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Leap of Faith Atlantis Aquaventure water park

Dubai feels like a 2nd home. The city is so awesome that you can never get bore. There is so much to do for everyone. If I make a list of must dos and must visits, it will never end. Atlantis Aquaventure water park Dubai is one of the top places to visit where I really love to go. In fact, I can go to this place again and again and will never get bored.

There are two major water parks in Dubai but considering my overall experience, I will rank Aquaventure at Atlantis as the best water park in Dubai. Why is it best? There are number of reasons for that.

Leap of Faith Atlantis Aquaventure water park

The water park is on the Palm Dubai. Yes, the one&only the palm. A man-made beautiful island in Dubai which is first of it own kind. When you travel to the water park, you enter the palm island and just before you are about to reach the park, you will pass through a long tunnel in your car which is all underwater. How do you feel driving in a car under the sea? Awesome right. So yes, you pass through the sea and reach back on the land at Atlantis the Palm.

Another reason for Aqua venture water park being the best is that it is connected with a luxurious 5-star hotel called Atlantis the Palm. The hotel lobby has so many amenities, shops, restaurants and atm. There are always taxis and cars available at the entrance to drop you or pick you up and the hotel management is great.

Amazing Rides in the Water Park

Let’s talk about the major reason of it being the best water park in Dubai. The reason is their number and quality of the rides. They have the most number of rides in the park almost more than 30. Which means on a busy day, you cannot even complete all the rides specially if you love a specific ride and want to experience it again. I have visited the place like 5 times and hence got lucky enough to complete all the rides, roam around all the park and enjoyed all rides more than 2 times.

Talking about rides, there are 3 blocks of rides and one long and beautiful water way lap circling around almost all of the area. It takes you 45 minutes to complete this lap if you don’t stop for the rides. You can take a tube and let yourself relax on it while sitting and it keeps moving with the flow of water. You pass through the tides and waves and you can take different paths and get surprised by different rides that come along different paths. Everybody enjoys so you are going to see a lot of happy faces, smiling and waving at you. It is such a great experience seeing everyone happy at a same place.

Atlantis Aquaventure water park Dubai -books and places

Leap Of Faith

As the name suggests, you will witness an awesome experience when you climb up almost 9 stories high to take this slide which is a near-vertical drop. You will see people screaming and some of them returning down because they couldn’t handle the gravity of this amazing ride. Once you take this leap of faith, you come down so fast and if you are able to keep your eyes open which is hard, you will see that you pass through a glass tube at the end of this ride. Outside the glass tube there are sharks and stingrays. I have shared my video taking this ride on Instagram.

Poseidon’ s Revenge

This ride is not for the faint of heart. You have to stand straight in a capsule. The capsule is closed, and you say bye bye to the staff member who presses the button and the floor under your feat is gone. You fall straight down with a speed of 60kms/hr before looping into its awesome course.

Aquaconda and Zoomerango

These are group rides where you sit with around 5 to 6 people in a bigger tube. There are handles to grip and you should grip them tightly. Once this big tube starts moving you will feel very high centrifugal force during the ride. They slide up and down on a big green water way and either you scream or enjoy, it is up to you.

Tube Rides in the Aquaventure water park

There are various tube rides, where you can take a single or a double tube if you have a friend along. There are various tunnels and slides which provide you with a full of fun experience. Some rides take your down and some even take you up with water pressure that is flowing towards upside.

Other Activities at the Atlantis Aquaventure Water Park

  • The small beach made with artificial waves.
  • Experiencing a dive in the artificial waves.
  • Food & Restaurant areas nearby.
  • They have a dedicated kid’s area for small kids to enjoy and play in water.
  • Surfing in the waves.
  • Feeding stingrays, diving underwater and shark safari.
  • Atlantean Flyer Zipline, which is an amazing experience as well.
Dolphin at Atlantis Aquaventure water park dubai -books and places

More About The Water Park

Do not miss the great experience of playing around with sweet and cute dolphins that give you pleasurable experience. Also, there is a real beautiful beach at the corner of the water park where you can swim in the sea and relax and tan yourself. There is a region’s largest aquarium which you can visit and get surprised by some giant fish.

Moreover, the place is clean, full of amenities and the washrooms and changing rooms are good too. The staff is friendly, and you can collect your pictures before exiting the park into the hotel. A day at the waterpark makes you hungry after taking a lot of water slides. There are many restaurants, bars and beach club at Atlantis the Palm.

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