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Jewel Changi Airport Singapore

Jewel Changi Airport Singapore

When you travel internationally, what are the most important things that come to your mind? One of those must be the airport. All international flights advise you to reach for check in about 3 hours before the flight. Sometimes getting late can get very hectic or coming early can get boring. Jewel Changi at the Singapore International Airport is the solution to all your travel related issues. International travelers are loving the new addition at the magnificent Singapore Changi Airport. In fact, the locals also flock to the Jewel Changi to spend their quality time for shopping, attractions and for dating.

Jewel Changi is a multi-dimensional nature-themed entertainment and retail complex. Jewel Changi is attached to the Singapore Airport but outside the passport control area. A bit difficult to reach by the passengers in transit but a great place to hang around for early check ins. This is not just a mall but a place full of activities, fun, shops, games and gardens and a must mention, “World’s Tallest Indoor Waterfall” inside. More than 300,000 visitors come to Jewel, every day.

Rain Vortex at Jewel Changi

Rain Vortex is the central masterpiece of the Jewel Changi. This Enchanting waterfall is the tallest indoor waterfall in the world which flows 40 meters down to the basement. During the day, the Sunlight passes through the water spray which mesmerizes the viewers. The Rain Vortex is said to become another massive visited landmark of Singapore. Sponsored by HSBC Bank, the iconic structure is called as HSBC Rain Vortex.

It is located at the heart of forest valley inside Changi Jewel. It opens and flows daily from 9 am to 11.30 pm. At Night when the sky gets dark, there are hourly sound and light shows projected at the waterfall that serves as a screen. These shows start from 7.30 pm onwards till 11.30 pm.

Rain Vortex Light show and sound show

Discovery Slides

This is a viewing deck which is itself a magnificent work of interactive art. Discovery Slides is Singapore’s first large scale interactive sculpture. The most interesting part is that it is a playground as well. You can go up, enjoy the great views and on slide down on your return. Kids love this place and now you know why.

Bouncing Net at Jewel Changi

There is a 250 meters long bouncing net 8 meters above the canopy park. A great place to have fun and feels like you are going to reach to the sky. Thrilling as it sounds but it is also very safe for the kids as well.

Mirror Maze

At Jewel Changi, you can experience the world’s first mirror maze inside a garden setting. The mirrors create an illusion of countless green plants which surely is going to leave a memorable experience on your mind.

Canopy Park at Jewel Changi

Canopy Bridge at Canopy Park in Jewel Changi Airport

Canopy Park is located at the level 5 of Jewel Changi and is home to most of the attractions like mirror maze, hedge maze, bouncing nets, discovery slides, petal gardens and foggy bowls. This park is full of entertainment.

The hedge maze in canopy park is the largest hedge maze in Singapore. Foggy Bowls allow the kids to enjoy playing with bowls of mist and small clouds.

Canopy bridge is a wonderful bridge to walk on a glass floor 23 meters above the ground. Fog emits at both ends and makes you feel like walking among the clouds.

Petal Gardens are a display of beautiful seasonal flowers from around the world. The place is such a wonderful walk among these colorful flowers of different kinds.

Changi Experience Studio

The Changi experience studio takes you to a journey of a virtual world of Changi Airport through amazing projections. There are immersive shows and interactive games to enjoy for everyone. You can learn about the history and development of Changi Airport and how it become the world’s best airport.

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