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Dubai Garden Glow

Dubai Garden Glow

Dubai is a vibrant city of beautiful colors that has activities and pleasure for every age. Dubai Garden Glow is a latest addition to the night life. The largest glow park and the world’s first unique glow garden is a host to more than 500 artworks that are manually created and engineered using colorful lights. All these artworks are made of recycled fabrics and around 10 million LED lights are used to glow them with enchanting colors.

With the addition of this park, Dubai has another great place to hangout at night. The park is family friendly and you can see a lot of families and kids enjoying around. Who doesn’t love colorful lights? Specially kids who are going to have the fun of their lifetime wandering around these beautiful attractive glowing art drawings. These art shapes consist of abstract, animals’ shapes, planets, candies, hearts and many more.

Park timings are from 4.00 pm to 11.00 pm every day. The ticket price is 65 AED for everyone except kids under 3 years of age who can enter free.

Attractions of Dubai Garden Glow

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Beautiful Lights at Glow park Dubai garden

Glow Park Dubai

The main attraction is of course the Glow Park as the name suggest itself i.e. Dubai Garden Glow. The most unique park is filled with colorful artwork which change according to a new theme every year. There is possibility that there will be a complete change of artworks next year which means you can visit this park every time when you visit Dubai and feel new again. This is the best part of Dubai. The city keeps evolving and updating regularly. No matter why Dubai is the crown jewel of the Middle East.

Dinosaur Park

Dinosaur Park in UAE

There is much more to Dubai Garden Glow than just lights. Of course, the lights make everything look so vibrant including the Dinosaurs that roam around at the entrance of the Dinosaur Park. The red and violet lights create an amazing environment to present these walking and moving dinosaurs that welcome you at the gate.

Inside there is a huge variety of around 120 Dinosaurs that are aligned with their characteristics, species, height and their three prehistoric periods which are Triassic, Jurassic and Cretaceous. There is a lot of detail about every Dinosaur that has been displayed. The sensors let the Dinosaur know that you are nearby, so they don’t forget to roar and move as you come near. It is a great informative place as well as an awesome place for pictures.

Ice Park in Dubai Garden Glow

ice park in dubai garden glow

There is also an ice park inside the Dubai Garden Glow. You will need a warm jacket when you enter this cold icy place because the temperature is kept at -8 degrees. The jacket is provided at the entrance. There are many amazing artwork sculptures created with ice that also glow with beautiful lights around them. Imagine if you pass colorful lights through transparent ice shapes, that’s how they look. The ice sculptures range from buildings shapes, animals’ shapes, Birds and much more crafted out of 5000 tons of ice.

Magic Park

As the name suggests it feels like you have entered a world of magic. This area inside the Dubai Garden Glow is full of surprises and optical illusions that are surely going to baffle you. You can see amazing artworks of science and 3D.

Enjoy walking upside down on the roof while everything is at the ground. Enjoy the great chess and watch your kids grow taller than you. Enjoy leaning forward at an angle of 45 degrees without falling. In Short, this a fabulous place for taking pictures, selfies and making videos that are sure to confuse your friends.

Dubai Garden Glow Artwork

Dubai Garden Glow Artwork in colorful lights

Dubai Garden Glow is a magnificent example of environment friendly artwork. Around 200 artists from around the world complete the park in a 2 months’ time. The pandas, Bulls, Peacocks and Swans are made of small glass bottles. The gigantic elephant is created with porcelain ware. In short this park is equally attractive for art lovers, children or all ages, couples and anyone who wants to feel the happiness. Of-course Dubai is a city of Happiness.  

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