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HMS Belfast London In United Kingdom

HMS Belfast

HMS Belfast is a Battleship turned into a museum in London. The ship is parked at the Thames very near to the most famous icons of the city like Tower of London and Tower Bridge London. If you have a London Pass, then you should also visit this amazing ship that looks beautiful in white color parked in river Thames. If you are visiting London, you might have noticed it already. If you are on board a Thames river cruise or if you are at the top of London Eye, you will see the magnificent battleship in the river.

The HMS Belfast has seen more historic events than any other warship in Britain. This ship has survived the 2nd world war after action. That is why it is preserved and turned into museum which is operated by Imperial war museum. Adult ticket costs around 19.00 GBP and Child Tickets cost around 9.50 GBP. But if you have London pass, with many other options like The Shard, the entree to Belfast is included in the package.

What I loved about this ship is that it is much more than just a museum. It is an exploratory visit of the 9 decks of a real ship. The experience you have is close to a real battleship environment. You will understand the importance of leg exercises and the hard work of the soldiers living inside the ship. You get the chance to explore the life of people living in a battleship at sea during a war. You can climb up to the top and see the big guns that fired the shots and the big anchors. You can also go further down to see the rooms, kitchen, warheads and the small hospital. The bottom of the ship is almost 15ft under sea level where you can go to explore the boiler room and engine rooms.

Men at work at HMS Belfast

Life of ship crew inside HMS Belfast London

Visit to the HMS Belfast is very educational specially for kids who can learn about the war heroes and the life and hard work of the people living inside the ship. You can learn stories about those 950 men who were living in this ship during the 2nd world war. You can sit in the Captain’s chair and experience the control of the ship. There is an interactive game designed to help a drowned plane which is based on real life experiences.

There are many statues that represent the people living in the ship. These statues are depicting the lives of cooks, cleaners, soldiers, ship crew and the doctors. There are statues of the crew who are cooking in the kitchen. There are statues of the doctors who are operating and stitching the wounded of the war. There is also a bakery, dentist office and the sick bay at display. This is a great place to observe the resilient life of the 950 strong crew indulged in a war.

History of HMS Belfast

History and visit of HMS Belfast London

This Ship is a witness to the 2nd world war. British Navy designed big battleships with armored technology to counter the attacks of Nazi Germany. The HMS Belfast was one of the Big Battleship that were also light weighted but had the anti-aircraft guns, torpedo tubes and 12 guns in four turrets. The ship started its service on August of 1939 as a patrol ship in search of Nazi boats. Unfortunately, the ship was hit with a magnetic mine and the cruiser went out of action for three years.

After the repairs the ship returned to the sea in November 1942 to fight with the heaviest and dangerous battleships from the opposing army. HMS Belfast leaded the British navy to defeat a stealthy battle cruise called Scharnhorst.

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Big guns that were shot during worldward 2 by british battleship in London
Misile range inside a British war battleship museum

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