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National Football Museum Manchester United Kingdom

National Football Museum Manchester

National Foot Museum Manchester is the only National Football Museum in England on a mission to tell the stories about football in an engaging and creative way. The museum helps us to explore the impact of football on our lives. The museum is situated in the Urbis building in Manchester which is a very easily approachable building in the city center.

History of the Museum

Originally the national museum was opened in 2001 at Preston with over 140,000 collections of football related objects including FIFA collection. The collections also included paintings, postcards, ceramics and balls. The doors to the public visits were closed in 2010 when the external funding was withdrawn from the museum.

The New National Football Museum was funded by Manchester City Council and European Regional development Fund. It re-opened in July 2012 in Urbis building in the city center of Manchester. The museum was an instant attraction for many football and museum lovers. More than 500,000 visitors from UK and all over the world visit this museum every year.

The museum has also hosted many popular and artistic exhibitions such as 1966 world cup exhibition, Pele: Art of Football, Pitch to Pixel and many more. The museum showcases more than 2500 items on display at any given time. The museum also showcases the relation of football with fashion, history, art and even world war 1.

Shirts at display at National Football Museum Manchester United Kingdom

National Football Museum Opening Timings

The museum opens daily from 10 am to 5pm. The entry is free for the residents of Manchester. Everybody else above the age of 16 years must pay 10 GBP for the Entry. Everybody under 16 years must pay 5 GBP for entrance. There are also family and group packages at the museum. Teenagers and kids are advised to be accompanied by their parents or guardians because of the sensitive nature of the objects at display.

Attractions at National Football Museum Manchester

National Football Museum Manchester is located in Urbis building that has 6 floors dedicated for the exhibition collection of the museum. The collections are divided into 7 major categories which are Artwork, Decorative art, Ephemera, Equipment/Kits, Medals/Trophies, Photography/Films and Toys/Games.

Entrance and exit are at the ground floor both of which are amazing and worth taking pictures and selfies. There is a souvenir shop and football hall of fame at the ground floor.

Level 1 showcases the BBC Radio commentary collection, Cups, Stories and stories from the competition of the great game. You can read a brief history about football and study about the history and behavior of fans of football. At level 1, you can also learn about media relations with football game and some wonderful stadiums that hosted the great game. One of the interesting things is the history of some teams that fought to become famous today.

Level 2 is the interactive and games area of the National Football Museum Manchester. There are several wonderful games and my favorite, “The Penalty Shootout”. You can also play and test your keeping reactions in the Shot Stopper game. Other games let you learn more about the football laws, passing and teamwork during a football match.

Level 3 of the National Football Museum is for exhibitions. Many famous exhibitions have taken place over here.

Level 4 of the museum is a classroom for kids and visitors from schools.

Level 5 & 6 are used for events and exhibitions.

Collection at National Football Museum Manchester United Kingdom

National Football Museum Manchester Parking

The Museum has partnered with Q-Parks Car Parks to provide comfortable car parking solutions to the visitors. Q-Parking Deansgate North is located very near with 450 underground parking spaces. Nearest Disable Parking is at Todd Street.

Because of the location of the Museum, Access to the museum is very easy. Either you come by bus, train or taxi the National Football Museum is very easy to find.

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