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Safety Precautions during Coronavirus Situation

Safety Precautions in Coronavirus Situation

Everybody is scared of Coronavirus (Covid-19). The virus has spread over the globe and has affected more than 180,000 People worldwide. The virus has been declared as a global Pandemic and is highly contagious. It gets worst when the infected person gets a pneumonia like situation.

To be honest the fear and panic is causing more problems than the virus itself. Everybody is praying and waiting for a solution. At the moment there is no vaccine available for the virus, so the best possible solution is to take care and adopt precautionary measures and behaviors.

19 Possible Precautions and Prevention Techniques

1) Don’t Panic

First of all, you should not panic or fear. The world population is around 8 billion   and the virus has infected 860,000 People only till now since December 2019. It means the spread is slow. Yes, I agree that it is spreading everywhere but still considering the whole population of the world, the infected population is 0.010% till now, which is even lesser than 1.64% new births every year.

The virus is not airborne and hence it will only spread if someone will have a direct contact with an infected person or an infected surface. You can also survive the virus even after having direct contact with the infected person if the infected person does not sneeze near your or touch you or the things near you.

There are also many cases of people who have recovered from the virus. More people die from heart diseases every day. Don’t panic and don’t stress yourself. If you will panic or get stressed, it will badly affect your health and immune system.

There are some cases where people panicked and started over-buying of stuff which caused food & grocery shortage for other people in the area. If you are not in a high alert zone, there is no need of stocking up things and creating another problem bigger than the virus which is food shortage. Panic and fear are reported to be elements that decrease the immune system power of a person, so panic will create higher chances of catching diseases.

Don’t Panic Safety Precautions during Coronavirus Situation

So, the best way to tackle the virus is not to fear but fight it. Humans are survivors and we have survived many natural disasters and Global Pandemics before. Don’t worry, by taking good precautions we all can survive this too. Now I will discuss some possible prevention techniques.


I am not a Doctor and not a scientist. These are just some curated precautions which seem a bit appropriate to share. Sharing is caring so I decided to make a list and help some of you who might not have proper knowledge. If you feel you have developed symptoms, call your doctor. Don’t just run to the clinic and to infect others with you. Don’t become a person who spreads the disease. Be a person who spreads care and love. 

If you do not like anything in this article, or you want me to add something that you think can be good for people, let me know.

2) Don’t Touch

Don’t Touch Safety Precautions during Coronavirus Situation

Love spreads with care but the virus is spreading with the touch. Touching seems to be the most common cause of the spread of the virus. Specially touching your face or nose. Also do not touch the face and nose of other people. This is strange and a bit difficult as well, because most of us have habit of touching our face. If people who have the virus, stop touching things and people, the virus will not spread.

The virus is not air-borne. When someone with the infection sneezes and spits, it is estimated that the virus spreads up to 1-meter distance. If you are infected, then Isolate yourself as quickly as possible and seek medical attention. If you see someone sneezing or coughing stay away. Do not shake hands with each other. Avoid touching things outside or anything without a reason. It is a bit difficult to practice this prevention, but it is the need of the time. Also remember, don’t share your mobiles and don’t expose your mobiles at public places.

3) Stay Home

Staying home is the best possible solution as well. You can freely move around your home doing everything you want and even touching will not be a big problem. Only go out when its necessary. Going out will be a challenge which many of us will have to face. Now we will discuss some more precautionary measures.

4) Wash Your Hands

Wash Your Hands Safety Precautions during Coronavirus Situation

Washing your hands and keeping them clean is the best option. You should wash your hands every now and then with soap and for at-least 20 seconds. Wash your hands properly and the best way would be to wash up to you elbows.

Sometimes you even don’t know if you have the virus and you can stay just normal. Washing your hands can save the lives of many others. Even if you do not have the virus, washing your hands will keep you safe too. If you touched something that was exposed to virus, you are at risk if you touch your face. Washing your hands can save you.

5) Keep a Hand Sanitizer

Keep a Hand Sanitizer

Hand sanitizer that must have more than 60% alcohol can be useful. You should keep a small bottle with you and should use it immediately after you have touched anything. You do not know who touched that thing before you. Same is the case of a handshake, immediately sanitize your hands after a contact with any surface or person.

6) Do not Touch Staircases and Handles

Do not Touch Staircases and Handles Safety Precautions during Coronavirus Situation

Avoid touching staircases and handles. It seems like the virus has more life on metals than other surfaces. The markets, buildings, shops and stations have handrails which many other people touch as well. If you will touch them at public places, your hands can carry the virus and you can spread it to another place. First of all, don’t touch the handrails. If you do, immediately use hand sanitizer or wash your hands with soap which is better.

7) Be Careful with Uber/Taxi and Public Transport

Be Careful with Uber Taxi and Public Transport

This is again the similar precautionary measure as to avoid the spread of the virus. Taxi drivers can make sure of dis-infecting their vehicles after every passenger. You can carry a dis-infectant spray and spray before sitting just to make sure. But again, do not touch your face when you use any public transport. As soon as you get off, wash your hands properly and change your clothes as soon as you can.

8) Use Disposable Gloves

Use Disposable Gloves Safety Precautions during Coronavirus Situation

When going out is necessary, then try to use disposable gloves. There are two advantages with this. One is that when we have gloves on, most of us don’t touch our face because the gloves remind us that there is a reason, we are wearing them. Second, this will help if you must have to touch the things outside. Specially at the grocery stores where a lot of people touch the same things one after another.

9) Keep new grocery away for 2 days

Keep new grocery away for 2 days

While you are trying your best to avoid touching everything and your face. You might bring home something from the grocery store that has been touched by someone infected or someone who didn’t care. This is the tricky part, where most of us won’t remember. The solution will be to create a space away from your living area and put the groceries separately according to the dates purchased and then use them after 2 days.

10) Boost your immune system

Boost your immune system

Some people have natural good immune system, and some have a weak one. You can try to boost your immune system by following some of these steps

  • Increase Vitamin C intake.
  • Increase your Vitamin D intake. The best way is to take a sunbath at your home. Not on public places. Remember stay away from crowded places.
  • Exercise daily, keep yourself fit. It seems that the virus is more dangerous with people who already have diseases. Try to increase your breath holding stamina. Exercise daily in order to increase your heartbeat ratio and to make yourself sweat. Sweating is good for you anyway.
  • Drink a lot of water, Stay hydrated all the time. This should be your routine in normal life as well. It keeps you fresh and your skin good.
  • Take vitamins, but again best way is to build your immune system naturally by following a good diet plan, eating healthy vegetables and meals and taking good care of yourself.
  • Sleep well. Don’t sleep less. Sleeping less decreases the immune system’s strength.
  • Don’t stress and panic as we discussed above. This might be the time to do things that you love and enjoy except public gatherings and socializing. Watch movies, listen to songs, do paintings, read books, write a book or story (Like, I am writing an action-packed story these days) and learn online courses.
  • Try to keep good ventilation in your home. Don’t worry the virus is not airborne. Let sunlight come in your home and breath in fresh air.

11) Use Superfoods

Use Superfoods

Superfoods are the type of food that provide you with great nutrional benefits even when taken in very lower quantities. Some famous examples of superfoods are Moringa, Quinoa, Oats and Dates. Keeping these products at home will save you a lot of panic.

I personally like Moringa powder because it is rich in vitamin C. It is famous for its anti-cancerous properties. Moringa keeps your body warm which is good because it might save an infected person from having pneumonia. Again, please consider that this not proven anywhere yet. Moringa also helps in body aches and is already useful to relieve the symptoms of flue when taken as a tea with some lemon. Moringa must be taken in low quantities like up to a leveled teaspoon twice a day. Taking larger quantities than that may upset your stomach.

12) Drink Hot Water

Drink Hot Water

There are many people who are sharing the benefits of hot water. There is no harm in trying this but again there is nothing proven that hot water is a cure. It seems the virus is sensitive to heat, drinking hot water may help to prevent or sooth the symptoms. Adding a lemon in hot water is better as this will be good for the Vitamin C as well.

Taking a hot Lemon Ginger Tea with honey has helped relieve symptoms of flue and soar throat for many people.

13) Keep your home temperature higher

Keep your home temperature higher

Again, this is a myth that the summers will solve this problem for us. Many people talk about that summers may cure the disease but there are cases in hot areas as well. I have read that the life of the virus decreases in heat or hot weather. If that is the case, keeping your home warm may help a bit as well. If the virus has reached your doorsteps. The next thing you want will be to get rid of it as soon as possible. Heat might help in this.

14) Don’t Drink too much of Alcohol

Don’t Drink too much of Alcohol Safety Precautions during Coronavirus Situation

Some people might think that drinking alcohol may help. But this is a total myth. There is no proof that drinking brandy or alcohol will help. In-fact it is proven that heavy drinkers are at more risk of pneumonia than a person who does not drink. So do not drink too much.

Considering Brandy, it makes your body warm. It may help a bit in reducing the effects of pneumonia but only if taken in a very moderate form. Again, this is not proven yet.

15) Avoid Beauty Salons and Haircut

Avoid Beauty Salons and Haircut

This is another issue. How are we going to have a haircut? Well the desperate times do need desperate measures. The barber shops and beauty salons are public places and you do not know who was sitting on that chair before you. Also, you don’t know how many persons were touched and dressed up by your stylist today. Unless the hair salon is taking extreme precautions and you are sure about them, try to avoid them. Try the do it at your home methods. Don’t worry, you might not get your favorite haircut for some time, but it might save your life.

16) Cut your Nails

Cut your Nails

Long nails and lovely nail polishes look really beautiful. But this is not the time if you can’t take extreme precautions all the time. Nails collect the most bacteria and germs from around and are hard to wash. If you want to keep long nails, then take really good care and maintain proper hygiene. Nails of kids must be monitored properly these days and men should also take necessary measures to keep them short.

17) Keep your shoes out of the home

Keep your shoes out of the home

You should not bring your shoes home. Make a place for your shoes near your doorstep or at a place where you don’t go often. Wash or sanitize your hands as soon as you take your shoes off and also do the same as soon as you wear them back. Your shoes touch all the public surfaces and grounds that might have the virus or other germs. I think this should be a normal practice even in the normal days.

18) Currency and Cash

Currency and Cash Safety Precautions during Coronavirus Situation

This is another problem now. A Euro or a Dollar, that is in your wallet, pocket or hand is already been touched by thousands of people. You will go out, do grocery, pay money and the cashier will return you the change. This is now a possible risk. As we discussed above, disposable gloves can be helpful but, you will bring the cash at your home. You should dis-infect your wallet, purse and cash before entering the home. You can use the cards but also dis-infect them as soon as possible.

19) Avoid Crowded and Public Places

Avoid Crowded and Public Places

There is no harm in going out unless you don’t bring the virus back home or don’t infect the others. Public gatherings, schools, colleges, marriages, restaurants, public transports, train stations must be avoided. Try not to go out unless it is necessary.

To Be honest, Sometimes I feel like, I am dreaming. I love to travel and love to promote traveling. This time, I want you to understand that staying home is better for you. Try to stay home unless it is very urgent to go out. Most of us have jobs, have to buy groceries for our children so we have to go out. This is the time when the humanity needs each other’s support to survive this crisis. If we all help each other instead of being selfish we might be able to defeat this disease and emerge as the winners together.

Stay Safe, Love you all.

19 Possible Precautions from Coronavirus and Prevention Techniques

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