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Amazing Pictures of Brasilia Brazil

Brasilia Brazil

Brasilia is the capital city of Brazil and is a properly planned city. Many people around the world mistake Rio de Janeiro as the capital of the country but that was long time ago. Since 1960 Brasilia is the capital city of the country. The city is in the central western region at the top of the Brazilian highlands. Brasilia is the third most populous city of Brazil.

As a planned city, Brasilia does not have a mix of residential and commercial buildings. Instead it has blocks of buildings serving the same purpose. There are residential sectors, office building sectors, hospital sectors, and grocery store or megastore sectors. That is why sometimes you need to drive more than usual to get something.

During holidays, the city gets very crowded as tourists and even Brazilians flock to the city to enjoy the brilliance of the design. In normal days everything is quieter as people are busy in work, staying at home or at bars. It is considered as the safest city of Brazil.

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7 Wonderful Attractions of Brasilia

Brasilia Architecture

The city is best known for its architecture. Because it is a well-planned city so most of the architecture shows the modern-day expertise. The city roads are wide, and driving is al lot of fun contrary to the other busy & famous cities of the world.

Cathedral of Brasilia Brazil

Cathedral of Brasilia Brazil

This is the most famous and visited landmark of the city. This not only a wonderful place of worship but a great example of a modern-day architecture. It was complete in 1970 and designed by Niemeyer. The top of the cathedral looks like a crown which is created by 16 curved concrete columns and the roof is made of glass. There are 4 large bronze statues outside the cathedral which represent the Four Evangelists.

This is the most visited and most photographed building in Brasilia. The light enters the building through colored glass roof and creates amazing effects.

Jutscelino Kubetscheck bridge

Beautiful bridge in Brazil Jutscelino Kubetscheck in Brasilia

This is a new bridge in the city completed in 2002. The bridge is a mile long and offered both vehicle and pedestrian crossing. This was designed by Alexandre Chan who wanted to create a new icon for the city of Brasilia instead of just creating a normal road. The bridge is made of concrete and steel and acts as a gateway between the heart of the city and the eastern part of the lake Paranoa.

The structure is named after Juscelino Kubitschek de Oliveira, who was the president of Brazil and the man behind the idea of this planned city of Brazil. The bride is a treat for the eyes and camera in day light as well as night lights. The bridge is mostly busy on Mondays during morning office timings and the best way to visit it is by car.

Itamaraty Brasilia

Itamaraty palace the ministry of foreign affairs in Brasilia

Itamaraty Palace of Brasilia Brazil was opened in 1970 as the headquarters of the ministry of foreign affairs. The design of the building was so perfectly balanced that there has been no changes in the building since its operations started.

Also knows as Palacio Itamaraty, consists of long line of arches that are proportional and stand above an amazing pool. The interiors are lavish, and the building is open to the public for viewing.

Three powers plaza in Brasilia Brazil

Three powers plaza executive, legislature and judiciary of Brazil

Three powers plaza is a center that is surrounded by three government buildings of Brazil i.e. executive, legislature and judiciary. Opposite to the Supreme court building is Placacio do Planalto which is the official residence of the president. There is also a historical museum in the area. It is said that the entire city was planned and made by keeping this square in mind.

Paranoa lake of Brasilia

Paranoa lake in Brasilia

Lake Paranoa is a great place to visit. It is a beautiful artificial lake on the east side of the city and is 48 meters deep. There are many embassies, consulates, restaurants and sports club along its shore.  Official residence of the president, the Olympic center and a university is also located at its bank. The lake was purposely created by damming the water and hence the most attractive lake in Brazil that is surrounded by the most important buildings of the city.

One of the purposes of the lake was to raise the humidity levels of the city because the weather of Brasilia is very dry. Now this lake has become one of the most visited tourist places in the city because of splendid views and leisure activities around it.

You can see many people enjoying water sports, kite surfing and sailing in this lake. You can also see some small water animals in the lake.

Brasilia National Park

Brasilia National Park

Brasilia National Park was created in 1961 to balance the climate conditions, to prevent soil erosion, to protect the drinking supply and to keep the vegetation in a natural state. The park not only provides recreation but a natural ecosystem to the city.

The swimming pools are the main attraction in the park. The park has two trails, one is for walking and the other one is for walking and mountain biking. The park also houses a lot of wildlife including some rare animals. The park is open every day from 8 am to 4 pm.

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