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Fortaleza Brazil best place to visit in Latin America

Fortaleza Brazil

Fortaleza in Brazil is a wonderful and a modern city with typical Brazilian vibes all over. The people are friendly and famous of their hospitality. Residents are often called as Fortalezenses.  Fortaleza is the 5th largest city of Brazil and capital of Ceara with more than 4 million residents including the metropolitan area. Metropolitan area of Fortaleza is the third richest metropolitan area in the North and Northeast regions. The city is a very important commercial center with many industries.

Fortaleza Brazil is one of the most visited destinations of the country and has hosted 6 games of the 2014 football World Cup. The city is visited by more than 500,000 people who get entertained by the splendid environment of the city. Many famous comedians of Brazil have emerged from Fortaleza. A trip to Fortaleza is sure to be very entertaining. You can visit the places in day, but the nights are going to be more awesome if you like to enjoy night life. There is a never-ending list of bars, dance clubs and cafes lining in front of the beach. There are also many world-class theaters where you can enjoy cultural shows, plays, comedy shows and dance performances.

Hotel in Fortaleza Brazil

We chose Carmel Cumbuco Resort through an online website. The reason of choosing was the magnificent views of the beach from the resort. The views from the balconies are totally amazing, you can watch beautiful sunsets and mornings. The hotel staff is very attentive to your requirements and are very professional. The setup on the beach site it not only beautiful but very comfortable. The hotel respects the visitors and is ready to provide best services and even free upgrades on requests depending upon availability.

History of Fortaleza Brazil

History of Fortaleza Brazil

Fortaleza is derived from the name of the fort called Fortaleza da Nossa Senhora de Assuncao. Fortaleza has a long history of wars and take overs between Dutch and Portuguese. The land was discovered in 1500 though the discovery couldn’t be officially sanctioned at that time. The colonization started after the construction of Fort of Sao Tiago in 1603. Dutch invaded the Brazilian North-east in 1630 and took over the Fort Sao Tiago by 1637.

There were a lot of battles between Dutch, Portuguese and Natives and the original fort was destroyed in 1644. Which was re-built by the Dutch West Indies company in 1649 and later on handed it over to the Portuguese in 1654. Initially a village was founded around the fort in 1726 which gradually grew and became the capital of Ceara state of Brazil in 1799.

10 Attractions of Fortaleza Brazil


Beira-Mar in Fortaleza Brazil

The beautiful and amazing sidewalk of the beachside in Fortaleza is known as Biera-mar. This is one of the must-see places of the city, in-fact one of the first things to do in Fortaleza. The best way to absorb the culture and environment of the city for a kick start. The beachside is a great place to walk, see and meet the people and enjoy the wonderful sea. There are lots of handcrafts, ice cream stalls, restaurants and street food vendors.

Jose the Alencar Theater

Jose the Alencar Theater

This is one of the stunning examples of great architectures in Brazil. This theater is very impressive and named after a very famous Brazilian writer. Jose the Alencar Theater is a fine example of Art nouveau. Built in 1910, the theater is a portrayal of national history and rich art. The colorful walls are amazingly eye-catching. The theater has the capacity of 800 people and most of the shows are in Portuguese language.

Metropolitan Cathedral

Metropolitan Cathedral in Fortaleza Brazil

The Metropolitan Cathedral is a Neo Gothic-Roman styled structure built in 1978. It took more than 40 years to complete the construction of this splendid artistic structure. This is the third largest cathedral in Brazil. There is a capacity of more than 5000 people inside the church.

Beach Park in Fortaleza Brazil

Beach Park in Fortaleza Brazil

Fortaleza and its beaches are very famous in Brazil. You can spend a great time at Beach Park, or you can choose to go at one of the many beautiful beaches around the city. Beach Park is a fun place for all ages. There are many rides and best way to enjoy is to keep a full day for the park. There is an amazing water slide which is 41 meters high and is a must do activity at the park. There are a lot of restaurants and cafes in the park. This park is the largest water park in Latin America.

Another great place to go and spend time is the Porto das Dunas beach. This beach is outside the city of Fortaleza but is very near. The beach is absolutely wonderful and a great place to spend some quality time with the sea.

Praia Do Futuro Beach

Praia Do Futuro Beach

One of the most famous beaches in Fortaleza is Praia do Futuro Beach. This beach is not very far from Beira-mar. The beach is a wonderful place to swim in the sea and other fun activities. There are lots barracas (benches with shades) at the beach where people sit and enjoy social activities.

Boat Ride in Fortaleza Brazil

Boat Ride in Fortaleza Brazil

Boat ride is also a great way to explore Fortaleza. The boat tours start from Beira-mar and mostly takes 2 hours for the tour. The boat rides offer splendid views of the city from the waters. The boats stop in the mid of the sea where you can enjoy diving in the lovely waters.

Crab Dishes in Fortaleza

It is a recommendation from may tourists that if you are in Fortaleza, you must try something from the huge variety of Crab dishes available at many restaurants. It is a top trend among the tourists of the city and there are lots of Thursday night Crab-festivals. Praia do Futuro beach is a great place to find amazing crab dishes. One of the most famous authentic crab dishes is called Caranguejada with lots of fresh herbs and spices.

Dragao Do Mar

Dragao Do Mar in Fortaleza Brazil

Dargao do Mar means Dragon of the Sea. This is a very famous cultural center in the city which has so many things to do. There center is full of restaurants and bars and lot of people come here to drink, eat and socialize. The place gets very crowded by the evening as evening is the best time to come here to have coffee or beer. There are many small food stalls also from where you can taste a lot of different cuisines.

You can visit Dragao do Mar for many purposes. The center plays Brazilian movies, and music concerts. There is a planetarium and two museums in the center. The area gets lit up at night with lights and the beautiful colorful old buildings in the surroundings that are restored and renovated.

Mercado Central

Mercado Central Fortaleza Brazil

If you love shopping, which all of us do, then this is the best place to visit in Fortaleza Brazil. You don’t only buy the stuff but also enjoy the local ambience and culture. There are more than 500 stalls and kiosks of different products. There are many leather products, clothes, dry fruits variety and souvenir shops.

Lagoa da Messejana

Lagoa da Messejana in Fortaleza Brazil

The Lagoa da Messejana is the 2nd largest lagoon in the city. The main attraction of the place is the 12 meters high statue of the character from Iracema Novel which was written by Jose de Alencar. The statue holds a spear in one hand and a cup with flowing water in the other hand. The place couldn’t be well maintained and most of the time it is empty and scary.

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