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Treviso Italy also called as little Venice

Treviso Italy

Treviso in Italy is often overlooked because of the tourist hype of nearby Venice, and that is exactly what makes it very special. The calmness and tranquility are the loveliest things about the beautiful Treviso city. It is the capital of the province of Treviso in the Veneto region of the Italy. The city has wonderful medieval walls, gates, narrow and curvy cobble stone streets. Beautiful tiny canals pass throughout the town, passing under houses and gardens. Treviso is also sometimes referred as little Venice. The best part of visiting Treviso is that it’s a crowd free, stress free, much cheaper than Venice and a great place for a relaxed walk. You will not face the specific tourism attitude where every shop is trying to sell you expensive souvenirs and tourist stuff.

Treviso has a very calm atmosphere and people are very friendly. The city welcomes you with open arms and leaves an unforgettable nice memory on your mind. There are many wonderful attractions that are attractive for tourists. If you are staying in Venice, it takes 40 minutes to reach Treviso or vice versa. You can either plan a day trip to Treviso or you can choose to stay here in the calm and cheaper city and plan your day trips to Venice or other towns around the city.

Best way to explore the city is either by foot or bicycle as car parking can become a headache for you. You will love to interact with the friendly locals around the city as most of them do speak English. The food is amazing, and the city has some amazing local wine. There are many small wine yards around, where you can go for wine tasting. Prosecco wine is also a product of Treviso. The city is also famous because of the two rivers Sile and Cagnan which circle around the city without meeting. The city is also famous for being the origin of the popular Italian desert called Tiramisu. The famous clothing brand Benetton has a headquarter based in this city.

History of Treviso Italy

History of Treviso Italy the little venice

It is hard to find Treviso in the books of ancient history writers. The name of the city is believed to be a mixture of two languages i.e. Celtic and Latin. It is also believed that the name of the city originated from an early tribal language. The residents of the city are considered to be descendants of the Roman tribe of Claudia. The city suffered a lot of damage during the World War II when it was bombarded heavily. Many of the medieval structures were destroyed, which were then rebuilt and restored in the later years.

10 Amazing Attractions in Treviso Italy

As you will scroll down, you will see the things categorized in Churches, Structures, Piazzas and Museums.

Treviso Cathedral

Treviso Cathedral

Treviso Cathedral with its 5 massive and lovely green domes is the most eye-catching structure in the city. The cathedral has a very easy access from the Piazza dei Signori, which is in the northern part of the city’s historic town center. This church is believed to be built in 6th century, renovated in Romanesque style in 12th century and then again renovated in Neoclassical style in the 19th century. The exterior is simple, but the interior is very attractive with many artworks and paintings. The Malchiostro Chapel and the original crypt underneath the church are very noteworthy parts of the cathedral.

Chiesa di San Nicolo

Chiesa di San Nicolo

This church is located in the south western part of the old town in the opposite direction of the Treviso Cathedral. The church is huge and a very important religious structure. This rectangular brick church was built in 1030 in Romanesque-Gothic style by the Dominic Friars who were living in Treviso. Just like the Treviso Cathedral, Chiesa di San Nicolo also looks simpler from outside and wonderfully decorated from inside. The ceiling of the church is decorated with wooden panels and the floor is carved with colorful tiles. The church has a variety of historical paintings and a beautiful organ.

Chiesa di San Francesco

Chiesa di San Francesco

Church of San Francesco is also one of the largest historic churches of Treviso, Italy. The church has a Romanesque structure and was constructed in the 13th century. The church is located in the northern corner of the old town of Treviso. The large bell tower at the back of the building is very eye-catching. The church was renovated in 1928 and has many religious artifacts on display.

Ancient City walls and gates of Treviso Italy

Ancient City walls and gates of Treviso Italy

Treviso seems like a city made for walking around. The walk in the city is full of joy as the whole city can be explored on foot. The compact design of the city and the twists and turns of the streets with views of canals and medieval gates and walls will keep you fresh all the time. The city has many ancient guard towers, gates and signs of fortifications. Many of these are still in good condition because of good maintenance. The two most impressive gatehouses are called Porta San Tomaso and Porta Santi Quaranta. The ancient wall (Muro) used to cover the entire old town and walking around them is treat for the history lovers.

Beautiful Canals of Treviso Italy

Beautiful Canals of Treviso Italy

Treviso resembles a lot like Venice, that is why it is also referred to as Little Venice. The city has many man-made canals which were used for transportation through River Sile. When you walk around the beautiful city, you will see many connecting bridges that pass above these lovely canals. You will see many small and lovely canals in the streets. These are the ideal places for peace lovers, painters and photographers. The view of the houses, that have small docks and terraces at the water, is absolutely a treat to the eye. There are many black water wheels that add to the decoration of the canals and streets. These water wheels were used to pull the water out of the canals.

The Buranelli canal is the largest of all which navigates through the town from north to south. This canal runs separately all the way through Treviso along the River Cagnan but it then meets the River Sile instead. This is one of the famous places to walk in the city specially during summer. There is also a covered shopping area along side the canal towards the south end.

Pescheria, The Fish Market of Treviso Italy

Pescheria, The Fish Market of Treviso Italy

Treviso Pescheria (fish market) is an ideal place to visit and explore the culture and lifestyle of the locals. The fish market is situated on a small island which is located in the middle of the beautiful Buranelli Canal. There are two small bridges that lead to this small island. This is a busy place filled with aroma of seafood and some nice sculptures of mermaid and fish. This is a good place to study culture, otherwise you will run away if you don’t like fish smell.

Piazza dei Signori Treviso Italy

Piazza dei Signori Treviso Italy

Piazza dei Signori is the most famous square of the Treviso City. This is not as large as other squares of the main cities, but the best part is that there is no crowd. You can relax and enjoy the streets, lifestyle and choose from a variety of café or restaurants around. The place is also famous for events and concerts that are regularly held here in the center of the old town. This is also the famous shopping destination of the residents with many shops and stalls.

Piazza San Vito Treviso Italy

Piazza San Vito Treviso Italy​

Piazza San Vito is also a square and very near to the Piazza dei Signori. This is also a nice place for shopping, dining and to have some drinks. There are many lovely buildings in the surrounding area of the Piazza San Vito. This area is a bit bigger than Piazza dei Signori and has outdoor seating area near a small fountain. There are many cafes, shops and restaurants in the surroundings.

Museo Diocesano in Treviso Italy

Museo Diocesano Treviso Italy

This museum is located next to the Treviso Cathedral and displays amazing artefacts and paintings which are related to the history of the city and the Treviso Cathedral. There are fantastic marble statues inside the museum which were found by the archaeologists. There are many collections of religious works, sacred fabrics, religious jewelry, embossed books and accessories.

Museo Bailo in Treviso Italy

Museo Bailo Treviso Italy

Bailo museum is situated at the north western corner of the old town of Treviso, Italy. The museum is an ideal place for the people who love fine art. There are many wonderful pieces of archaeology and art on display. The art collection also consists of modern art and the historical works.

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