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Nago Torbole Italy

Nago Torbole

Nago and Torbole are two villages in Italy near the Lake Garda. Nago-Torbole municipality is famous for windsurfing, canyoning, hiking, cycling, natural views, lake and culture. These villages are attached to the limestone rocks of Monte Baldo. Torbole is located at the northern shore of Lake Garda whereas Nago is situated up-hill on top of Torbole toward north and offers superb views of Lake Garda.

The area is often called Nago Torbole as both the villages offer a combination of wonderful tourist and recreational facilities. The area is ideal for windsurfers and cyclists and full of many camping sites and hotels. The Lake Garda also adds a lot to the natural beauty of this area. The town is very beautiful and has many attractive buildings depicting the classic Italian architecture decorated with flowers.

It is surely going to be hard for you to choose between so many activities and places. This is a wonderful place for both activities and site visiting. The exciting activities include walking, cycling, watersports, windsurfing, canyoning and many more. Nago Torbole also has a lot of restaurants and friendly cafes. The overall culture of the area is very friendly and welcoming for the tourists. You can stop at ice cream cafes to taste one of the best tasting ice creams in Italy. There are many souvenir shops as well as sports gear and wear shops in the area.

Let me tell you some more details about both Nago and Terbole


Nago on top of hill in Italy

Nago is located on the rocky hills above Torbole. Nago is more famous for historical buildings like churches and castles and some hidden wonderful points to see the panoramic views of the area and the Lake Garda. There are ruins of a medieval castle in Nago, the castle is known as Penede castle. The surroundings are very peaceful and have stunning views of the largest lake of Italy.


Torbole near the norther shore of Lake garda

Torbole is located at the northern shore of the Lake Garda. The village has many beautiful houses that face the lake. This is a great place for a walk for the tourists because of the lovely narrow alleys in the ancient village center. Torbole is a very famous destination for windsurfers and sailors. Because motorboats are not allowed at this side of lake and the wind is wonderful, the sailors love this village. Hikers and mountain bikers also love this place because of the wonderful natural tracks between Nago and Torbole.

History of Nago Torbole

History of Nago Torbole

The area was always populated since the pre-historic time. It was colonized during the Imperial Roman era and became a community around the Nago castle. This was always a popular stop-over for the travelers who used to commute between Germany and Italy since the beginning of 15th century.

Top Activities in Nago Torbole

Walking & Hiking

Hiking and Walking in Nago Torbole

Nago Torble is one of the most beautiful places to walk and explore in Italy. You should also read about Cinque Tierre which is also a top choice in tourists who love to walk around and explore. One of the best hiking tours starts from the small Santa Lucia valley towards Nago. Another wonderful track leads you to Dosso dei Roveri. You can also climb up to the Mount Altissimo from Nago. There are various beautiful tracks alongside the Lake Garda as well.

Hiking in this area is amazing because of the breathtaking views of the mountains and the lake. There are many guided walking tour packages available as well.

Wind Surfing & Water Sports in Nago Torbole

Wind Surfing in Nago Torbole

This area is one of the most favorite among the windsurfers and sailors due to the high-wind conditions at the northern end of the lake. There are many returning visitors who love to come back because of their wonderful experience. To ease the water sports lovers, there are many spots to hire and store the sports equipment. There are many expert surfers who offer learning classes for beginners. There are a variety of learning courses for all ages. Other wonderful activities are kite surfing, kayaking and canyoning.

Canyoning in Nago Torbole

Canyoning near Lake Garda

If you are thrill seeker, this water sport is highly recommended. This is going to be one of the most memorable experience of your life. There are many professional experts who are there to teach and support. The jumps, long slides and sudden descends make this ride an incredible experience.

Mountain Biking in Nago Torbole

Mountain Biking at Nago Torbole

There are great cycling tracks in the area of Nago Torbole. Some of the tracks have cobblestone pavements. You can cycle around along the river Sarca or in the wonderful Santa Lucia valley. There are many beautiful tracks that pass through the forest and vineyards. A lot of mountain bikers love to come here because of the ideal terrain for biking. Monte Velo has some amazing dirt tracks to add to the adventure for the bike lovers. Monte Velo means Mountain Bike or mountain for bike.

Top Attractions in Nago Torbole

Lake Garda

Lake Garda

Lake Garda is the largest lake in Italy and is a very popular holiday destination among the local and international tourists. The lake is 346 meters deep and has a surface area of 370 km². This Lake is located between the three provinces (Veneto, Lombardia and Trentino) at the foot of the beautiful Alps. Lake Garda is the largest natural lake which originates from glaciers, so the temperature and seasons effect the characteristics of the lake. Around 25 different streams of water gather in the form of Lake Garda.

Lake Garda has 5 small islands in it. The largest island is Isola del Garda which can be accessed by boats. There is abundance of olive trees, magnolias and palm trees on the shores of the lake because of the mild climate. The lake is also very famous because of the watersport’s activities and swimming.  

Penede Castle in Nago

Penede Castle Nago

There are ruins of Penede Castle in Nago which is a historical site to watch. The castle was a symbol of power from the middle ages to the 18th century. There are beautiful hiking paths from Nago and Torbole that lead to this beautiful venue which is surrounded by a lovely park. You will have some amazing views of the Lake from this castle. You will also learn about the history of the area.

Busatte adventure park in Torbole

Busatte adventure park in Nago Torbole

Busatte adventure park is located very near to the Lake Garda. This is an ideal place for the families and individual who want to have some extra fun and adventure in the area. There are many fun activities like tree-top climbing, hanging nets, Nepalese bridges, aerial cableways and balancing exercises. All these activities are performed under a safe and controlled environment so there is no worry but joy everywhere in the park.

This is an ideal place to go with friends to enjoy the physically challenging exercises. The activities are divided according to age groups and level of difficulties. There are areas for acrobats, courts for volleyball and basketball games and walking trails.

There is a new bike arena in one part of the park with a BMX track. This track is made for international races and to train different courses to mountain bikers. The courses are also divided according to different level of difficulties and lengths.

Monte Altissimo di Nago

Monte Altissimo Nago Torbole

Monte Altissimo di Nago is one of the best mountains to climb and then enjoy the mountain bike ride downwards. You can take a funicular to the top of the Monte Baldo. The funicular ride offers amazing views of the area and Lake Garda. From top you will be enchanted by the views of the nature and once you start the bike adventure. You will not only be thrilled but also mesmerized by the superb views of Alps and the lake.

You will follow the path that leads to Altisiimo di Nago. This path takes your up to an altitude of 2,079 meters. After reaching the top, you will have breathtaking views of the area, the three provinces and the lake. You can take a short rest at this mountain and then start heading to Albergo Graziani following the asphalt road. After a great panoramic tour surrounded by the alpine plants and flowers, you will reach at the funicular station.

Belvedere Viewpoint

Belvedere Viewpoint Nago Torbole

Belvedere viewpoint is a famous spot for wonderful views of the area and lake. You can reach here by car or by foot. Many tourists come to this point to enjoy picnics and great walks.

Forte Garda in Nago Torbole

Fort Garda at Nago Torbole

Forte Garda is like a hidden gem in the area of Nago and Torbole. This is a 19th century Austro-Hungarian fortress which offers enchanting views of the nature. The hike to the fortress is not very easy but it is manageable. This is a very quiet place because many tourists don’t know much about it. The forte structure seems like a maze with many stairs and corners. This is a great spot for the best views of the northern part of the Lake Garda.

Panoramic Hiking Track from Busatte to Tempesta

Panoramic Hiking Track from Busatte to Tempesta in Nago Torbole

There is a small neighborhood of Busatte above the Torbole village with panoramic views of southern part of Lake Garda. You start your hiking tour from Busatte towards the Tempesta which is another neighborhood in Nago Torbole. There will be many information boards along your way which describe some of the details of the area and tracks.

You will see breathtaking views from this hiking track. The views of the lake are totally amazing, and the surrounding mountain ranges are magically beautiful. You will reach to a point where you will walk on metal stairs and railings that are bolted onto the rocks. This spot is ideal for photographers.  After this you will reach to the locality of Tempesta. On your return, you can either come back from the same way or take a bus back to Busatte.

Churches in Nago and Torbole

San Rocco Church in Nago Torbole is famous in healing and sheltering sick people from Plague

There are 4 beautiful churches in Nago and Torbole which are worth mentioning.

  • St Andrea Church: Saint Andrea church is beautiful church for the protection of fishermen. The altar of the church is a very beautiful work of art by painter Giambettino.
  • San Rocco Church: This church dates back to 16th Century and is famous for providing shelter to the sick during the time of plague.
  • San Zeno Church: This church was built approximately in 12th This old church is located on a small hill surrounded by old buildings.
  • Santissima Trinita Church: The church was built in 17th century and is located on St Zeno hill. The interior of church is decorated with marble and wooden sculptures.

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