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Fernando de Noronha Brazil

Fernando de Noronha

Only 420 lucky tourists can enter Fernando de Noronha which is a wonderful group of 21 islands. This magical marine ecological reserve is a World Heritage Site. Fernando de Noronha is located in the Atlantic Ocean 354 km offshore from the Brazilian Coast and is famous for its natural breathtaking white sand beaches. Government has limited the numbers of tourists at any given time to 420 to protect the natural beauty of the island. These visitors have to pay an environmental preservation fee to enter.

Those few who have visited here, claim to have seen a paradise on earth with spectacular views of natural beauty everywhere in the land and at the sea. This archipelago has beautiful and natural swimming pools, amazing waterfalls, natural caves and rocks that look like sculptures. Total area of Fernando de Noronha is around 26 square kilometers. This is a wonderful place for snorkeling and diving because of the crystal-clear water and colorful sea life. The island is extremely peaceful place to relax and rejuvenate because of less crowd.

The living population of the island is around 5000 only. Other that humans, the island is richly populated with seabirds, marine life, reptiles and many endemic species. The island is no less than a dream land full of enchanting views everywhere. The Brazilians feel proud of Fernando de Noronha and often describe the place with great excitement. Two beaches in Fernando de Noronha are famous for being in the top ten beaches of Brazil. These two beaches are Praia dos Leoes and Baia do Sancho. The island is also considered as one of the safest places to roam around in Brazil.

Some helpful Tips Fernando de Noronha

Some helpful Tips

Fernando de Noronha is a bit more expensive than other cities and places of Brazil. It is important to book everything properly otherwise you won’t be able to enter the island. There are every day direct flights to the island but going by sea is absolutely wonderful. The visitors have to pay Environment Tax around 15 USD and also an Ecological Tax of about 40 USD. It is recommended to take cash with you because the atm machines are located far from each other. Also, sometimes the card machines at the restaurants and shops don’t work and you will need cash to pay. Also keep some mosquito repellent with you in case you feel the mosquitos are in love with your beautiful feet.

History of Fernando de Noronha

History of Fernando de Noronha

The archipelago is named after a 16th century Portuguese noble man who was a wood merchant. The island is known to be discovered around 1503 by Portuguese and used to be a prison site and a hideout for pirates. It is reported that Charles Darwin stopped at this island in 1830 but didn’t do much of research here. In 1988, the area was established as a national maritime park. In 2001, It was declared as a World Heritage Site by Unesco.

8 Wonderful Attractions in Fernando de Noronha


Beaches in Fernando de Noronha

The beaches of Praia dos Leoes, Baia do Sancho and Praia dos Porcos are featured twice on the list of the best beaches of the world. These beaches are a delight because of the relaxed, quiet, fresh and natural environment. The crystal-clear blue water is irresistible for the swimmers.

These beaches are not like your regular beaches. There are no showers, no beach bars and no modern facilities. May be that is the reason they are among the best natural beaches. You should bring your own umbrella for protection from the sun because there are very limited or no shades around these beaches.


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Dolphin Watching at Fernando de Noronha

Dolphin Watching at Fernando de Noronha

Fernando de Noronha is a perfect place to enjoy watching the wild Dolphins. The bay of dolphins is the part of the national marine park. You will be treated with happiness when you see these lovely dolphins jumping and spinning in the air. Best time is to go early morning when you can see a large number of dolphins playing together. You will be taken away by this rare moment as this kind of breeding dolphin colony is very hard to find anywhere else in the world.

Diving and Snorkeling

Diving and Snorkeling at Fernando de Noronha

Fernando de Noronha is one of the best places on earth for diving, snorkeling and surfing. The water is crystal-clear blue that gives you a visibility up to 50 meters underwater. This is awesome, a paradise for divers and snorkelers. The colorful marine life consists of hundreds of beautiful species of fish, several dolphins, sea turtles and friendly sharks. You will also see many lobsters, octopuses and marine plants. One of the exciting attractions of the diving are the shipwrecks in the surroundings. You must get registered before attempting to snorkel.

Surfing at Fernando de Noronha


The pleasant wind in Fernando de Noronha makes it a wonderful attraction for the surfers. The weather between December and February is considered as the most ideal for surfing. The large waves go up to the height of 5 meters. Cacimba do Padre, Bode and Boldro beaches are the best and favorite beaches of surfers.

Hiking at Fernando de Noronha

Hiking at Fernando de Noronha

The natural area of Fernando de Noronha has so many beautiful hiking and walking tracks in its surroundings. As the area is protected, you will need authorization and an accredited guide to go on the National Marine Reserve tracks. There are many other tracks as well where you can hike freely. These amazing tracks take you through some hills and caves to some of the deserted beaches. The hiking tracks above the Praia dos Leao are wonderful because from there you can see beautiful views of the beach and the Atlantic Ocean. If you are a hiking enthusiastic, you will love to go all the way on a thrilling journey to the lighthouse on Ponta de Sapat.

Horse Riding in Fernando de Noronha

Horse Riding

You can hire a horse around 15 to 20 USD and roam around the island enjoying riding and views together. This is a great way to explore the area and its beaches, caves, tracks and cliffs. Best way to get a horse ride will be through your hotel guest relationship desk.



This is a small village on the eastern side of Fernando de Noronha. The village is the only harbor of the area. You can take boat tours from here that take you on an exploratory tour of the coastline. You can also reach Ponta de Sapat by boat from here which has a light house. You can come back by a hiking track that will test your fitness level.



This is another tiny village in Fernando de Noronha which has lovely grey cobble stone streets. These streets are a delight to walk that lead towards the beach. The village is house to the only bank in the island. The 18th century houses in village are surrounded by forest and plants.


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