world. Stations everywhere from Japan and Australia to South Africa and Brazil were celebrating the Earth’s victory. The end of times had been averted. 

Ali teleported into the UN office. The scientists stood in shock. He looked to the general who saluted and thanked him. Ali recalled that so many years ago he had been court-martialed. He was told that he was a disgrace. But on that day, he was respected by all of humanity. 

Saluting back to the general, Ali glanced over at the screen. News and radio stations all over the world were reporting about him. They recognized that the world was saved by a man that the military in Pakistan called, ‘Qalandar’. Ali smiled, and in a flash, he teleported away. 

At last, he was back in Kashmir. He stood in front of his own home. His heart was pounding. After everything that had happened, he wanted to see his wife and children once more. He wanted to look them in the eyes, see their smiling faces, and tell them that they would always be safe. 

In his garden, Ali spotted the rose bush. Though the snow still fell, a single red rose blossomed. It reminded him of Mehwish’s rosy lips. He picked the flower and looked at the front door. She was in his heart the entire time he fought. He wanted to let her know how much she meant to him. 

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