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Amazing Dubai Marina UAE

Dubai Marina

First time I visited Dubai Marina in 2010. It was during the tough days of economical crises that had hit everything hard. The place was less crowded and still had so many things that I immediately fall in love with the wonderful vibes of Dubai Marina. As time passed, the area got flocked again with residents and tourists. I have been to Dubai Marina, many times since then and it is still one of my most favorite places in Dubai.

Dubai Marina is very near to the Sheikh Zayed road which is the most attractive road of Dubai passing through all the famous attraction and landmarks of Dubai. If you are facing towards Abu Dhabi, the Jumeirah Lake Towers will be on your left and Dubai Marina will be on your right side. You will clearly see a big Marina Mall and a dense group of skyscrapers, and this is the area of Marina.

Basically, Dubai Marina is developed as an artificial canal city which is built along the Persian Gulf shoreline up to 2 miles. The area is full of many residential towers, office buildings, shops, restaurants, cafes and boutiques. Marina is connected with the open sea hence some people have witnessed some sharks and whales in this area as well. It will take you a full day tour if you really want to enjoy this area.

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History of Dubai Marina

history of Dubai Marina

Dubai Marina was established in 2003 and is totally a man-made canal area. The water from the Persian Gulf was brought into these canals to create a large central waterway. This central waterway runs for 3 kms with buildings, cafes and restaurants on both sides. Dubai Marina is developed by Emaar Properties of the United Arab Emirates.

7 Amazing Attractions in Dubai Marina

Dubai Marina Walk

Dubai Marina Walk UAE

One of the best ways to experience Dubai Marina is to walk around the place. From November to February is the perfect weather to walk in this area because it gets very hot in the summer. There are more than 305 shopping outlets and around 70 restaurants in this area which means you cannot see everything in one day.

If you follow the walking path it is approximately 7 kilometers in full. You will see many beautiful Yachts parked or moving around in the canal. There is a café, restaurant or a shop at every step. This is the favorite residential area of foreigners so you will see many of them walking, jogging or eating around. At night the whole area is lit up with colorful lights and there are many shisha cafes in this area where you will see people sitting and socializing and smoking flavored shisha and blowing out big puffs of smokey clouds.

Dubai Marina Cruise

Dubai Marina Cruise

Another great way to enjoy the Dubai Marina is to get on a cruise. There are variety of options for cruises and some of them are extremely luxurious. The cruises pass through the Marina canal giving you the beautiful glimpse of the wonderful tall buildings that display modern architecture of Dubai. You can take great pictures, have a superb lunch or dinner on the cruises and enjoy the music and live shows as well.

The Most Amazing Skyline

Dubai Skyline Marina Walk

Dubai Marina is the home to the dense cluster of Dubai’s Skyline. There are so many skyscrapers in this area that it is also called as the cluster of tallest buildings in the world. There are breathtaking views of the tall buildings everywhere. Every building is eye-catching and showcases Dubai’s most modern architecture techniques. Some of the mentionable buildings are as under

  • Marina Pinnacle: This is a 280 meters high building with 77 floors with 764 residential and commercial units.
  • Sulafa Tower: This is a 285 meters high building with 75 floors. In 2016 its 35th floor caught fire but luckily no one was hurt, and the building was restored.
  • Emirates Crown: This is a 296 meters high building with 63 floors.
  • Cayan Towers: This is the most eye-catching building in this area because this building has a twist of 90 degrees which is shockingly amazing. How did they turn the building? Wow. It was one of its kind building but now they have another like this in Shanghai China. Cayan Towers is 306 meters high.
  • Ocean Heights: This building is 310 meters tall and has 83 floors.
  • Damac Residenze: This building is 335 meters tall with 85 floors.
  • Dubai Torch Tower: This building is 336.8 meters tall and has 79 floors.
  • Elite Residence: This building is 380.5 meters tall with 87 floors and 12 elevators.
  • 23 Marina: This building is 392.8 meters tall with 88 luxury floors.
  • Princess Tower: This building is currently the 2nd tallest residential building in the world. It is 413.4 meters tall with 101 floors and 763 apartments.
  • Marina 101: This is the tallest building in Dubai Marina with a height of 432 meters. This building also has the famous 5-star Hard Rock hotel.

Skydive Dubai

Dubai Skydive

Skydive Dubai is a wonderful experience of sky diving at Dubai Marina. This is a great and busy venue for thrill seekers. You can experience a free-fall of 120 miles per hour from the sky, tied safely to an experience skydive instructor. They also have regular training classes for sky diving. You can learn to sky dive on your own by professional instructors. You can also enjoy a wonderful flight of a gyrocopter that takes you on a ride to amazing aerial views of Dubai and its skyline.

Dubai Marina Mall

Dubai Marina Mall

The Dubai Marina is already full of so much entertainment and then you also have a beautiful state of the art mall in the center. This is a luxury mall with 4 levels and more than 130 outlets of famous brands, ranging from fashion to cafes and restaurants. There are some famous international cuisines available inside the mall. There is a playground for kids and a superb cinema as well.

The Dubai Marina Yacht Club

Dubai Marina Yacht Club

The luxurious Dubai Marina Yacht Club is beautiful clubhouse which faces the Marina canal. This place is famous for breakfast and lunch and its amazing cigar lounge which is exclusive for members. The Club House Marina can only be accessed by members. There are many Yacht chartering companies here from where you can hire a yacht for a lovely ocean sail. This is a famous place among romantic couples who hire the yachts to spend some romantic time with their partners in the open sea.

Besides Clubhouse, Dubai Marina Yacht Club manages three more marinas which are: –

  • East Marina: This was built in 2007 and is inspired by the European styled marinas. This was the first of the four marinas.
  • West Bay Marina: This marina is located at a side where there is less crowd but not very far from the Club House Marina. This marina has room for larger yachts.
  • Mall Marina: This marina has direct access to the Marina Mall which means you can ride or take off from the yacht at the mall.

Dubai Zipline in Marina

Dubai Zipline is the world’s longest urban zipline which makes it the most exciting adventure for the thrill seekers. This Zipline is also located at Dubai Marina called Xline. This is also one of the fastest and steepest ziplines of the world. You can reach up to a speed of 80 km/hour covering a distance of 1 kilometer from a height of 170 meters in the air. The zipline is full of adventure and also adds the amazing views of Dubai Marina, surrounding skyscrapers and the luxury yachts.

There are two side by side ziplines which allows you to enjoy the experience with your partner at the same time. The facility provides safety gadgets and helmets which are fitted with go-pro cameras that film your adventurous ride. You can get a copy of the video after the ride.

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