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Big ben from london eye river cruise

London Eye River Cruise

If the city has a river and if there are good cruises available, No one should miss the river cruise experience. London is famous for Big Ben, River Thames and Coca Cola London Eye. The London eye river cruise starts from the London eye pier and takes a circular round of sight seeing which takes about 40 minutes. These 40 minutes spent on the river cruise is worth spending because you can not only enjoy great sight seeing but can take amazing photographs and selfies.

London at Night from thames river cruise

London Eye river cruise is a great way to spend some quality time with the city of London. Although the bus tours are great too but the traffic make them slow. River cruises on the other hand float freely in the rivers without interruption and a great flow of motion and emotions. I like to take pictures, so I always prefer a open top cruise. There are many options available like city cruises, canal trips, showboats and much more according to different budgets and categories. The open top has both options, If you feel cold sit down and if you want air to flow through your hair and you want something more then go on the top. 

Big ben from london eye river cruise

Food Policies at London Eye River Cruise

The experience starts from the London eye so you can see Big Ben on your back and Coca Cola London eye on your right side. The cruises have some food and snacks on board so you can have a cup of coffee or drink while enjoying the sightseeing. You can also take your own food aboard as I asked one of the staff about it and they said its okay to bring your own food. May be some other cruises can have different rules about bringing your own food.

 If you have good time in London, I will recommend a London eye river cruise at both times, during the day and during the night to experience the London skyline both ways. If the weather is sunny the buildings shine and at night the bright beautiful lights lit them up and change the canvas of into colorful paintings.


The routes and Things you See

Your river cruise route starts from London eye on the right and palace of Westminster on Left, It moves further and you can see Shakespeare’s globe and then Tate modern on the right. On other side you will see St Paul’s cathedral and after that The Monument. You will pass under the London bridge which is not that London bridge which you see in the pictures and cartoons of kids. After that you will see HMS Belfast which is a battleship turned to a museum. After that you will see the famous tower of London on the left side and the great tower bridge on your front.

Tower Bridge picture from london eye river cruise

The London Bridge Mistake

Once you reach to the Tower Bridge which is adjacent to the Tower of London, you will realize that you might have been calling it the London bridge all your life. If not you, then many others have been mistaking it for the London bridge. The fact is that London bridge and the tower bridge are two different bridges which are nearby and you will pass under both of them one by one while river cruising. If you search internet for the pictures of London bridge, you will be bombarded by the pictures of Tower bridge and even I have seen kids watching it all wrong in the cartoons too.



Well actually the real London Bridge was dismantled in 1967 and was transferred to lake Havasu city in Arizona. 

london bridge at lake havasu arizona

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