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Mountains in Paraty Brazil

Paraty Brazil

Paraty is an enchanting small town which is backed by mountains on Brazil’s Costa Verde, located between Rio de Janeiro and Sao Paulo. Paraty Brazil was a famous gold port at one time and now it has become a very popular tourist attraction. Artists and photographers love to visit this place because of the 17th and 18th century buildings, cobbled streets and its Portuguese colonial center. Paraty is a very well-preserved town with colorful colonial houses, private beaches and many waterfalls in the surroundings. The Town offers great options of fine dining, excellent accommodation with superb views of green mountains and Atlantic forest in the background. The rich history of the town is dearly maintained by the residents because of the importance of tourism for their economy. In short, this place is to relax, take your time, enjoy the history and the beautiful nature together. There is no need to rush. It is a suggestion to plan your stay for 3 to 4 days minimum.

Hotel in Paraty Brazil

We chose a guest house called “Posauda Don Juan” to stay in Paraty through an online hotel booking website. The reasons for choosing were the reviews, ratings, facilities, convenience, location and breakfast. This place has great views of the mountains and a nice outdoor pool. The place has wifi, free parking, rooms for families, a nice bar and great staff. The hosts try their best to make you feel at home. The rooms are very nice and tidy and clean. Pool is very clean and there are always chairs for sunbathing. There breakfast is one of the best in town. The guest house has easy access to all the attractions of the town, and you can book your tours from the tour desk as well.

History of Paraty Brazil

History of Paraty Brazil

The history of Paraty (which means river for fish in local language) is enriched with the Portuguese colonization. The village of Paraty was founded in 1597. It was populated by Guaianas Indians before Portuguese colonists established it as a town in 1667. The colonist changed the fishing village to a gold port which became a crucial stop for the boats on the way between the mining regions of Minas Gerais and Rio de Janeiro. Soon the town also started getting famous because of the production of sugar and alcoholic beverages. In 19th century when slavery got abolished and a new railroad was built between Rio de Janeiro and Sao Paulo, the importance of Paraty was lost. The population started to decrease and most of the works were closed and people shifted from here.

Paraty stayed away from modern development for many years and in 20 century when a new road was built, Paraty quickly attracted the tourists from all around the world because of its preserved history.

6 Things to do In Paraty

Paraty is like a whole town in a resort mode. Best way to enjoy here is to relax, sleep as much as you want, drink and eat and roam around the places. You will get plenty of time to see a lot of attractions. The town has beaches, waterfall, forest, restaurants and activities that will keep you engaged all day and night.

Beach in Paraty a beautiful city of Brazil

Carriage Ride

Starting with a carriage ride around the town will be the best idea. You can explore the cobbled stone streets, colorful houses and Portuguese architecture on a horse-drawn carriage. The ride is very relaxing and makes you feel like a part of the tradition. Some people prefer to ride the horses and roam, you can do that too.

Paraty Historic Center

Historic Center of Paraty Brazil

Paraty Historic Center is one of the most famous historic places in Brazil. If you are visiting Paraty, Historic Center has to be on your top of the list. This an exceptional place to begin your tour to Paraty. UNECO has declared it as a world heritage site and called it the most harmonious colonial architecture set. Most of the main attractions of the town are all in this vicinity.

The neighborhood is a car free zone which makes this place more wonderful for the visitor because they can easily focus on the architecture and photography. All the houses in the city center are exceptionally restored and painted. There are many Churches, galleries, restaurants, bars, artisan shops and coffee cafes in this vicinity.

Churches in Paraty Brazil

Beautiful Church in Paraty

Four famous churches located in the Paraty are

  • Mother Church of our Lady of Remedies
  • Church of Our Lady of Sorrows
  • Church of our Lady of the Rosary and Saint Benedict
  • Museum of Sacred Art of Paraty

Cachoeira do Toboga

This waterfall is a water slide that is why, Cachoeira do Toboga is the most famous waterfall in Paraty Brazil. You can take a 20 minutes bus to this amazing waterslide which leaves every hour from the city center. The best time to enjoy this waterfall is of course the rainy season in summer. This is not a huge waterfall, but the main attraction point is the huge smooth rock.

The water flows from the top of this rock to the bottom creating a huge natural water slide for the visitors. Many visitors come to this water fall to enjoy the water slide. Locals also come to enjoy, and some try to surf on the slide.

Paraty Beaches

Paraty Beaches

If you are in Brazil and specially Paraty, you cannot miss the spectacular beaches. There are a lot of beaches in the surroundings.

Some of the famous beaches are

  • Jabaquara’s Beach
  • Praia do Pontal
  • llha do Joao Araujo
  • Praia do Cacgadaco
  • Paraty Bay
  • Sono Beach
  • Saco do Mamangua Beach
  • Trindade

Grauna Mountain Region

Party is backed with beautiful mountains which have spectacular landscapes making it a perfect place for photography. There are also many rural villages spread among those vast mountains. The mountain region and the forest around it has a restaurant right in the center that serves delicious French food. There are many trails and hikes around the restaurant. There are numerous photography attractions including wildlife.

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