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Thun Switzerland is a beautiful holiday destination

Thun Switzerland

Thun is a small town of Switzerland which is famous for both history and natural beauty. Thun is located at the riverside with a curtain of Alps in the back. Thun is also known as a gateway to the Bernese Oberland. The natural beauty of the town is just magnificent, and it is also very rich in history with several Swiss heritage sites. Tourist love to come here to see the lakes, castles and beautiful historical structures.

If you are here for a short time, put the guided walking tour and the lake cruise on top of your list. The walk in the lovely cobblestoned streets is like walking into some beautiful Disneyland. The atmosphere is so relaxed that you will feel yourself breathing in the peace. Usually, the people who come here are not in hurry, so they take their time to relax themselves around. This is the best way to visit Thun, because you can take a day to visit Thun and then you can take another day to visit one or many of the hidden wonders near Thun.

Hotel in Thun Switzerland

We chose Apartment Philuma to stay near Thun Lake. The apartment is located at a great location with the views of the lake. The apartment is fully equipped with the things to make your stay comfortable. The hospitality is great. The apartment had espresso machine, cooking utensils, tea and accessories. The apartment is very spacious and furnished with good décor and furniture. The neighborhood is quiet and beautiful. There is a supermarket and an atm nearby.

History of Thun Switzerland

History of Thun Switzerland

Thun used to be one of the main centers of Rome administration after Roman Legions captured all of the Switzerland in 58 BC. The name of the Thun means a fortified town. First reference of the town was found in 1133. Thun Castle was built in 1190 and after that the town expanded.

9 Wonderful Attractions of Thun Switzerland

Lake Thun Switzerland

Lake Thun Switzerland

Lake Thun is one of the most beautiful lakes in Switzerland which is located near the town of Thun. This is a wonderful lake with clear and deep-blue water. The air is so fresh that you will feel so calm and will want to walk around the lake. The lake is ideal place for walking and jogging around. The lake has many small beautiful villages around it. There are breathtaking views of Alps around the lake.

One of the best ways to enjoy at the Thun Lake is to take a boat and cruise around the lake. Cruising between Thun and Interlaken (Town) is a great idea as you will get to see a lot of beautiful views around the lake. There are many small and beautiful villages located in the surroundings of the lake. There are many different cruise options available from variety of boats to packages of dinner.

The lake is also a great place for water sports and fun activities. You will see many surfers and sailors. They love the lake because of the cool and calm breeze. The divers also love this place because of the clean and clear water. In good winters, the lake freezes and looks stunningly beautiful under the shadows of snow-covered mountains.

Thun’s Old Town

Thun Old Town Switzerland

The Old Town of Thun is a wonderful place to walk around and see the historical places like the Thun Castle and museums. There is abundance of restaurants & cafes all around the Old Town. This is also a great place for shopping where you can find almost everything from a variety of local and international brands. Old Town is also famous for buying handicrafts and souvenirs.

You can explore the Old Town by yourself or take a guided tour if you want everything to be explained to you in detail. One of the highlights of the Old Town are the covered wooden bridges. These look similar to the bridges in Lucerne Switzerland. These bridges are decorated with pink flowers which make them look so beautiful and eye-catching. Another great highlight of the Old Town is the Thun Castle.

Thun Castle

Thun Castle in Switzerland

Thun Castle is a wonderful landmark of the town of Thun. It was constructed in 1190. The castle is also known as Schloss Thun. Now it is an active museum with 5 floors filled with historic artifacts, weapons, armory and antique objects from 18th to 19th century. Entering the castle is like entering into a fairy tale dream. The castle is a wonderful place to explore the history and to understand the lives of kings and queens. If you will climb up to the top of the towers of the castle, you will be enchanted by the unbelievable views of the lake, mountains and the amazing town of Thun.

The castle is a great place to visit with kids because the kids will learn about the royal history and will get the chance to train as knights. The instructions and tasks are given to the children which they follow and enjoy a lot. If you have strollers, you should choose the path that is behind the castle and goes to Burgstrasse, because the path that goes to old town has many stairs.

Schadau Park & Castle

Schadau Park & Castle

Schadau park is a splendid place to spend some quality time overlooking the beautiful views of the mountains and the Thun lake. You will see many people enjoying picnic and lunch here. This is a wonderful place to spend time with your companion or family under the influence of breathtaking views. Children also love this place because they can roam freely around and can play in a maze that leads to a playground.

There is a building inside the park known as Thun Panorama. This building is dedicated to the world’s oldest surviving painting of a panorama. The painting has amazing panoramic views of Thun town.


Schadau Castle situated in the park area is one of the most beautiful castles of Switzerland. There is a famous restaurant in the castle that offers local delicacies. The castle is pleasingly decorated, and people love to spend time here.

Thun Ferris Wheel

Thun Ferris Wheel Switzerland

Thun Ferris wheel is a visible landmark in Thun that can be seen from almost every part of the town. You can experience the magnificent views of the town, lakes and mountains from up there and can take amazing pictures.

Panzer Museum

Panzer Museum

Panzer Museum is a house to an exhibition of armored vehicles that were used by the Swiss Army. The museum displays combat vehicles and tanks that were used by the Army. There are some vehicles from World War II. There are also some vehicles on display that were used for testing purposes.

Speilzeug museum Thun Switzerland

Speilzeug museum

Speilzeug museum is a museum for toys, games, dolls and teddy bears. An Ideal place for people who love to see toys and remember their childhood. The collection of toys and objects date from 1850s to 1960s.

Kunstmuseum Thun Switzerland

Kunstmuseum Thun

The Kunstmuseum Thun used to be a hotel (Grand Hotel Thunerhof). The museum is a remarkable work of architecture situated at the river Aare. The hotel was opened in 1875 as the largest hotel in Thun. It ran as a hotel till 1948 and then turned into a museum of contemporary art.

Balliz Shopping

Balliz is located in the heart of the Thun town. The place is full of boutiques, fashion stores, department stores and bookstores. These shops and stores are situated in fascinating and unique buildings that are going to mesmerize you. The area is as good for a walk or window shopping as shopping itself because the pathways are also a delight to watch and take pictures.

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