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Mini Eruope near Atomium in Brussels Belgium

Mini Europe

Have you ever thought of visiting Europe in less than 2 hours? Yeah, it is kind of possible if you have superpowers or if you scale down the Europe to a smaller size. Mini Europe is exactly what we are talking about. Mini Europe is a theme park that features around more than 350 buildings from approximately 80 cities of the European Union. You can easily find this location inside the famous entertainment park called “Brupark” near the splendid Atomium, Brussels, which is another beautiful landmark of the city.

All the buildings, monuments and designs at Mini Europe are scaled down to 1:25, which makes it a wonderful beautiful place to visit specially with kids. Each and every landmark placed at this park is created with love and hard work. So much information at one place makes it really worth visiting specially when all the buildings and landmarks are so detailed and made to perfection. Some of the models placed at the park are live action models, where you can hear the famous chimes of Big Ben, see the fall of the Berlin Wall and watch an erupting Mount Vesuvius. Most of the monuments are created with a silicone mold and epoxy resin or polyester casts except for a few stone structures.

The visit costs around 16.50 Euros for Adults and 12.00 Euros for Kids. Children under 11 years of age can enter free if they are smaller than 1m15. Timings are from 9.30 am to 6pm, but the deadline to enter the park is 5pm. The park also features an interactive exhibition called “The Spirit of Europe” which shares the EU history with the visitors through multimedia games. This splendid park is built on an area of 24,000 meters square and inaugurated by then Prince Philips of Belgium in 1989.

Mini Eruope Park in Brussels Belgium

History of Mini Europe

The idea of Mini Europe started in 1987 when some art historians selected over one hundred buildings from various parts of Europe. The selection was based on the socio cultural and architectural value of the landmark, how the building symbolized a city of Europe, beauty of the site. The selection process also included the technical requirements of scaling down the building to 1:25. A lot of research work, thousands of drawings and photographs were administered in the process of making this wonderful park into life. 55 professional workshops were selected from 9 European member states, who carried out this splendid artwork.

The weather and the test of time were also kept in mind while designing these beautiful buildings with great in-depth details. The Catherdal of Santiago de Compostella took 24,000 hours to complete which is 13 years of life of a person. Similarly, the model of Grand Palace of Brussels cost around 350,000 Euros. The original colors of the monuments are preserved and protected from the modern-day pollution.

photography at Mini Europe theme park in Brussels Belgium

An amazing place for Photographers

Overall, this is a great place to visit alone or with kids, specially if you love artwork, photography and sculptures. You can easily plan to spend a day in this area given that there is a water park, an amusement park and Atomium nearby. You can get a dual package ticket for both Mini Europe and Atomium. During the summer months the park also offers “Mini Europe by Night” during which the park stays open till midnight with exciting fireworks to amuse the visitors.

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