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Port Sunlight model village near Liverpool

Port Sunlight

Port sunlight is famous for the research and development of some very famous and successful brands for home and personal care by Unilever. Today over 700 scientists and engineers from around the globe are working in the factory of Unilever.

Port Sunlight is very near to Liverpool, United Kingdom. It takes 20 to 30 minutes to reach Port Sunlight from the railway station at Liverpool Lime Street.

Pot Sunlight Village in United Kingdom

Port Sunlight History

Port Sunlight and Lever Brothers have a long history together. The name represents the famous cleaning agent “Sunlight” produced by Lever Brothers. It was originally built for the workers of the factory keeping in mind that it should provide the best possible living facilities for them and their families. The location was chosen because of the nearby River Mersey and a railway line. William Lever himself supervised the construction process in which around 800 houses were built during 1899 to 1914. The garden village included a cottage hospital, schools, a concert hall, church and swimming pool. Lady Lever had a deep interest in art, hence an art gallery also called Lady Lever Art Gallery was formed.

The idea was to build a model village where the workers have less distraction towards work while their families enjoy a safe and healthy environment. Lever also introduced welfare schemes through which he provided for the education and entertainment for the residents.

Port Sunlight Village

Beautiful Port Sunlight Village and houses

Port Sunlight is a very beautiful model village attracting than 300,000 visitors who come to the see the charming cottages, wide boulevards and the clean natural environment. As soon as you reach at the village, you can feel the fairy tale environment coming alive. There is a reason this place is a great choice for film and tv shootings such as Peaky Blinders. The Village is very clean, Trees and grass is so intact and most of the times the place is quiet and enchanting.

The whole village is an attraction and an invitation for a great walk. You can convert it into a romantic walk with a partner or an informative walk or a walk to admire the art and the history. There is an award-winning Port Sunlight Museum and a recently restored Edwardian’s worker’s cottage to explain the history of the residents and the factory to the visitors.

You can spend your whole day here. There are so many beautiful spots, streets, houses and gardens spread over 130 acres, that you will never get tired of. There is plenty of art for the pictures. You can choose to wander yourself or take guided tours throughout the year. If you prefer to explore by yourself, you can take a tour map from the Port Sunlight Museum.

Port Sunlight Museum

Port Sunlight Museum attractions near Liverpool

This Award-winning museum explains the rich history about the Lever Brothers, and vision of William Lever for the model village as we see it today. The museum also gives insight to the product range and the lives of workers and residents. The museum has interactive touch screens, film footages from past to present and a mix of special exhibitions. There is a contemporary tea-room at the top of museum to entertain the guests with freshly prepared sandwiches, food, deserts and tea. There is a shop at the museum that offers souvenirs, postcards of village scenery, artwork created by local artists and the famous Sunlight Soap.

Lady Lever Art Gallery

Lady lever Art Gallery attractions near liverpool

One of the finest art galleries in Europe, Lady Art Gallery at Port Sunlight is home to some breathtaking paintings, sculptures and magnificent pieces of art collection. The gallery was founded by William Lever to dedicate it to his wife Elizabeth, Lady Lever. The artworks on display have been personally selected by William because he wanted to share his collections with the public for viewing and admiration.

More Notable attractions

Gladstone Theatre in a model village near liverpool

Port Sunlight also has a Gladstone Theatre that not only provides entertainment through classic theatre epics but also comedies and cinema. The residents can enjoy their after-work hours and the visitors too can mesmerize themselves with some classic plays.

You can also walk and enjoy the great outdoor experience at the Port Sunlight River Park. The River Mersey provides breathtaking views. Or you can visit to the Christ Church which serves as a great place for a quiet contemplation. The Church is a superb spot to admire the revival of Gothic Architecture.

Walking up or below the Dell Bridge is a great adventure itself. This place is so beautiful as the walls, the trees, plants and flowers take you to a fairy tale environment for sure. This can be a perfect romantic spot as well. The spot supports the pictures and photography at its level best.

Dell Bridge in a model village near Liverpool

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