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Places to visit in Lucerne Switzerland

Places to visit in Lucerne

Lucerne is one of the most famous cities of Switzerland visited by a large number of tourists from all around the world. There are many exciting places to visit in Lucerne. Lucerne is like a fairy tale town of Switzerland enhancing your experience with cultural richness. Luzern as called in German, is a compact and easy to explore city. The main railway station is very near to all the main attractions, shops, hotels and restaurants in the city.

You can just walk straight to your desired hotel from the station if you do not have a lot of luggage. In fact, walking towards your hotel from the station or vice versa is a beautiful experience of its own kind. There is a very beautiful park near the rail station with views of the lake. If you walk further towards the end of the park, you will reach to the opening of another amazing and large park. This is a great place for picnic by the side of the Lake Lucerne.

Hotel in Lucerne

I chose Hotel Schweizerhof Luzern through an online hotel app. The reason for choosing are the convenient location and good reviews. The reviews are good and are true. The hotel is very nice, clean and the staff is great. The hotel is located next to the lake and near to the train station. The view from hotel is great.

10 Best Places to visit in Lucerne

Lucerne Sightseeing by tourists

There are amazing places to visit in Lucerne and outside Lucerne within a range of 30 to 40 kms only. As soon as you come out of the main railway station of the city, you will feel that your mood has been set to awesomeness. Facing outwards from the station, you will have a beautiful lake at the front. Right side will take you towards a series of wonderful parks along with the lake. Walking towards the left side will take you to the city where you will find a lot of shops.

Most of the shops are amazing, you will be inclined towards shopping. There are many shops that offer free gifts to the customers ranging from small ornaments to eatables. The hotels also provide you with tourist guidebooks that include free gift coupons from different shops. These free gifts might encourage you to go visit a shop and buy some more stuff from them. This is a good marketing technique. But the swiss chocolates and biscuits are very tasty. Do not forget about the Swiss watches which are famous worldwide. You will be enchanted by the variety & designs of the beautiful Swiss Watches.

To be honest the shopping area does not end, there are long streets of shops on both sides and restaurants, cafes and bars. Sitting at an open bar watching a lot of tourists passing by you and all of them will be smiling. Lucerne does bring smile on your face.

Chapel Bridge (Places to visit in Lucerne)

Chapel bridge is one of the best place to visit in Lucerne

Chapel Bridge in Lucerne is such an enchanting place to visit in Lucerne. The bridge is built diagonally for 200 meters across the Reuss river. Though it was burnt in 1993 but was completely rebuilt and restored and now it is the world’s oldest surviving truss bridge. The bridge has many pictures hanging from the roof that depict the history of Lucerne from the 17th century onwards. The bridge has many souvenirs shops. It is a great place for photography and to experience the old Swiss culture. There is a 34 meters tower standing in the water elegantly that dates back to the 13th century and is also a landmark of the Lucerne’s history.

Lion Monument (Places to visit in Lucerne)

Lion Monument a historical place to visit in Lucerne

Lion monument is much more than just a tourist attraction. A huge sculpture of a dying lion is carved into a sandstone quarry. It was created in 1820 by Danish Sculptor Bertel Thorvaldsen to commemorate the death of 26 officers and more than 700 Swiss guards who sacrificed their lives to protect the royal family during the famous French revolution in 1972. When I visited it was early in the day, there was not much crown and I could easily take pictures from different angles.

Swiss museum of transport

Swiss museum of transport in Lucerne

This is a very famous museum in Switzerland and a great place to visit with kids. Swiss museum of transport is much more than just a collection of vehicles, it is very informative and also has EURECA satellite and a Planetarium which makes its visit a wonderful experience. There is an Auto theater, 30 aircrafts, Railway Locomotives, ships, rockets and automobiles. You can learn the development of transportation from its early days. There is a 3D film theater with the largest screen in Switzerland and a Swiss chocolate adventure for chocolate lovers.

Lake Lucerne (Places to visit in Lucerne)

Lucerne lake is a great place to visit

Lake Lucerne is like a magnificent centerpiece of art in the heart of Lucerne. As soon as I put my luggage in my room, I headed straight to the lake before doing anything else. The lake is so wonderful and so peaceful that you can stand for long time watching the beautiful sunshine and the glimpse of snowy mountains behind this magnificent lake. There is a walkway at the lake and benches to sit, relax and take your time at the lake shore.

The lake is 38 kms long and there are several boat tours available and yes, I definitely recommend the boat tour. The boat tour provides you an immense pleasurable ride that can take you to the other side and back. It’s your choice to include a train trip from other side of the lake. You can take great photographs and selfies with the views of mountains and the Lucerne city.

Jesuit Church Lucerne

Jesuit Church in Lucerne

The Jesuit Church was built in 1666 and 1677 by architects from Austria and Italy. The Interior was renovated in 1750 to the Rococo style. The church has a superb organ and there is a schedule of concerts happening at the church. The beauty of the architecture makes it a great place to visit in Lucerne.

Old Town Lucerne (Places to visit in Lucerne)

Old Town in Lucerne Switzerland

The best part of the Lucerne is that It has still preserved many of the old burgher’s houses and little squares. Take your time and lets yourself carried away with a walk in the history of Lucerne at the right bank of the Reuss river. The old town is free of traffic that also enhances the experience of pedestrians looking at the sequence of some timber-framed buildings painted in bright colors.

Along the northside of the Old town, there is a wall with 9 towers constructed in different styles between 1350 to 1408. Out of 9, you can climb up on the 4 towers as they are still intact. There is also an oldest clock of Lucerne, built in 1535, which still works fine but chimes every hour right 1 minute before all the other clocks.

Spreuer Bridge Lucerne

You can never be short of places to visit in Lucern. Lucerne has another covered bridge that is called Spreuer which was built in 1406. Spreuer bridge is also like Chapel bridge with a roof, truss design and 17th century paintings. There is a description and details of donors with each painting.

Nuclear Bunker in Lucerne

Nuclear Bunker in a war

Interestingly a large nuclear bunker was constructed in Lucerne in late 60s to 70s. Sonnenberg bunker can be visited every last Sunday of the month by tourists. It can provide space for up to 20,000 people under a threat of nuclear attack. You can see past hospital facilities, vintage washing machines, decontamination stations. You can also see some very large ventilation systems of the bunker.

Places to visit near Lucerne

Mount Pilatus

Mount Pilatus near Lucerne

If you are already in Lucerne and cannot see Mount Pilatus, then it will be great loss. You must take advantage of two shows in one ticket by also visiting Mount Pilatus from Lucerne as it is not very far. Take cableway up from Kreins and come down by the cog-railroad. The mountain is 2128 meters high towards the south.

You can also take another route by taking a cog-railroad with gradients upto 48% making it the world’s steepest cogwheeled train.

Mount Rigi

Mount Rigi near Lucerne in Switzerland

On a sunny day, It will be a great idea to go on a mesmerizing trip to Mount Rigi at 1,798 meters high from Lucerne by a Cog railway. The famous route to the mountain is by taking a boat from Lucerne to Vitzanu and then riding a Cogwheel train from there that takes you to Rigi Kulm. You can encounter scenic views and great hiking tracks. Another thing that adds to the joy of the ride is the train itself, because this is the Europe’s First cog railway. The train cars are restored and some of the steam engines are as old as from 1920s.

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