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Mont Des Arts Brussels Belgium

Mont Des Arts

Mont Des Arts is a place is an artistic wonder for art lovers, photographers, people who love to walk and love to socialize. The meaning of Mont Des Arts is mountain of Arts or Hill of Arts. The name already suggests the purpose but there is a lot more to this magnificent historic site. This is an urban complex in the center of Brussels between the Palace Royale and the Grand Place. Another wonderful attribute of the place is that It connects downtown with the uptown of Brussels.

There is a magnificent garden right in the center of the complex which is full of colorful flowers. The trees lining up on both sides are a delight to watch and make a path for you to set your mood for a lovely walk. As you walk through the garden towards the stairs and climb up, you are going to be delighted with the beautiful views of the city of Brussels. From the top, you will see panoramic views of the city and the superb Brussels town hall.

This is a very popular place for tourists and locals. Many locals come here and sit in the park and on the stairs. You will see many people taking photographs as the views are astonishing. Specially at the sunset time when the sky uncovers the shades of pink and orange. The beautiful fountain near the streets, the perfectly balanced trees, the lovely flowers enclosed in the cubes of green plants, the statues and the view up to the town hall seems like a canvas. This is also an ideal place for photographers and for selfies.

Statue of Albert near Mont Des Arts

The Carillon at Mont Des Arts

There is a wonderful piece of art in the shape of a clock at this place. If you are walking in this place and absorbing the art, you will notice a small passage between two buildings and on the connecting wall you will see a large gold colored clock. I had not read about this clock before visiting Mont Des Arts. But when I saw it, it was an immediate eye-catch for me. The Carillon was built by Belgian architect Jules Ghobert in 1964 during the construction of Mont Des Arts.

The star shaped clock also has 12 painted small sculptures of historical figures in Brussels. The 12 hours are represented by these 12 figures. There are 24 bells placed under and around this clock. These bells produce melodious sounds which attract all passersby who are visiting the complex. There is another sculpture called Jacquemart and his tenor bell at the top of the wall above the clock. This statue hits the bell every hour and gives one of the 12 figures a que to move forward out of their niche and the bells start to play the melodious sounds that are going to mesmerize you.

The Carillon at Mont Des Arts Beautiful Clock in Brussels Belgium

Attractions near the Mountain of Arts

There are several attractions near the Mont Des Arts. There are many Brussels Museums including the Musical Instrument Museums nearby. The Royal Palace of Brussels and the Park of Brussels is also nearby. If you are at this place, you can easily walk to all these places.

History of Mont Des Arts Brussels

Mont Des Arts has a very interesting history. This place has been affiliated with many people and cultures. There was a time in 14th century when Jews were settled here in a lot of numbers and the neighborhood was densely populated. In 19th century, King Leopold had an idea to convert this whole area into a center of art. He bought the whole area and decided to completely redo it. The then-mayor of the Brussels, Charles Buls didn’t like the idea of a complete re-do and wanted to preserve the old district. King’s Project got the maximum votes from the municipal council in 1894 and Charles Buls resigned after that.

All the old buildings were demolished, and a temporary park was established for some decades and after that the space of the park was used to construct beautiful elegant buildings around the complex. Today, all the locals and tourist admire the place and the surroundings and Mont Des Arts has become one of the precious landmarks of the city of Brussels.

Beautiful Trees in Garden of Brussels Belgium

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