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Tower Bridge London in sunlight

Tower Bridge London

Widely mistaken as London bridge, The Tower bridge of London is one of the most iconic and famous bridges in the world. The mistake is made because the Tower bridge is bigger, beautiful and has become the symbol of London. We all have heard the name of London Bridge since our childhood in our nursery rhymes, hence the famous name and the actual famous bridge has mixed up in the minds of many. London Bridge is not what we have been seeing in cartoons and pictures over the internet.

What is so Special about Tower Bridge London

Tower Bridge London Rising up

This beautiful bridge built between 1886 and 1894 is a bascule and suspension bridge on the famous river Thames. This bridge is right next to the Tower of London which is another beautiful landmark of London. That is why it is called the Tower bridge of London. It also consists of two towers that are constructed in Victorian Gothic Style. The both towers are connected by two walkways to resist the horizontal forces from the suspended part of the bridge. The bridge can open up in two parts to allow the water traffic passing beneath it.

The bridge is designed by city architect, Sir Horace Jones in collaboration with John Wolfe Barry. Around 5 companies and 432 workers worked on the bridge. 10,000 tons of steel and 70,000 tons of concrete was used to build the magnificent bridge. The bridge was then covered with Cornish granite and Portland stones to protect the steel structure and magnify its glory. There is a harbor close by that is why it was important that the bridge must allow passing of ships. The operating machinery that lifts the bridge is under the base of each tower. Initially these were hydraulic steam machines which were later replaced with electrohydraulic drive system. In year 2000 the computers were installed to allow the bridge to be raised and lowered remotely.

The Bridge is fully operational, and its deck is freely accessible for vehicles and pedestrians. The ships still cross under the bridge everyday around 3 times. These ships have to notify the bridge management 24 hours prior to passing. In 2008 Tower bridge was renovated and metal parts were repainted in white and blue.

Attractions at The Tower Bridge London

Girl with dolphin near river Thames

The tower bridge has a pedestrian walk on both sides of the bridge. The colors of the bridge, the river of Thames and the buildings surrounding the bridge makes it an ideal place for all the tourist. Because this is a symbol and icon of London, everyone visiting London will definitely go to the Tower Bridge. The colors of the bridge and the weather of London makes it an awesome place for photographs and selfies. The bridge has been used as an icon in many movies. The place is always crowdy.

Tower Bridge Experience

Tower bridge hosts an exhibition where visitors can get a chance to learn more about the history of the bridge, the mechanism of the bridge and can go upstairs by grand Victorian staircase of by a lift. The ticket costs around for the adults £8.00 and for £3.50 children. If you have the London pass, this will be included in your pass.

Engine Rooms

Engine Room at Tower Bridge London

The remaining of the hydraulic steam machines are exhibited at the Tower bridge. You can watch closely how the engine works and sounds. These engine rooms were once the beating heart of the bridge. Back then this was the job of around 80 persons to handle the engines and raising of the bridge. The bridge was used to raise around 30 times a day and now it is reduced to 3 times a day. You can learn who were the people behind the mechanism of the bridge.

Glass Floor at the Top

Glass Floor at Tower Bridge London

There is 11 meters long and 1.8 meters wide glass floor across the high-level walkways of the Tower Bridge. It is a pleasurable experience walking on top of the London while looking down at the bridge deck, people and vehicles. There is a mirrored roof which you can make well use of by taking your own selfies.

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