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Qalandar Earth Needed a Superhero 3


Back at the UN office, there was an uproar. Teams had called to every country in the world to send their aid. Humanity was finally taking back their home. But the preparations were leaving the offices stressed. Just gearing up and mobilizing alone left them in danger. They had to hope that Ali could protect them long enough to rally their troops. 

The border to France was barricaded by rows of tanks and soldiers. Any civilian left in Geneva had been escorted into the French countryside by the military. All other bases were asked to stand down to keep the fight isolated in Switzerland. This was humanity’s last line of defense. 

There were units stationed along the trails leading up to the alps focused on clearing the skies from rogue drones sneaking past the mountains. The harbor’s ships were under military control, but even fit with torpedos, they were no match for the onslaught of missiles that sought to sink them. 

Along with the UN office, the botanical gardens and Temple de Saint-Pierre were the last locations safe from the rain of lasers and bullets. Soldiers had their backs against the wall. The morale was low. Any moment running through the city streets meant that one may be giving their lives to keep the world safe. And while many wished to protect their friends and loved ones, few were prepared to pay the ultimate price.

Anna pointed to an incoming threat on their radar. The mothership— the monstrosity that left all of Shanghai in ruins had breached the atmosphere once more. And this time, it appeared to be dropping along the border of Kashmir where Ali fought waves of drones.

He had certainly done what he had promised. Teams from around the world reported that the number of drones had decreased. They were all going to Ali. Every drone was on its way to intersect and finish him off. He was giving humanity an opportunity to regroup, but the scientists worried how long he could hold out. 

“What’s our status on the missiles? We need them ready before those cannons strike again!” 

Four massive launchers were what the UN team hoped would be enough to stop the mothership. It was all they had left since the drones wiped out so much of their defenses. But they didn’t doubt the destructive force of the missiles. It would blast and turn anything they could imagine into bits. And if it didn’t, they had to hope that Ali would be there to wrap up the rest.

Even with Ali acting as bait, there were still drones drawn to the military’s movement. The numbers were split and dwindling, but the armies were far from safe. Reaching Geneva was going to be a feat in itself and time was not on anyone’s side. They couldn’t predict when the alien cannons would be ready to launch again.

And their situation was becoming grimmer as even the alien commander noticed Ali’s plan. He couldn’t determine what Ali was, but he was certainly a stronger force than any human he had witnessed. The alien commander screamed to his workers to target the UN base in Geneva, he saw the military movement and knew something was about to go down.

But he knew he could not ignore Ali. With only a single rifle, Ali was able to summon his Green Darwaish and launch an assault as if he had thousands of soldiers behind him. The drones sparked and fell from the sky as their fuses were destroyed. Between Geneva and Ali, the commander didn’t know which to destroy first. 

Veins burst from the alien’s pale head as he rose to his feet with a deafening roar. His eyes had turned red and seeped blood. But even in his fit of rage, he knew what to do. He smashed his knuckles together as he stared at Ali on his monitor. It was finally time to wipe out his enemy.


Shooting into the crowd of drones, Ali’s eyes suddenly went wide. The rifle was out of bullets, but he couldn’t give up. He snapped off pieces from the gun and tossed it at the drones. The Green Darwaishs followed suit. Using anything and everything at his disposal, Ali continued to attack. 

“There’s so many,” he thought to himself, “I don’t know if Geneva can handle them all.”

The desert landscape was in total chaos. Lasers and bullets kicked up the sands creating a crater in the barren Earth. Ali knew he had to hang on. He needed to buy time for the UN to rally the world’s armies. But as he fought the drones, he felt a faint wind blowing.

Goosebumps ran down his neck. He could sense that something was amiss, but his mind couldn’t pinpoint it. He wanted to close his eyes and peer through the world, but he couldn’t distract himself from the fight. His heart pounded. Something was coming, but he didn’t understand what it could be. 

Pain radiated across Ali’s face. Before he knew what hit him, he was sent flying across the desert. Only the burning sands were there to slow his fall as he tumbled for what seemed like kilometers. Despite his torn and bleeding skin, Ali was able to heal. But as he looked up, he was met with a menacing sight. 

Wiping the blood from his mouth, Ali locked eyes with the alien commander. The being wore a gold-plated suit that seemed to give the alien the ability of flight. Ali was at a loss for words. He had never seen anything like the plaster-white beast with bulging veins. And before he had a chance to figure out a strategy, the alien was lunging back at him for a second assault. 

Just from one punch alone, Ali was weakened. And as he looked around, the drones were dispersing. He knew that the UN was no longer safe and he needed to act fast. His plan of being a diversion was failing. As long as the massive beast was there before him, he wouldn’t be able to keep the drones occupied. 

But since it was flesh in front of him instead of a machine, Ali had an idea. Just as he had done with Saleem, he wondered if he could look into the alien’s heart. Just as he had done with the rabid dogs, he wondered if he could ease the hatred and fear the being possessed. 

Teleporting behind the alien, Ali placed his hand on the being’s chest. He hoped to find a heart. He knew if he could look into the alien’s thoughts and emotions, he could find a solution that would bring peace. Ali closed his eyes and he searched, surging green light through the commander’s body. 

As Ali searched, though, he was shocked. Instead of any shred of life or love, he felt nothing but darkness. Inside the alien commander was only hatred. There was no hope for light. There was no hope for peace. The only thing the alien desired was destruction. 

Listening to the alien’s thoughts, Ali learned his final plan. The alien’s wanted to wipe all life from Earth. To them, humanity was a mere resource— a subject for their experiments that was found to be useless. They had followed human satellites and space stations which led them to Earth. And they had determined that the planet would be stripped of resources and abandoned. 

Those thoughts frightened Ali. If the aliens were left to thrive, there would be no hope left for humanity. All would perish. There would be no more humans. There would be no more animals or plant life. The aliens would take and slaughter all from the planet until nothing remained. 

Ali shook his head. He refused to let that happen. If the burden he bore meant pushing himself to the limit to protect the entire world then he was prepared. He wished to solve the conflict with peace. But he knew if it came to it, fighting was going to be the only option. The alien commander grumbled, “Wrong choice!” 

While Ali contemplated how he was able to understand the alien’s words, he felt a punch dig into his chest. His ribcage cracked and blood sprayed out of his mouth. The alien’s punch hit harder than any bullet he had ever felt. His vision was faded from one direct hit alone. 

Sore and weakened, Ali was unable to fight back as the alien grabbed him by his neck. His body flipped into the air as the commander swung him. Ali felt sick and dizzy, but he had no time to recover. The alien landed yet another punch and Ali struggled to remain breathing. 

Blood dripped from his face. His wounds were deep. But he was healing. Ali was determined to outlast any blow— he had to. If he couldn’t take on such a feat and challenge, he didn’t know who else on Earth could. He would carry all of the Earth’s pain himself. That was his burden. 

The villainous fiend clutched Ali tightly and flew with him through the atmosphere. Dizzy, Ali struggled to comprehend what was happening before it was too late. He was being taken beyond Earth and into space. He gasped. Knowing that his powers were linked to the energy of the Earth, he knew it would mean his death. 

Ali wondered if the alien knew of his weakness. He wondered if he had watched as Ali helplessly failed to reach the mothership as it orbited around the planet. Ali didn’t know what to do. His strength had waned. He no longer had his powers while he was dragged through space. And he was struggling to breathe. 

His vision was flickering like a flipbook. From his panic and the lack of oxygen, Ali feared he would suffocate and die. The alien, though, didn’t seem patient enough to wait for that to occur. He winded up to land one final punch. And as Ali watched the beast’s fist, he wondered if he truly was going to die. 

But just before the alien could finish his attack, a green light surrounded Ali and created a shield. At last, he was able to breathe once more. But Ali had to wonder what had happened. He knew from the last time he tried to travel into space that his power had been drained. He wondered what was the source of this new green light.

The alien commander screamed as his fist smashed into the green shield. Ali remained unscathed, but as he checked the light around him, he noticed that it had dimmed after being struck. He feared that whatever this surge of energy was, it wouldn’t last forever.

Punching the shield once more, the impact was enough to send Ali and the light floating across the moon’s rocky surface. Without his powers to help him heal and withstand damage, Ali’s bones were breaking. His flesh bled. And he felt himself getting weaker. He needed to fight back, but he didn’t know how. 

“Your power is connected to us,” a voice said. 

Ali darted his gaze but saw no one. As he focused, he recognized the voice to be the old woman, “This is as much as we can protect you. You will not be able to survive much longer.” 

Another blow sent him flying, but Ali wanted to continue listening, “I know that you do not wish to kill. So this is not an order.” 

It was as if Ali’s mind was being taken over. He had flashbacks to his days in the army. The young Indian soldier’s voice played in his mind— so frightened. The cries were unbearable for Ali. He wanted it to end. He held his hands over his ears and begged the voice to make it stop. 

“Killing him wasn’t to protect humanity. But if you fight this alien, you would be able to protect everyone you know and love.” 

Ali opened his eyes and saw a sword appear beside him. It was a manifestation of green transparent light. It glowed as bright as the crystal he recalled from the cave. If he took the sword, he knew he was meant to slay the alien. But the thought worried Ali. He still wanted there to be another way. 

Saving humanity by causing more death was the last thing he wanted, but as he watched the alien commander, he saw that the fiend had summoned a long staff with a bright pink crystal. Whatever that weapon was, Ali didn’t like the look of it. He couldn’t stall any longer. 

Pointing the staff at the green shield, it shot a ray of blinding light. Ali ducked as the shield shattered like glass. The green light had almost all but faded. And as parts of the beam penetrated his haven, Ali’s skin was burned by the rays. He screamed as his flesh sizzled. 

“When the cannons are ready, another one of your cities will be wiped off the face of the planet. And as you watch, you, too, will die a miserable death.” 

“No,” Ali said, “I am the protector of Earth.” 

He could only assume the power of the green light allowed him to speak and understand the alien’s language. That, or the alien had some way of speaking on his own. What was more important to him, however, were the images of his friends and loved ones. Back on Earth, there were people that were counting on him. 

Every single human on Earth depended on him. Every soldier who fought the drones needed Ali to take down this fearsome foe. The UN members counted on him to buy them time. And he knew that back in Kashmir, his wife, children, and friends wanted him to return safely. “That’s right… I’m the protector of Earth.” 

Ali reached for the sword. This was the final moment. He couldn’t shy away from the burden any longer. As he touched the green light, the sword turned to metal. Power surged inside of Ali’s body. He was ready. He made eye contact with the alien and he knew what he needed to do. 

Leaping into the air, Ali was able to use the moon’s limited gravity to soar above the alien’s head. Focusing all of his weight downwards, Ali sliced the blade through the alien’s head and down to his stomach. As blood gushed out of the foe, the alien was split in two.

Panting, Ali had used up much of his energy from the killing blow alone. Looking up at Earth, he didn’t know how he would be able to reach it again. His body was burned and weakened. Even though the sword had filled him with power, he still couldn’t fly all the way back to his home planet. But as he looked at the alien commander, he noticed the gold-plated suit that allowed him to fly. 

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