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Vernazza Italy Village


The small fishing village of Vernazza is a UNESO World Heritage site and is one of the most beautiful villages in Italy. No cars are allowed in the village which makes it a pedestrian & atmosphere friendly place. The beautiful pastel colored tower homes, terraces covered in vineyards, olive trees, private gardens and the cobblestone narrow streets make a scene from the fairytales. The steeply terraced olive groves of Vernazza produce among the finest olives in Italy.

Vernezza is one of the five beautiful villages of Cinque Terre area that means Five Lands. Vernazza’s small harbor is the only secure landing point on the Cinque Terre coast which leads to this prettiest and steepest village out of the five. The traffic free village is a walk of joy in the lovely cobblestone narrow streets from where you can get wonderful glimpses of sea at every turn.

The best way to arrive to this magnificent village is either by sea or by train. If you will drive by car, you will have to park the car in a paid parking which is a 1 km walk from the village. Besides the wonderful views, the architecture and landmarks of Vernazza are also very famous attractions for the tourists.

Best places to visit in Vernazza Italy

Hotel in Vernazza

We chose Appartmento Margherita to stay in Vernazza because of great reviews by our fellow traveler friends and the location of the apartment. The views of the beautiful sea are amazing from the balcony and the apartment is just a few steps away from the beach. The apartment has all the facilities of a furnished apartment. The staff is very friendly and are available for orientation at the time of check in.

The apartment is just 400 meters from the train station and because the village is car free, you don’t have to walk a lot to reach here. The different windows show different views and the apartment is very neat and clean.

History of Vernazza

Vernazza was founded somewhere around 10,000 A.D. The Republic of Genoa ruled the area in 1276. The village served as a naval base for Marchesi Obertenghi to defend the coast from the Saracen Pirates. The Medieval Castle, Doria was also built to protect the villagers from the pirates.

Hotels in Vernazza Italy

Top Attractions in Vernazza

Vernazza Beach

As the Vernazza beach is very close to the center of Vernazza village, this is an ideal place to spend a day. There is also good shade if you want to avoid the sun. The sun keeps reflecting in the sea from morning till evening giving great chances of photography. The waves are cool but have to be careful if you are with kids. There are also trekking routes near the beach that lead to Monterosso and Riomagiore, the other beautiful villages of Cinque Terre area.  The beach has a beautiful background of multicolored buildings which add to the delight of the sight.

Vernazza Beach in Italy

Doria Castle

The Doria Castle was built in the reign of the Republic of Genoa to protect the village from Pirates. The castle has one of the few old remaining watch towers that were used for the main purpose. This castle is the oldest surviving fortification and now except for the watch tower most of the castle is in ruins. The watch tower offers magnificent views from the top.

Entry fee is 1.50 Euros, but the views are indeed breathtaking. The tower closes at 7pm. If you can hike a bit, I would suggest you go on a trail that goes up round the back of the town past the church. When you will reach up, you will have views far better than the tower which you will never forget.

Doria Castle Cinque Terre

Santa Margherita di Antiochia Church

Church of Santa Margherita D’Antiochia is the most popular choice for the Brides of the area and filled with romantic vibes and seafood aroma. This is a marvelous octagonal tower structure of 40 meters. A small statue or Santa Margherita is placed in the church. The church adds an extra spiritual beauty to the village and the beach side.

Sentiero Monterosso – Vernazza

Cinque Terre the five lands pastel houses

Vernezza is a village for trekking and hiking lovers. Sentiero Monterosso is a marvelous hiking trail that leads you to a commute between the towns of Cinque Terre area. These are not just some simple hiking tracks; you need a lot of workout. It is recommended to go on the track being fully prepared with water, backpack and comfortable shoes and clothes. As it is said, no pain no gain, the hiking will provide you stunning views and natural beauty. The initial climb out of the village is harder and then it gets better.


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