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Dubai Festival City Fireworks

Dubai Festival City

If you are in Dubai and looking for a mix of exciting indoor and outdoor activities at the same time, then Dubai Festival City is a great place to fil your day with pleasure. It is located along the scenic Dubai Creek, that means you can enjoy beautiful views, amazing sunsets and picturesque walks during your visit to Dubai Festival City. The place is not very far from Downtown Dubai just across the Business Bay Crossing. The closest metro station is Etisalat station.

As the name suggest Dubai Festival City is home to some of the biggest festivals in the city. Huge fireworks on new year evening, Emirates Airline Festival of Literature, Dubai Shopping Festival and many other festivals are regularly held here. There is a record setting light and laser projection show on the water to amuse the visitors daily after sunset.

Dubai Festival City Mall

Dubai Festival City Mall

The center of attraction, a premium shopping destination and filled with fun activities for every age, Dubai Festival City Mall offers much more than just a mall. The mall has become one of the top choices for tourists and locals for their shopping and entertainment experiences. The mall has more than 400 stores including IKEA, Robinsons and Carrefour. The Mall also has an 18 screen Novo Cinema and a trendy bowling alley. It has many of the prestigious brands like Zara, Armani Exchange, Coach, H&M, Gap. Old Navy, Aldo etc.

The waterfront side called the Festival Bay looking over the Dubai Creek is the popular area just outside the mall. Huge fireworks during festivals like Dubai Shopping Festival, New Year and some other occasions draw a lot of visitors to the mall. You can also ride traditional Dhow cruises of Dubai from here and sail along the scenic views of Dubai Creek. The mall also has access by fairies from some of the top Hotels of Dubai.

There are more than 90 restaurants and cafes in the mall which offer local and international cuisines. Many of them offer outdoor seating so that the fabulous views from the Festival Bay can add more value to their delicious meals.

Dubai Festival City Festival Bay

Shopping in Dubai Festival City

There are more than 300 fashion stores in Dubai Festival City to satisfy your shopping desires. There is no shortage of options for the shopaholics. The mall has great variety of fashion brands for Clothing, shoes, jewelry, watches and accessories. There is also an IKEA, Zara Home and many furniture shops in the mall.

Restaurants and Dining Experience

Buca di beppo in Dubai

As mentioned before, there are over 90 restaurants and cafes in the mall to entertain the foodies like myself. You can taste all the famous global cuisines at one place. Some of my favorite restaurants at the mall are PF Chang’s, Buca di Beppo. The Cheesecake Factory, Eataly, Motomachi, Peppermill and Famous Daves. There is also a food court that is filled up with lots of international fast food chains and Arabic restaurants.

Another Attraction at the Dubai Festival City is only Hard Rock Café in Dubai. Hard Rock café is outside the mall with a separate access at one of the corners of the mall. There are many visitors who come here to sip on their favorite drinks and enjoy live music played. This is a great place to visit during football world cup. The large screen shows live matches and sports lovers enjoy their drinks, food and music along with the thrill of the football.

Attractions at Dubai Festival City

Ferris Wheel at Dubai Festival City

There is a large Festival Wheel at the South Bay of the Festival City which is 40 meters high. This Ferris wheel has 30 capsules to entertain visitors with spectacular views of the city and creek. Many of the visitors love to come here again because of the magical sunset views.

The water show with lasers, lights and music is a big attraction for many visitors specially kids. This show is the winner of both, “The largest water screen project” and “The Largest permanent projection mapping in the world” records. The show runs every hour, every day in the evenings.

Never forget to try the Flight Stimulator when you are at Dubai Festival City. I have dreamt of being a pilot once. Why not become a pilot when you can? Right. You can feel the stimulation of flying a Boeing 737 which is a perfect attraction for adventure lovers.

There is a large indoor play area for kids that has many games and fun activities. Once you enter in this area, there might be no going out because of the large variety of rides and games. I prefer going there after meals to spend a good time while digesting the delicious meals which made me overeat. You can also leave your kids at stay and play area which as a safe and entertaining environment. There are trained & professional nannies to take care of the kids while the parents can enjoy their shopping freely.

Abra boat rides offer the visitors an Emirati styled cultural ride in the Dubai Creek. Visitors can enjoy culture and views both together. The water shows and fireworks look amazing if you are watching them from the boat.


Parking is always a big question while living or visiting Dubai. Luckily Dubai Festival City and mall has a lot of parking space. From my experience the best and tension free parking place is the Ikea parking. Though you will have to walk a bit to reach the center of the mall and the Festival Bay, but you will get the chance to see many small and big shops and kiosks of local and imported from china stuff.


Dubai Festival City is not only a tourist area but there are office buildings and residential houses near the mall as well. There is so much happening in the tourist area but still the residents enjoy a very peaceful and quiet place to live their lives along with their families.

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