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Beautiful Girl in Dubai at Jumeirah Beach Residence

Jumeirah Beach Residence

Jumeirah beach residence is one my top favorite places in Dubai. If you are facing towards Abu Dhabi from Dubai, there will be Jumeirah Lake towers on left side, Dubai Marina on right side and Jumeirah Beach residence on further right towards the sea at Jumeirah Beach. That is why it is also named as Jumeirah Beach Residence or “JBR” in short. These are 6 blocks of large residence towers.

Initially developed as a residence project this area quickly caught the eye of tourists and beach lovers. The buildings are beautiful, tall and interconnected by a large parking which is only for residences. The area above the parking is a roof top park with gardens, walk paths, even shops, spas and grocery shops. From my perspective this is the best area to live in Dubai because of the splendid views, beautiful beach, security, a lot of amenities, shops, restaurants and a cinema. In short this is a super awesome place for photography and selfies.

Jumeirah Beach Residence Dubai

JBR as a Liberal area of Dubai

Jumeirah Beach residence is also considered as a liberal area of Dubai. You can see a lot of foreigners living in these residences, walking in the area and on the beach. You can find a lot of your favorite stuff in the shops and restaurants in this area. The prices are at a bit higher end because this has become a popular tourist area. You will see a lot of bikinis and people enjoying picnics and swimming. The area is monitored properly and is kept very safe and clean. The buildings and roof tops are also monitored properly.

Seaside at Jumeirah Beach Residence

The beach area is very clean and has great security. The beach is totally awesome with great atmosphere and friendly people around. If you are coming from Europe and looking for a great beach in Dubai, this is a perfect place for you. There are other awesome beach areas in Dubai as well but this one has a lot of amenities and is full of fun activities too. There is a very cozy sheeshah bar at the beach where you can relax on inflatable soft chairs and enjoy the great views or talk with your friends. There is a small open-air cinema as well. There is a small green play area for kids. The beach has nice & clean shower rooms and washrooms for visitors.

Jumeirah Beach Residence Dimensions and Parking

Car Parking in Dubai near Jumeirah Beach and Dubai Mall

There is always high traffic in this area, because the inner road is not very wide. There is almost always a traffic jam inside the JBR. You can either come by train but then you have to walk from Marina to JBR. You can also take a Tram. Taxis are a better option as well. If you bring your own car, I think the best parking option is under the cinema near Hilton JBR the walk, which is somewhere in the middle of the area.

The area is built in a straight line along side the beach, that is the beauty of it. If you start walking from one side towards the other end, it is almost more than a mile walk. There are shops, restaurants, cafes and coffee shops all along the way

Places to Visit at Jumeirah Beach Residence

The Walk at Jumeirah Beach Residence

The walk JBR Dubai

Initially The area was built in 2008, that is where all the tall buildings are in mud textures. You will see stairs coming in between shops which lead to the top of the residence car park. In around 2015, the area was extended, and another walk was created next to the beach. This was created in a darker theme so the both parallel walks look a bit different. There are selfie stations installed in the newer area. The chains of more exotic high-end restaurants are opened in this newer area.

Now this is named as “The Walk” at Jumeirah Beach Residence. In the city where everything is airconditioned. This area gives you a great shopping and fun experience in open air. Of course, the best weather to enjoy here is from October to March.  The newer extended area has cinema and under it a car park. There are fun activities and kids play areas and all this is next to the beach. You can sit and dine at the range of finest restaurants while facing the sea.

Aqua Fun the world’s largest Inflatable water park

Aqua Fun water park is created in the middle of the sea at Jumeirah Beach Residence. This is a super great place to enjoy filled with fun and jumping experience. The park is around 25 meters out in the sea and has over 72 obstacles. Aqua Fun ticket prices cost around 120 AED for kids above 6 years and 150 AED for adults. There are lifeguards available all the time and life jackets are provided for your safety.

World’s Largest Observation wheel at Jumeirah Beach Residence

Ain Dubai is opening soon in 2020. This is going to be the world’s largest observation wheel. Dubai is going to take another cup of world’s records. The wheel Is more than 250 meters tall and is situated on Blue water Island in the sea right next to Jumeirah Beach Residence. This is going to be almost of the double height of the London Eye.

Night Life at Jumeirah Beach Residence

JBR is always open, you can go there any time. The restaurants are open till late and some of them open very early too. There are bars and night clubs nearby. There are lots of hotels in this area. If you are a tourist, you can straight reach here from airport. Check-in leave your luggage and step out right away for anything that you want. The area is totally cool and full of activities.

Shops at Jumeirah Beach Residence


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