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Global Village Dubai United Arab Emirates

Global Village Dubai

Global Village Dubai, just like its name is an attempt to bring all the famous cultures, traditions, food, clothes and events of the world at one place. Dubai has succeeded in creating a magnificent global environment within the Global Village. With more than 5 million visitors, this project proudly claims to be the world’s largest cultural tourism project. Global Village is huge, and you will be taken off by your feet to see such large-scale replica models and countless shops and kiosks from 90 countries of the world.

The place is big, and I suggest that you should always plan to spend your full day here until midnight. You might want to visit this place many times, specially if you are living in Dubai. Bringing your children here to learn the cultures of the world with a great interactive environment is a great idea. The 90 countries get their chance to demonstrate and promote their cultures on different days. That is why at a given day you may feel everything seems Turkish and, on another day, It feels more like Chinese.

Global Village Dubai is not just a cultural tourism park. The place has markets and shops inside many of the pavilions that represent countries around the globe. You can visit these pavilions to see what the famous foods are, clothes, ornaments, fashion accessories, hand made objects and traditions of a particular country. It seems like you were in Italy half and hour ago and now you are in Afghanistan checking out what is so special about the country. The structures of these pavilions are designed in the image of the most iconic landmarks associated with the countries. You will see many famous landmarks from Big Ben of London to the leaning tower of Pisa in Italy or Taj Mahal of India.

Dubai Global Village by Night

Pavilions at Global Village Dubai

The Pavilions are classified by 6 major categories which are Mena, Far East, Europe, Africa, The Americas and South Asia.

  • In Mena category there are 10 pavilions that represent the Middle East countries.
  • 6 Countries represent themselves here from the Far East category including China, Japan, Thailand, Philippines, Vietnam and Korea.
  • Europe Category has a dedicated pavilion for all of the Europe plus the countries of Turkey, Azerbaijan and Bosnia.
  • At African sector you can explore many African countries including Egypt and Morocco.
  • Category of The Americas represent many countries from the South, Central and North America.
  • In South Asia category you can learn about Pakistan, Afghanistan and India.

Global Village Dubai Opening

The roots of Global Village started in 1996 when it was a small place with number of kiosks at the creek side near the Dubai Municipality. Later on, it expanded and was shifted near the famous Wafi Mall of Dubai where it stayed a popular attraction for 5 years. Now, Global Village has become huge and is shifted near the Sheikh Muhammad Bin Zayad Road exit 37.

Luban Pavillion United Arab Emirates

Entry and Parking

The access, entry and parking to Global Village is very easy. It is located near the Sheikh Muhammad Bin Zayad road and a dedicated access is given to the venue. The parking area is huge, and you will have no trouble parking. Yes, if its crowded, you will get parking far from the place but still get it. Entry ticket is 15 AED per person. Children under 3 years and Elders above 65 years of age are eligible to enter free.

On weekdays the timing is from 4pm to 12 pm and on weekends timings are from 4pm to 1 am. Remember weekends in Dubai are different than Europe. Sunday is first working day and Thursday is last working day. There are two major entry gates which are Gate of the World and Cultural Gate.

Shopping and Dining

Traditional Souvenirs in Global Village Dubai

There are numerous shops inside and outside of the pavilions from where you can buy many things related or not related to the cultures. There are art shops, perfume shops, sweets shops, ATMs, currency exchange shops and even a Thai massage center.

The dining experience is full of cultural cuisines from around the world. You can already understand by the name of the place that you are going to find food from all parts of the world which is totally amazing. There are also many cafes and small food stalls all around the place serving from full course meals to snacks, ice creams, toffees and chocolates.

Attractions at Global Village Dubai

Global Village Dubai is not only about a cultural tour of a place but also a place full of fun for family, friends and groups that travel together. This why many times the Global Village Dubai is also called as Global City Dubai because it has become like a whole city within a city.

  • There are Thrill rides inside the park that are not meant for the weak of heart. These are specially designed to fill up your adrenaline levels to the max.
  • There are also rides that are designed for families and kids to have fun together.
  • Kids rides are also available in the park to entertain small kids.
  • The park also has a haunted house, Transylvania towers and circus to amuse the visitors.
  • There are numerous stage-shows and musical concert that also entertain the visitors, these are specially designed and related to different cultures and countries which allows you to learn more about the countries.
Global Village Dubai Colorful Traditional Ornaments

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