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Royal Courts of Justice The Strand of London

The Strand

I was looking for a nice and cozy hotel apartment to stay during my 7 day trip to London. After carefully filtering through the location, budget, value of money and walking distance to amenities I found a nice apartment at the Strand of London through an online hotel booking website. The apartment name is The Strand Residence at Covent Garden.

London a city that a person can never become bored of. There is so much to explore and even if you have seen everything, you still cannot stop coming and seeing everything again and again. The joy of walking in London is itself a nourishment.

The strand residence appartment at Covent garden London

The location is convenient, near to transport links and is very clean. The amenities of the apartment are clean too and the staff was friendly. I got late from the airport and the staff kept waiting and guiding the taxi driver as well when he couldn’t pinpoint the direction. Yes, it is a bit difficult to pinpoint this apartment because this is inside a small street very next to a twining’s tea store and a pub called George. I will get to those two later in my story. The entrance has some stairs so couples with kids and baby strollers have to use a lot of muscle climbing up. You have to literally lift the luggage or baby pushcart and carry it up in the lobby. After that they have lifts and stairs whichever you prefer. 

About the strand Covent garden London

The strand of London is a busy road, there are lot of amenities easily accessible nearby. There is a Tesco store for grocery, there is Pret a Manger café nearby. It is very near to the river Thames. Just a 5 min minutes’ walk and you are on Thames looking at the river and the surroundings. You can literally walk easily towards the London Eye or the Tower of London bridge on the other side. This area is almost in the middle of both. It is said the place looks totally amazing during the Christmas as the whole area is lit with colors and lights. The street is full of shops, stores, fashion stores and there is also an Amazon pickup point.

The Royal Courts of Justice London

Royal Courts of Justice The Strand of London

As soon as you come out of the strand residence apartment, you can see the iconic beautiful white building of the Royal courts of Justice London. The itself is a piece of art, looks similar to a cathedral and looks great specially in sunshine. The place is great, tour buses also pass near this building and give you an outside view. You can also walk on the streets and take great pictures of the building from outside but be aware of the heavy traffic around it. The court building was opened in 1982 by queen Victoria of London.


The royal courts of justice London also known as the law courts comprises of many halls, courtrooms and offices. It has more than 1000 rooms and has many towers. The building is a must visit because of its decorations and furnishings. The feel the beauty and learn about the history of the courts, you can book tours which are at different timings. You need to check and follow the timings before visiting. On tour for adult costs around GBP 14 as of 1st February 2020. 

Twinings Store London


As a tea lover, I cannot miss this awesome twining store near my apartment at 216 the strand of London. The store is not just a store, it is a great place for tea tasting and a tea museum as well. The amazing thing about this store is that it is more than 300 years old. The store is filled with a large variety of teas. The tea collection includes some of the best exotic tasting varieties. They have fusion fruit teas, Spiced teas, traditional teas, English teas, Chinese teas and herbal infusions.

I really like their lemon & ginger tea. This not only soothes me a lot but also helps a lot in my flue. I keep it with me all the time. The other one which I really liked it their earl grey pyramid tea bags. The taste was great. In earl grey category their variation of lady grey with zesty orange is also a worth try. The hint of little citrus creates a very nice aromatic after taste.


The store is very well organized, and the staff is also very friendly. You can spend good time at this place and taste tea and discuss flavors and your likings with the staff. There are also numerous gift collections for tea lovers.

Pubs on the Strand

George Pubs on the Strand

As the sun set, I took for a walk on the strand street on the opposite direction of the Covent garden It felt like I was walking towards an older version of London. There were many small shops, some were well lit and some were showing the historical evolution of London. I walked for half an hour and then started to come back towards my apartment and meanwhile checking different pubs and bars. As I already had eyed “The George” right next to my apartment, and opposite to the royal courts of justice on the strand. So I walked back straight to it. The well-lit ambience, the cheering crowd made me feel lively. The staff was great and the drinks were very nice too. There are many other pubs near the strand and I had my good time at The George Strand London. 

My first day was a mixture of relaxing and softening my feet at the apartment, looking around the area, visiting Royal courts of Justice and shopping tea from the Twinings London. Of course I needed to have tea in my breakfast menu for the next day. 

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