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Visit the shard london

Visit the Shard

London, a city of dreams and rich culture, has so many things to offer. What I love about London is that even if you have seen everything around, you will still feel these places calling you back again. London is beautiful but if you want to magnify your experience, ideal way is to visit the Shard. The Tallest building in London and all of the western Europe. This is a beautiful building that seems like made of glass hence also referred to as the Shard of Glass. The building is very near to the most happening area of London. I walked to visit the Shard from Tower Bridge London.

The Shard is like a vertical city that has apartments for living, retails, hotel, offices, restaurant and a public viewing gallery. If you have the London Pass, visit the Shard package is included in it. Otherwise you will have to take a ticket that costs around 25 GBP for an adult and opening timings are from 10 am to 10 pm every day. The Shard is a 95 Story, 309.6 meters or 1.016 feet high, supertall building in Southwark London.

The View from the Shard

Visit the Shard for the beautiful view of London from the Top.

The view from the Shard is the observation deck for public at the 72nd floor of the building and it is the main reason to visit the Shard for everyone. You can come here to enjoy the breathtaking views of London from a height of 801 feet above the ground.  The observation desk is round in shape allowing the visitors to absorb the beauty of London from 360-degree angles. There is a bar in the middle of this observation desk so you can have some rounds of drink while you walk round and round at the top of the tallest building of London.

The open sky observation deck will leave you speechless for some time where you can feel the fresh air with such panoramic views of the city. The place is ideal for romantic couples who come here hand in hand to feel the mesmerizing views. Some people also come here to enjoy drinks from the highest bar in London. This is a superb place for photography, and you can see a lot of photographers with their heavy gadgets and almost everyone using their mobiles for selfies and photos of the beautiful views.

It takes you less than a minute to reach on the top because of the fast lifts that travel at the speed of 6 meters per second. There is also a Souvenir shop at the top and you can buy classic memorable decoration pieces or gifts from here.

Observation desk on the tallest building in London

The Slide at the Shard

How would you feel sliding down from the Shard? Not in real, but there is a virtual reality slide stimulator installed to entertain the visitors with more fun. You can experience this slide which makes you feel that you are sliding down with a speed of 100mph from the top through the city’s skyline passing by famous landmarks.

Silent Disco at the Shard

You can also visit the Shard for a silent disco party. A party with no music? No! its not what it seems like. You can get wireless headphones and connect to your choice from the 3 DJs and dance as much as you like. The silent disco parties are held on selected weekends at 10pm onwards. Dancing on top of the London with drinks from the bar will make you come back to the Shard again and again.

Lunch at the Shard

You can also book a lunch at the Shard or book the venue for breakfast, networking or personal meetings. You can also book the place for private dinner up to 90 guests. What’s more awesome than the Shard new years eve party in London. The venue is also used for some fantastic product launches.

History of Shard

Visit the Shard london in England United Kingdom

Irvine Seller, the developer of Shard and joint owner, wanted to create a tall building that he visualized as a vertical city. He wanted to have shops, hotel, apartments, offices etc. all at one place. He wanted the building to be accessible by public and near a transport hub. Seller acquired the 24-story Southwark towers and demolished it completely to build the Shard.

He met with famous architect Renzo Piano in Berlin and convinced him to design the building for him. Renzo Piano accepted and created the wonderful design that has become another Landmark for the United Kingdom.


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