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Dubai Miracle Garden United Arab Emirates

Dubai Miracle Garden

Dubai Miracle Garden is the world’s largest flower garden in the middle of the desert and is a living proof that no project is unrealistic for the wonderful city of Dubai. Every year this Miracle Garden opens its doors for the public from mid-November to Mid-May and the 72,000 sqm space of colors and magical scents come to life. There are more than 150 million flowers which are arranged in colorful patterns, arches and shapes. The garden has also earned three Guinness World Records for the largest vertical garden in 2013 and the largest floral structure in the shape of an Airplane.

Every year the flower garden offers new patterns and designs to the visitors always giving them the pleasure to come back again. If you are visiting or living in Dubai, you cannot miss this wonderful place. You will not only be surprised but will always remember this place as one of the best of your visits. The colorful fields of blooms shaped like hearts and built up frames to look like famous buildings are going to astonish you. The best part is that the Dubai Miracle Garden is constantly updating and has all the space to keep bring new things with every new year.

Woman sculpture in Dubai Miracle Garden

Dubai Miracle Garden Opening and Maintenance

The amazing flower garden was opened on Valentine’s Day, as it should have in 2013. What a day to open. The park was jam packed on the opening. The Park was awarded the Moselle Award for Best New Garden Experiences of the year by Garden Tourism Award. The park is closed from May to September every year because the temperatures rise to an average of 40 °C which are not suitable for flowers.

There are 100’s of garden staff that constantly take care of the flower park. The caretakers re-use the treated wastewater and drip irrigation method to maintain a stable growth of flowers. An estimate of 757,082 liters of water is used every day. The Dubai municipality retreats the grey water and then it is sent to the garden. The water again re-filters the water and converts it to a high-quality water to get its best use. For your information, the garden is watered after all the visitors leave during the closing hours.

Teddy Bear at Dubai Miracle Garden visit UAE

Plan your Visit to Dubai Miracle Garden

As the Miracle Garden is an open space with very few shadows, so it is better to go prepared for the sunlight and heat. Sometimes it can get very hot. Keep an umbrella and water bottle with you to stay hydrated. There is one beautiful food court in the middle which has an area that is covered by beautiful umbrellas that lets the sun rays pour down in the form of colorful rays. But remember, on weekends it gets very crowdy and you might not get a seat in this area. I suggest, you should go either in the early morning or on weekdays.

The park hours are from 9am to 9pm on weekdays, 9am to 11pm on Fridays and 9am to 10pm on Saturdays. There is a lot of parking available outside and you will not get trouble finding a parking even on the busiest of days. Ticket prices are 55 AED for adults and 40 AED for kids above 3 years as of today 9th of March 2020.

If you are planning to visit here, you can plan a full day by spending your morning or day here and evening at Dubai Global Village which is very nearby. You can also make a combination of Miracle Garden and Dubai Garden Glow which is a night garden with lots and lots of colorful objects made lights.

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Beautiful Colorful Umbrellas at Flower Park in UAE

9 Attractions of Dubai Miracle Garden

Dubai Miracle Garden is full of flowers, colors and scents. This is a photography heaven and you will see a lot of photographers here. The place is also a magnificent venue for lovers, engagements and proposals. I will write down a list of mentionable attractions in the park so that you do not miss any of them

Flower Clock at Flower Park in United Arab Emirates


  • Big Teddy Bear: This is a 12-meter-high teddy bear shaped structure full of thousands of fresh plants and flowers. This teddy bear holds a red heart to spread the message of love.
  • Giant Tortoise: This Giant Tortoise is a new addition to the park and is going to be a gateway to enter in the park from gate 2.
  • Mickey Mouse: This 18-meter-tall Mickey Mouse that is a result of a recent deal between Dubai Miracle Garden and the Walt Disney Company. This structure is decorated with 100,000 plants and flowers and weighs around 35 tons.
  • Emirates A380: This is the Guinness Award winner structure as the world’s largest flower structure. This structure is decorated with more than 5 million flowers and it weight around 100 tons.
  • Hearts Passage: This is the most photographed area of the Dubai Miracle Garden. In fact this has become the symbol of Miracle Garden because everyone who comes here must takes a selfie or picture here. This area is very famous for photoshoots, engagements and proposals. This is a walking passage in the shape of big hearts covered with flowers.
  • Floral Clock: This is a huge 15-meter floral clock made of real plants and flowers. The designs keep changing with new seasons. The clock also has some mechanical parts that were imported from USA.
  • Floral Castle: There is a enchanting floral castle all made of beautiful and colorful flowers to give you an impression of a fairyland.
  • Trampolines: These are many trampolines in the park for all ages. You can jump in the beautiful park with a view of flowers in your background.
  • Events: There are many weekly live shows and flower parades to entertain the visitors. Check the events calendar of Dubai Miracle Garden before visiting.


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