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Best Parks in Brussels

Best Parks in Brussels

Brussels, the capital of Belgium and the Capital of Europe is also one of the greenest cities of the world. A tour to the best parks in Brussels is a must while visiting city. The city has several small and pleasant public gardens. There are also some historic parks, farms and vegetable gardens. Many avenues of the city are decorated with broad trees. That is why when you walk in the city, you feel the fresh air all around. I had a full day walk session in Brussels and I didn’t even feel tired at all.

One of the pleasant activities of summer is to go to a park for picnic or recreation. Normally, you will find a park almost around every corner of the city and all of them are wonderful. There are some parks with great historic importance, and some are a superb venue for a fantastic picnic.

13 Best & Beautiful Parks of Brussels

Brussels Park

Brussels Park near the Royal Palace of Brussels

Brussels Park is the most famous park of all because it is big, close to the Brussels city center and faces the Royal Palace of Brussels. The park is in a rectangular shape and was the first public park of Brussels. Brussels park is also known as the Royal park of Brussels. The park has a historic importance because of the revolution of 1830 in Brussels when the battles were fought between Belgian Patriots and Dutch Troops.

When you enter the park from main gate, you will be welcomed by a large fountain. After the fountain the paths divide into three wide routes. You will see many beautiful plants, trees, statues and outdoor theaters in these avenues. The park also hosts musical festivals every year in summers. This is a great place for kids as there is a playground for them. There are kiosks in the park serving juices and snacks.

Parc du Cinquantenaire

Parc du Cinquantenaire

Parc du Cinquantenaire is famous for jogging and outdoor sports activities like aerobics and yoga. The park was built in 1980 to celebrate the 50th anniversary of Belgian Independence. The park is in a large pentagon shape and is very near to many famous Brussels Museums. There is a visible big triumphal arch which has three arches. Other than sports, the park also hosts many events, concerts and firework displays. This is a great venue for a picnic with family because there are two playgrounds for kids inside the park.

The Sonian Forest

The Sonian Forest is the biggest and best park in Brussels

This excellent park/forest is one of its kind in Brussels. This park has many oak tree groves and 200-year old beech trees. The park covers around 5000 hectares of land and has many native plants. This is a great place for sports enthusiasts. People love to come here for cycling, riding, jogging and other sports activities. The Sonian Forest is a superb place to picnic because it has playgrounds for kids and three big fishing lakes.

Florist’s Gardens

As the name suggests, this park is a work of art. This park was established in 1999. This is a large park with many gardens inside. The park is very well maintained under strict environment standards. There are balconies on the high end of the park that show beautiful views of the city.

Duden Park

Duden Park has beautiful Ponds

Duden Park is also a large forest park in a hilly area with an area of 23 hectares. Duden park is like the forest has spread its waves that have landed in the city. The park is a fantastic place for hiking because of the steep slopes, altitudes and drops. The northern part of the park is decorated to form a garden which is ideal for picnic. The other part of the park is ideal for walking, jogging and other sports activities.

Park Elisabeth

Park Elisabeth

The lay out of the park is much similar to the Parc du Cinquantenaire with many grass lawns on both sides of the pavements. You will see many people enjoying here and picnicking in summers.

Park Leopold

Park Leopold

Park Leopold is a rich historical and cultural venue and a great place for relaxation. The park is divided into three categories which are the beautiful lawns, playground area and the Historical garden. The park has a land of 20 hectares. The park also has many sculptures. The park is a favorite spot for writers, artists and bird lovers. This also a favorite lunch spot for people who work in the European Intuitions because this is situated near European Quarters.


Parckfarm was created to spread awareness in the citizens about the importance of agricultural practices. This is a modern park with artificial railway valley between Molenbeek and Laeken. You can enjoy the beautiful views of the north district from these bridges that cover the railway valley. Various social activities including musical concerts are organized in the park regularly.

Josaphat Park

Josaphat Park is a very beautiful park in Brussels

Josaphat Park is also famous for the social gatherings, musical concerts and cultural events. The large lawns and beautiful ponds are very attractive. The 20-hactares of beautiful park is a great source of oxygen to the city.

Les Etangs de Flage

Les Etangs de Flage is a unique park in Brussels

The best parts of this park are the beautiful ponds, so attractive that you will want to sit near them for hours to feel a peaceful harmony. There are two beautiful large ponds between Place Flagey and Abbey of La Cambre of Ixelles. There are several small houses in the surrounding area of the park which actually look very attractive. The place is great for a quiet walk or to picnic. There are also some sculptures and art works places in the park which add to the beauty of the park.

Jardin botanique Meise

Botanical Garden a beautiful park in Brussels

This large botanical garden is spread over an area of 92 hectares. This is situated in north of Brussels, in the center of Belgium. The garden is important because of the superb techniques of protection and preservation of plants. Many organizations work with this park to help the growth of tropical plants and to maintain this largest greenhouse in Belgium.

Botanical Garden

Botanical Garden a beautiful park in Brussels

Botanical garden of Brussels is a fine example of cross-cultural merger. The garden architecture styles are a mix of French, Italian and English styles. The garden has a huge variety of trees and plants. This is a terraced park that is spread on an area of more than 6 Hectares. The park was established in 1829. The park displays more than 40 varieties of the Brussels Native flowers in an Iris garden.

Parc Ten Reuken

Parc Ten Reuken

Parc Ten Reuken was established in the 20th Century and was a project of King Leopold II. The Park has a beautiful pond which is in the middle of two pavements. There are small paths that lead to the lawns with thick forest trees. The park has many green and blue flowers that add to the beauty of the park. There is an artificial waterfall in a small wooden island that looks more beautiful with the presence of some local wildlife around it and many birds at the pond. This is a very peaceful and enchanting place to visit and relax.

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