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Things to do in Singapore

Things to do in Singapore

Singapore is small but a very beautiful country, perhaps the cleanest I have ever seen. There are a lot of things to do in Singapore even though being very small. The quality of life is great and living standards are high. Singapore has also been ranked as the most expensive city in the world quiet a number of times, but that is directly proportional to buying and maintaining a car.

Singapore is a home to evolution. The country is constantly re-inventing itself and the culture promotes the passion of creating new possibilities for everyone. Hence you can find something new and exciting all the time.

Things to Do in Singapore on Your First Day

Marina Bay Sands

Marina bay sands Singapore

This is like a one stop shop hotel to stay in Singapore. By far the best place to stay in the city, because the hotel itself offers a lot of awesome features that a tourist has been looking for. This hotel has the world’s largest rooftop infinity pool which is itself as mesmerizing as possible. The best part is, if you reach early before check-in, you can leave your luggage with the hotel, shower, get fresh and you can access the infinity pool at the top meanwhile your room is being prepared. As soon as your room is ready, you will receive a notification on your e-mail.

The hotel has a direct access to the Singapore’s premier shopping mall, Art Science Museum, a world class casino and a garden. There are several bars and clubs nearby and the shopping mall is superb with small boats sailing in like little Venice. On the top of the hotel there is an observation desk offering splendid view of the beautiful city. You can experience the delight of different views in morning, afternoon, at sunset and at night when the city is lit up with beautiful colors.

Gardens by the Bay

Gardens by the bay things to do in singapore

The iconic Gardens by the Bay are a must on top things to do in Singapore list. A 101 Hectares of land is transformed into waterfront gardens which has become a great place to enjoy the vibrant plant life in the city. The gardens have an in-house team of plant health, turf management and garden experts. The team also includes engineers, designers and plant research professionals.

The gardens are divided into three major pars Bay South, Bay East and Bay Central offering splendid attractions for the viewers.  The cloud forest dome has the world’s largest indoor waterfall. The Supertree Grove and observatory has a collection of amazing environmentally sustainable futuristic

ArtScience Museum Singapore

Gardens by the bay things to do in singapore

This premier venue at Marina Bay Sands blends the art and science to tell fascinating stories. A lot of international touring exhibitions are held at this place. There is a dynamic digital universe of 1500 sq. meters filled with interactive art installations revolving around the themes of nature, park, town and science.

Singapore Flyer

Singapore Flyer

Singapore Flyer is a giant observatory wheel in the heart of the city. You can view the city while having tea from a height of 165 meters. If you fear heights like me, you can start with riding these giant wheels, they really take away your fear.

Things to do in Singapore at Night

Clarke Quay Singapore

Clarke Quay things to do in Singapore at night

The Singapore flyer is located very near to Clarke Quay. Clarke Quay is famous for its vibrant night life, restaurants, cafes and bars. There are many river cruise and boats available for tourists at this place. The walk in this area is great at night because of the area is fully decorated with lights and the bridges and river view reflections give you an immense pleasure. There is also a giant bungee-jumping attraction available here.

There are several seafood restaurants by the riverside. The tourists can have dining experience of all types of cuisines. There are several cafes and ice cream shops as well. If you are looking for a magnificent experience at night, this is the best place for you.


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Night Safari Singapore

Night safari things to do in Singapore

Singapore was the first place to start a night safari experience for the tourists. After the sunset you are welcome to feel a thrilling experience with nocturnal species. Night safari is one of the top things to do in Singapore. The wildlife park has more than 2500 animals including the Malayan Tiger and Malayan Tapir.

The park is divided into four sections. The Leopard trail being the most famous as it has leopards, Lions and flying foxes among many other animals. The Fishing Cat Trail has a list of animals which are native to the country. Some of the species kept here are also endangered ones. The Malayan Tigers are present at the East lodge Trail and the Wallaby Trail has Marsupials of Australia.

Arab Street Singapore

Arab Street and sheeha in Singapore

At night this is a great place to go for experiencing an Arab influenced area in the city. There are several Arabic restaurants in this area which offer exquisite Arabic dishes, teas and sheesha. There are many Halal food shops in this area, many shops that sell textiles and perfumes. The area gets busy at night and most people come here to have fun with the sheesha experience.

Helix Bridge Singapore

Helix bridge in Singapore

The world’s first curved bridge that was opened in 2010 is illuminated with hundreds of LED lights at night and becomes a spectacular to watch. It represents the structure of a human DNA which depicts Birth and Growth.

Things to do in Singapore on your 2nd and 3rd Day

Sentosa Singapore

Sentosa and things to do in Singapore

Sentosa Island is a tourist paradise. Sentosa which means peace and tranquility in Malay language is full of golden sandy beaches and tropical landscapes. It also includes famous theme parks such as Universal Studios and Madame Tussauds. Sentosa also includes 2 golf courses, 2 casinos, official mascot of Singapore, Sentosa 4d adventure land and an historical Fort Siloso.

Sentosa is a all year tourist destination and has lots of fun activities for all ages, families and adults.

A lot of things to do in Singapore at "East Coast Park"

Cycling in the east coast park

East Coast Park is a 15 kilometer stretch of beach where you will find enormous outdoor sports activities. From football, tennis to cricket and you will find many activities here. There are awesome watersports activities at the beach. This park is always on the list of top things to do in Singapore.

At the beachside you can watch live crabs moving here and there. Most of them hide behind the large stones. The park has great walking and cycling tracks. The place is a fun from day till night. There are many superb restaurants, cafes and bars in this place. There are also designated places to enjoy camping and bar b q nights.

Orchard Road Singapore

Orchard street shopping area in singapore

If we are talking about the best things to do in Singapore, then visiting orchard road cannot be missed. This is a shopping & retail heaven with 22 malls, six department stores and more than 5000 establishments. There are four movie theaters, Karaoke and indoor sports and activities venues. There is abundance of food restaurants and cafes all over the road.

Merlion Singapore

Merlion of singapore near one fullerton

Head of a lion and body and tail of a fish, this tall structure stands next to one Fullerton building near Raffles Place. This structure of iconic mythical creature is very famous among tourists who flock around to take pictures and selfies around it. The structure spouts water from its mouth in a fountain.

Universal Studios Singapore

universal studio and things to do in Singapore

Universal Studios Singapore, located in Sentosa and arranged with the themes of movies, tv shows and locations. This park offers many rides and attractions to the movie lovers and kids. There are several live shows throughout the day and night. The park also has many shops and restaurants.

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Some History About Singapore

Singapore was founded in 1819 by Sir Stamford Raffles as a trading post for British. It was occupied by Japanese in 1942 during the 2nd world war. After Japan’s surrender, It was handed back to the British Control. In 1959, Singapore acquired Self Governance from the British. In 1963, Singapore decided to join Malaysia but because of the ideological differences, it separated and became and Independent and fully sovereign state in 1965. Singaporeans as the nation proudly call themselves, have worked very hard to develop themselves and their economy and rise to become one of the four Asian tigers of the world with Hong Kong, South Korea and Vietnam.


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