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The Royal Albert Dock Liverpool UK

Albert Dock Liverpool

The Royal Albert Dock is one of the most iconic landmarks of Liverpool, UK. The place is a wonderful place for a walk and home to the city’s most popular tourist attractions. Albert Dock Liverpool is the most visited multi-used tourist attraction in the United Kingdom outside London. The Royal Albert Dock is a complex of dock buildings and warehouses which was designed by Jesse Hartley and Philip Hardwick and opened in 1846. The honorary Royal was added to the Albert Dock’s Name recently in 2018 after being granted a Royal Charter.

This place is so beautiful that you will need a full day to absorb the enchanting atmosphere that surrounds the whole area. This is also a great place to take pictures and walk beside the series of red buildings. As you enter the area from the main road. The beautiful Pump House with a large chimney welcomes you. There are some colorful food trucks parked in the area. There are some very nice museums in this area.

As you walk past the museums the path takes the curves and you can see the River Mersey from a wonderful perspective. From this point you can feel like watching the vast of the sea from a ship. The chains of the barriers are full of love locks which means this is a favorite spot for lovers.

Beautiful River Mersey at Albert Dock in Liverpool

History of Royal Albert Dock Liverpool

Albert Dock was the first structure in Britain which was built of cast iron, sandstones, granite and bricks. Also, the first of its kind dock where the ships could be loaded and unloaded directly from the warehouses. These warehouses were used to store cotton, brandy, silk. Ivory, sugar, tobacco and tea. The design of Albert Dock was prepared and submitted for approval in 1839 which got approved by the parliament in 1841 and then the construction started for the site.

Albert Dock was closed in 1972 because of the damages from the Second World War. The redevelopment of the dock began in 1981 and after 3 years the place was officially re-opened in 1984.

7 Attractions at Albert Dock Liverpool

The Pump House at Albert Dock Liverpool UK

Walking around and taking photographs is the best activity at the Albert Dock. The area has museums, colorful food trucks, magnificent views, retails and fine restaurants.

Tate Liverpool

Tate Liverpool is home to British and International superb modern and contemporary art. This is one of the most visited art galleries in Liverpool city and the entry is free. The Tate Liverpool is only a small walk from the commercial area of the city. There is also a café at the venue and a shop that offers jewelry, artifacts, designer homewares, books, postcards and souvenirs.

Liverpool Mountain

The mountain of rocks, a ten-meter-high art of rock balancing is displayed next to The Tate. These vertically stacked rocks are colored with fluorescent colors and they look very eye-catching in contrast with the red brick buildings at the dock. The artwork is created by a famous Swiss Artist, Ugo Rondinone.

Merseyside Maritime Museum

Merseyside Maritime Museum at Albert Dock Liverpool

The entry to this museum is also free. At this museum, you can learn about the history of famous Liverpool port, ships, life at sea and the role of Liverpool in second world war. There are many ship-wrecked objects, paintings, boats and ship models at display for visitors.

The International Slavery Museum

Visit the International Slavery Museum to learn about the stories enslaved people. Admission is free in this museum where you can learn about the facts about historical and contemporary slavery. When you are in Liverpool, I think you should visit this museum. It is important to learn what slaves used to face when they were treated like animals. It is important to realize the value of life and freedom for everyone.

The Beatles Story

The largest Beatles Story Exhibition hall

The Beatles story is the world’s largest permanent exhibition which is solely dedicated to the story of The Beatles band and their rise to fame. Liverpool is the hometown of the Beatles, that is why the city proudly presents the history of those 4, who engraved their names in the music industry. Entry charges for an adult are 17 GBP and Children above 5 have to pay 10 GBP as per 12-march-2020.

Statue of Billy Fury at Albert Dock

Statue of Billy Fury near the River Mersey in Albert Dock Liverpool

There is a beautiful statue of Billy Fury at the Albert Dock overlooking the Mersey River. Billy Fury is known as one of the most famous stars in British history of rock and roll. His story is worth reading. Billy Fury’s original name was Ronald Wycherley and he was born on 17th April 1940. He had a sore fever in his childhood which re-occurred in his 20’s and damaged his heart. He used to work on a tugboat in Mersey river.

He had great love and affection with music, and he taught himself to play the guitar and wrote songs in his early age. He used to play guitar and sing songs with his mates at the tugboat. After he left the boat due to his health, he was discovered by famous London concert organizer, Larry Parnes. Billy Fury was born after his first public appearance at the Essoldo in Birkenhead where the audience went crazy after him.

His total record sales were not less than any other famous band or singer in UK. Unfortunately, Due to his decline of health, his career also suffered, and he passed away in January of 1983 when he was just 42 years of age.

His statue was made by Liverpool Sculptor, tom Murphy in 2003 after 6 years of fundraising and donations from the fans.


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