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Davos Switzerland

Davos Switzerland

Davos is a famous town of Switzerland because it is a wonderland for winter sports. Davos is the highest town of Switzerland and very famous for health and wellness specially for respiratory problems. This small town is also a host to the World Economic Forum (WEF). The forum is held here every year where global politicians and business tycoons meet.

Davos has many superb ski areas, some of them are the best and biggest ski resorts in Switzerland. Some ski runs can go up to 12 kilometers. Davos is also a venue for the annual tournament of Spengler Cup Ice hockey at the end of the year.

When you will go to Davos, you will notice that this is not a glamorous town like other busy and historical towns. The town is all about nature and the magnificent beauty of it. The town is also known to be one of the favorite places of British Royal family.

Hotel in Davos

We chose Loft Seepromenade apartments through an online booking website. The apartment is large and very well furnished. The facilities at the apartment are superb. The location of the apartment is also ideal as it is not far from the lake Devos and Schatzalp, the two must see places in Davos. You can choose to stay with the mountain views or lake views. The staff is very friendly and accommodating.  

History of Davos Switzerland

History of Davos Switzerland

The story of Davos starts in 1213. The German-Speaking Walsers started settling in this area around 1280 and they were granted rights to administer the area by administers of Vaz municipality. Davos became the largest habitant area for Walser community in eastern Switzerland. In the mid of 19th century Davos got famous when Alexander Spengler who was a tuberculosis specialist, recommended that the place is highly beneficial for the patients with lung diseases. Many other doctors also agreed with the same theory because of the microclimate which seemed excellent for the tuberculosis patients.

In 19th century Davos started to become famous for the winter sports because of the natural ideal environment of the town which is excellent for ice skating and skiing.

13 Best Things to do in Davos Switzerland

Ski in Davos Switzerland

Skiing in Devos Switzerland

Davos is highly famous for winter sports. One of the most exciting things to do in Davos is skiing in this wonderful sports destination. There are around 6 great skiing areas that have the nice facilities to take you to the slopes. The experience is awesome because these are one of the longest skiing areas in Switzerland.

You will see many beginners like me, trying to learn and tune into the skiing mode. There will be many eye-catching professionals who will ski, and you will watch them with wonder.

Lake Davos

Lake Devos Switzerland

Lake Davos is a small natural lake that is located in the northeastern side of the town. The lake has a beautiful boundary of thick grass and forest. This lake is one of the most wonderful lakes in Switzerland with clear blue water, high altitude pine trees, clear blue skies and fabulous Swiss Alps in the surrounding. The lake also serves as a hydropower reservoir for the town of Davos.

This is a great place to enjoy specially in summer when water sports are on the peak. This is a wonderful place to walk and enjoy the natural scenery. There are also some restaurants around the lake where you can have snacks or coffee. You can see many sailors and surfers who enjoy coming here because of the lovely wind. There are also a variety of boats available if you want to ride a boat in the lake.


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Hiking in Davos Switzerland

Hiking in Davos Swizterland

Davos has many beautiful natural hiking trails that are entertaining for all age groups and fitness levels. There are many beautiful hiking tracks where all the family can enjoy together. There are some great hiking trails where your fitness levels will be tested.

The hiking becomes more interesting when you will notice that the trails are decorated by the local Swiss artists with themes and information boards that give your information and encourage you to explore more. For example, there is one trail known as Thomas Mann, which is themed and relates to the story of the novel “The Magic Mountain”, written by famous German writer Thomas Mann.

Schatzalp & Alpine Botanical Gardens

Schatzalp & Alpine Botanical Gardens

This is a wonderful place to visit when you are in Davos. This is a car free, splendid green area towards the west of the town. You can reach here by a cog railway that will take you through the beautiful slopes of the mountains. This cog-railway dates back to 1899 and is known as Schatz-Funicular.

There are many beautiful trails around Schatzalp and also a beautiful botanical garden called Alpinum. Alpinum botanical garden is home to a wonderful waterfall and a large variety of flowers and plants. The views and the trails in the garden are amazing. You can walk around in the fresh air and get relaxed by the fantastic views.

There are almost 3,500 different plant species in the garden. You will be amazed to see the flowers of high-altitude areas. Some of the flowers are native and some are from Nepal, China, Tibet and New Zealand. This is a great place to take pictures and a superb place for all age groups. The best time to enjoy the botanical garden is from June to September when maximum flowers blossom to form a beautiful paradise garden.

Seerhorn Climbing Garden

The Climbing Garden is famous for rock climbing activities. It is around an hour walk from the Davos Dorf Station if you decided to go by foot. The rock climbing gets crowdy in the summer as many tourists come to enjoy the climbing in sunshine and the amazing views of the area.

Rinerhorn near Davos Switzerland


Rinerhorn is a mountain that is wonderful in both winter and summer seasons. You can reach here either by bus or by chairlift. In winters the mountain is superb for skiing with super cold winds. Skiers love this place because its less crowded.

In summer the mountain is covered with flowers where tourist can enjoy the walk with the cattle around. There is a small zoo where children can play with baby goats and cute lambs. Many tourists love to enjoy riding a scooty on their way back down.

BierVision Monstein

Biervision Monstein is home to the highest brewery in Europe. This is a very interesting place where you can visit and taste from a variety of 5 beers. You can also learn the brewery process and enjoy the beautiful scenery around. You can also take a guided tour of the village nearby where you will meet some locals and understand their culture and lifestyle. You will love the taste of chocolate that is made in Monstein.

Mountain Biking in Davos Switzerland

Mountain Bike in Devos

Davos Switzerland is famous for winter sports and also famous for mountain biking in summer. Just like the trails are ideal for hiking for all fitness levels, the mountain bike experience is also very similar. There are excellent facilities for cycling which can be availed by families and kids and die-hard bikers as well. 7 of these tracks are highly recommended by the biker’s community.

One of the best mountain biking tracks is the one from Gotschnaboden to the village of Klosters. This path is around 6 kilometers long and is like a zig zag roller coaster going down with more than 200 curves and jumps to tackle. Even with all the thrill, the track is considered suitable for the beginner as well.

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Vaillant Arena

Vaillant Arena

Vaillant Arena is famous because of two reasons. The ice hokey matches and the amazing structure which is worth admiring. Most matches are played between September and February. The Local favorite team is HC Davos. The team also hosts the famous Spengler cup which is the oldest ice hockey tournament by invitation in the world. The matches for Spengler Cup are ideally played around Christmas days and the site becomes a wonderland. If you are an ice hockey fan, this is an ideal place for you.

Spas in Devos Switzerland

Luxury Spas in Devos

Davos has always been famous for health and wellness. There are many high-end wellness facilities in the town. They offer a great variety of treatments and spa packages. These spas offer deep tissue massage, steam bath, sauna, thermal spa, special indoor pools, neck and body massage gadgets and a lot of other exceptional things to rejuvenate you.

Adventure Park Davos Färich

This is a wonderful park for adventure lovers of all ages. You will need to gear-up and will need helmets to have fun climbing the treetops, swinging bridges and to crawl over the rope nets and ladders. A great place to exercise your muscles and wall climbing techniques. The place uses a quality control fail-safe system so the kids can also enjoy the adventure safely.



Kirchner museum is dedicated to Ernst-Ludwig Kirchner who spent the last 20 years of his life in Davos. Kirchner was a member of Die Brucke and a famous German Artist. He shifted to Davos in 1917 to fight his drug addiction. His move helped him a lot and he was soon back on his track, working on his wonderful paintings. The museum was opened in 1980 which exhibits the collection around 1400 of Kirchner’s paintings. The paintings range from his early days as an artist to his last days in Switzerland. The museum also displays some of his personal items and information about his life and family.

Wintersports Museum in Davos Switzerland

Being one of the best places for winter sports in the world, Davos must have a winter sports museum. The museum is located at the old post office’s central location. Most of the collection was donated by the Jurg Kaufmann family in Davos. The wonderful sports equipment narrates a great history of the winter sports since the early ages.

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