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Thun Lake and the town of Thun Switzerland

9 Wonders near Lake Thun Switzerland

Thun is a beautiful small town near Lake Thun in Switzerland. Thun is famous for its breathtaking views of the alps and is known as a gateway to the Bernese Oberland which is the higher part of the Canton of Bern, Switzerland. The city is very rich in history and natural beauty.

Travelers from around the world visit Thun for Lakes and Castles. Thun has some picture-perfect lakes and once you visit this place, you will want to come back again & again. Thun Lake is the biggest and most prominent lake of the town. There are around 8 wonderful lakes within the distance of 15-minutes to 45-minutes from Thun lake. These lakes and surroundings promise breathtaking views for the visitors.

9 Amazing Lakes near Thun

I have created a list of 9 Lakes in Thun that are surely going to mesmerize you once you visit them.

Lake Thun

Beautiful Thun Lake is one of the best lakes in Switzerland

Lake Thun is the most favorite and famous lake in Thun. The dimensions of the lake, deep-blue water with a curtain of mountains in the back create a mesmerizing effect on the visitors. The lake is situated at a very ideal place at the northern boundary of the Alps and between the Interlaken and the Thun town. Windsurfers and the sailors really like this lake because of the constant light breeze.

Lake Thun cruise is a must activity at this place. The cruises offer a lot of versatile packages. You can cruise along the lake while having meal and drinks. The boats sail through the blue water and you get to see the breathtaking views of the mountains, beautiful historic castles and romantic villages. The larger vessels offer more fun activities including the activities for children.

The lake is big and has many small villages on its shores. There are some amazing castles and parks around the lake. The town of Interlaken is situated at the eastern end of the lake. There are some wonderful peaks near the lake which are perfect for a one-day tour. Lake Thun is an ideal place to relax, swim, picnic and socialize in a very cool environment.

Niesen Lake

Niesen Lake near Thun Lake

This is one of the beautiful mountain peaks of the Bernese Alps near the Lake Thun. There is a lake on this peak which looks like a lake from the fairy tales. The place is almost unreal with superb views. The Niesen lake is 44 minutes’ drive from Lake Thun. You can hike or you can take the ride up. If you have the Swiss Travel Pass, the charges of ride will be half.  You can also combine a hike with the ride, as there is a ride station in the halfway up.

When you will reach up, you will realize that this is one of the best viewpoints of Switzerland. There are also paragliding options from Niesen.


Hinterstockensee Lake near Thun Lake

Hinterstockensee is just 38 minutes’ drive from the town of Thun. The lake is just a few minutes’ walk from the Chrindri station. The path to the lake is very well maintained and there is a children playground and many picnic spots with the facilities of bar-b-que. If you visit in the early morning, it will be very quiet, and the views will be at their best. But there are no trains in the early morning. This is a great place for photographers and the people who love to walk in fresh air. The lake gets frozen in winters.

Oberstockensee Lake

Oberstockensee Lake near Thun Lake

Oberstockensee is a small and beautiful lake around 44 mins away from the Thun Lake by drive. The lake is situated at the top of the village under the mountain Stockhorn. The village name is Erlenbach im Simmental. The area is full of lovely hiking routes and very rich in natural beauty. The lake is near to Hinterstockensee lake. You will need good shoes to hike around in this area. You need a pass if you want to do fishing.

Uebeschisee Lake

Uebeschisee Lake

Uebeschisee is a small lake at 19 minutes’ drive from Thun. The lake is almost 15m deep with an area of 35 acres. This is a wonderful natural reserve and a great place for photographers. Tourist love the atmosphere and the natural beauty of the lake. Painters from different countries love to come and paint this natural beauty on their canvas.

When the weather is good in sunny days there will be lots of cyclists and hikers in this area. Uebeshchisee is a great place to relax and let yourself wander here and there for some time. A small dock with a small passage towards the lake is a famous place among photographers.


Amsoldingersee Lake

Amsoldingersee is just 15 minutes’ drive away from the town of Thun. The lake is more than 1 km long and 500m wide, almost a perfect rectangle. The lake is 14 meters deep. There is a town called Amsoldingen which is adjacent to this wonderful lake. The lake is amazing, original and natural and hidden from many tourists.

Dittligsee Lake

Dittligsee lake is 17 minuites away from Thun Castle

Dittligsee is just 17 minutes’ drive from Thun. This is a wonderful place for painters and photographers. This Beautiful lake is like a magical bowl at the edge of the Alps. The lake is around 14.9 acres and fully surrounded by the plants and bushes which make it appear like a hidden jewel.

If you plan to swim in the lake, you must remember that swimming will be at your own risk. There are no lifeguards and the municipality does not take any responsibility. There are no parameters to check the water quality for swimming. The visitors must go by foot and cannot take bicycles. Camping, bar-b-que and lighting up fire is prohibited. This helps to preserve this wonderful natural lake and the walk around this lake is also very enchanting.


Geistsee Lake near Thun Lake

This lake is also known as Ghost Lake. This small but wonderful lake is not accessible by public because this is a private property. It is 15 minutes away from the town of Thun. The lake and its surrounded area fall under the protected land rules.


Gerzensee lake near Thun

This is another wonderful lake just 17 minutes away from the town of Thun. To access this lake, you have to be either the guest of the Castle hotel or a resident of the surrounding villages. There is another option of an old boat house which can be rented for events and to access this beautiful lake.

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