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7 Wonderful Lakes of Minton Keynes

Milton Keynes Lakes

Milton Keynes has recently caught a lot attraction due to its beautiful natural lakes. Milton Keynes also known as “MK” among the residents is a large and a planned town in United Kingdom. Milton Keynes is not very far from London and one of the main reasons of planning Milton Keynes was to take the load of population off from London. The town has dedicated its 25% of the area to parks and woods which also have some magical lakes.

7 Wonderful Lakes of Minton Keynes

I have created a list of 7 beautiful lakes in Milton Keynes. All these lakes have their unique and wonderful attributes that will attract and leave wonderful memories in your life.

Willen lake

Willen Lake can be divided into two major parts, South and North side.

Willen lake South

Willen lake Milton Keynes

South side of the lake is a very famous park full of attractions for all age groups. Families and kids love this park which offers them a variety of activities including Treetop high ropes climbing, wakeboarding, paddle boarding and an outdoor water splash park. The park is equally loved by teenagers who flock here in groups. There are lots of free and nice activities in the park. There are tracks for jogging and you can walk or jog around the path between the south and north part of the lake.

The lake side is really beautiful, where you can find many birds and ducks. You can also enjoy feeding them, but it is recommended to feed them with bird food and not any junk food. The lake side has a lot of area for picnics and family games. Fishing is also allowed but at some specific points of the lake depending on the weather conditions. The lake is equally loved by the photographers. There are also some good restaurants, cafes and a hotel with a lakeside Pub.

Willen lake North

Peace Pagoda Milton Keynes

The North side of the lake is dominated by the beautiful Peace Pagoda alongside a Buddhist temple that was built by the Monks as a symbol of peace and love for humanity. The cherry trees on top of the structure represent the victims of war. This side of the lake does not have water sports options, but it offers a more natural feel & quietness of a lake environment. You can enjoy the beautiful views of the lake and many wild birds who visit here. Fishing is managed by Milton Keynes Angling Association at the north side of Willen lake which means you need a membership from them.

Caldecotte Lake Milton Keynes

Caldecotte Lake Milton Kenyes

Caldecotte lake is famous for boating, fishing and family picnics. This lake has beautiful views and lovely birdlife. You can enjoy the scenic views under the sails of a windmill. There is free fitness gym equipment for the visitors along the jogging trail around the lake. The lake is also famous because of the 150 million years old skeleton of Ichthyosaur, which was found during the excavation of the lake. The fossils of Ichthyosaur can be seen at the Milton Keynes central library.

The lake also has an outdoor play area for children who can enjoy the swings, rockers and small climbing activities. Other nice activities are water zorbing inside a large inflatable ball and wind surfing.

Walton Lake Milton Keynes

Walton Lake Milton Keynes

Walton Lake is part of the Ouzel Valley park. This lake extends to the Caldecotte lake in South and Willen lake in North. Walton lake is different than rest of the lakes in Milton Keynes. The reason is that Walton lake is full of plants rather than just fresh water like other lakes. The lake has a beautiful bridge walk in the middle going through these reeds which lead to a couple of amazing bird hides. You can go there to enjoy the bird life and some beautiful views. The lake has River Ouzel in the surroundings and some ponds and hay meadows as well. The reeds are very well managed and cut to shape different blocks of different sizes which add to the beauty of the lake. People come here to witness the wildlife and dragonflies. Some interesting wildlife include the Green woodpeckers, sparrow hawks, reed warblers and Kestrels.

Teardrop lakes Milton Keynes

Teardrop lakes Milton Keynes

These lakes are located within the Loughton Valley Park with an excellent jogging and walking track of more than 2 kms around the lakes. You can climb up to the viewpoint at knowlhill and view the skyline of the city. Teardrop lakes not only provide leisure activities to the residents but also provide balance to the city’s lake system. During heavy rains, the lakes take in the water and save the city from flooding. The lakes are also very attractive place for the wildlife which can be seen hopping around them. Sports lovers come here often for cycling, jogging and to play cricket in the Loughton Valley Park. The park and lakes also host bike riding events throughout the year.

Ashland Lake Milton Keynes

Ashland Lake is also a very beautiful natural lake in Milton Keynes. The lake has some wonderful views and a 120-meter timber snake structure which was created by artist Chris Drury in 2014. For fishing, you need the membership of Milton Keynes Angling Association.

Lodge Lake Milton Keynes

Lodge Lake

Lodge lake is much popular for fishing. The lake is also famous as a site for some huge fish catches. For fishing you need to be a member of the Milton Keynes Angling Association or you can buy a ticket. A path near the lake leads to a 16th century village called Loughton Village which still has some old structures. You might be able to see some swans, herons and kingfishers at this lake.

Furzton Lake

Furzton Lake

Furzton lake is famous for boating and the artistic sculptures that attract the attention of the visitors. There is a triple head sculpture that looks like a comet whose tail is erupting from the earth. This is designed by a Romanian artist Paul Neagu. There are beautiful wooden sculptures which are habited by birds. The residents of the Milton Keynes participate voluntarily for the cleaning and maintaining of the lake.

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